>You know how you have those days….it’s been a really rough few months. Since about last September, I feel like I’ve been on an emotional grater and I’m just now healing up a little bit from all the rawness. And that’s just with the whole drug dealing/drummer boy/got to get away from these people before someone dies situation. The process of all that, finding a house and dealing with an obnoxious seller nearly did me in. Even with all that going on, you got to work, maintain your marriage and other relationships, etc. Life doesn’t ease up just because you’re coming apart at the seams. Nope. No Sirree. But gradually, things level out. I thought. I know that there are gravelly places that I’m gonna get scraped on. But dang! When it’s been one thing right after another, and a crappy few weeks in a row, and all I want is a simple straight forward answer, don’t go all vague on me. And the one person you expect to be just a tiny bit understanding is the one who slaps you down. They give you mickey mouse answers and then get mad at you when you try to figure out what they are saying or not saying (you don’t really know because they are not being at all clear!!!!!!). Damn it all to hell! I just want a simple answer! I just want one piece, one tiny little piece of this day to be simple, uncomplicated, and without gravel. Is that too much to ask?


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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