>Random. I Went There.

I’m sitting here wondering what I should write about today. Since I can’t decide on just one thing, I’m going random…

For starters, it’s been a wild and crazy day in a mostly good sense. Spring cleaning has gotten into my blood and I’ve been making progress all over the place, even at work in my room. Wow! We are also getting ready for our Center’s 30th anniversary celebration and I still have a few things I need to do towards that tonight… Also, regarding the celebration, we are having various fundraisers to raise money to pay for everything and tonight we had a take out hot dog dinner. Oh My Gosh was it ever successful!!! Thank You Lord!!!

Since this week includes St. Patrick’s Day, we always talk about leprechauns and Ireland. The kids, by the end of the day, could find America on the globe, get in a boat and sail across the ocean, and find Ireland. Cool, huh? Ireland, as you may know, is where the leprechauns live. They don’t need boats to get around in- they ride the rainbow! The best thing about this holiday is that the “real” leprechauns tend to show up in our classrooms while we are away and simply “trash” the place. Toys are strewn all over, chairs turned over, things misplaced…it’s so funny to see the outrage on the kids’ little faces! Even better is watching them hurry and put everything back in its proper place-ironic since otherwise they often have to be told over and over when it’s clean up time!

What else…went to Kohl’s on my lunch hour and found a coverlet to match the new drapes in the bedroom; I don’t know yet if it will fit…but let me tell you! Typically, when you go shopping anymore, do you get cashiers who could care less about being even a tiny bit friendly? I used to be one and I know it gets tiring, but dang! I’ve had them talking on cell phones, talking about really personal stuff with other employees, trashing other employees, giving big heavy sighs when I put my things on the counter/ belt/whatever-you get the picture. Well, today-I had the best experience. The lady was friendly, funny, helpful…all it takes is a smile. Come on people, this is your job! I know it’s hard to maintain when your feet hurt or your head hurts or you’re tired or sad or stressed. I have to greet parents every day with a smile, even when I would rather be crying or sleeping or lying in a dark, quiet room with a migraine…but I need my job (I’m very thankful for it) and I’m sure you do, too. Where is the professionalism? Greet the customer, ask how they are. Chances are, they will return the question. If you’re having hard or bad day, make a joke about it. You would be surprised how many will offer a kind word or a silent prayer. And trashing someone while a stranger is able to hear, well, it’s just rude, unprofessional, and really makes you look bad.

Wow. I didn’t know that’s where I was going, but there I went.

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