>Migraines and Potty Tricks

Sporting same migraine from yesterday, so this one will be short. New niece and Sister in Law doing great. Didn’t go visit-migraine… Co-teacher, as well as another teacher out today-sick kids. So had kids alone and they were really pretty great. We played ice hockey and it was a BLAST!(Bean bags and wooden spoons with boxes as goals-the trick with young children is to have lots of goals so they don’t fight over them). It’s Dr. Seuss week and tomorrow would be his birthday. Got to get up early enough to pick up some cake or cupcakes for a b-day party. Honey picked up dinner (he’s so sweet. Thanks, Honey!). Had some clever stuff stored throughout the day but head hurts too much. One quick thing: a child we wonder about sometimes ‘cuz she just seems so “airy” did something clever today that showed forethought, cause and effect, and problem solving (depending on your perspective) skills. At afternoon potty time, she, having completed her business, was taking a long time to finish up and flush. I peeked in on her (really, you must do this; you’d be impressed with all the things they can come up with to do in a bathroom stall). She had taken the tp and rolled off enough to have a generous amount in the bowl. It wasn’t torn off or anything. Nope. She intended to flush and watch the swirling water pull tissue off the roll. It’s actually really neat and fun. I was impressed with her figuring this out, but, since I’m the teacher and part of my job is to teach them right from wrong, I had to pull the plug on her ‘speriment:

Me: Child (meaning her name), what are you doing there?

Child: Um, I went potty. Look! I pooped!

Me: I see that. Did you wipe? (you really have to either look or ask, sometimes both)

Child: Um, yes.

Me: Are you finished?

Child: Yes!

Me: So, what are you doing now?

Child: Um, this! (Vanna White couldn’t have gestured toward a vowel with more aplomb than Child did toward her creation)

Me: Are you supposed to be doing that with the toilet paper? What do you think will happen?

Child: (with dramatic rolling of eyes) Okay, I’m sorry.

Me: Tear that off and put it in the toilet and flush, okay?

Child: (deep, mournful sigh) Okay…

Me: It’s really a really cool trick you’re doing there, but it’s not okay. Understand?

Child: (very sadly) Yes…

Even if what they’ve figured out is unsafe or unacceptable, you gotta give ‘em credit. Three year olds are cool…


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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