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>Dang, It’s Been Strange…


Strange day, strange week, strange headache. The kids in my class have bounced off the walls all week and not once have they brought their listening ears to school. Oh well. Ate some cheese bread earlier this week with way too much garlic salt on it. I think now my tummy is getting back to normal. I love garlic, but dang!
Hmmm. My brain is going in another direction…why do parents stand and watch their child beat the crap out of another child and do nothing about it? When I see that they’re just going to stand by and watch, I go intervene-without any backup whatsoever from parents. Explains a lot…

Got some good advice about the Writing Project today from Co-Teacher’s oldest son who is a Freshman at College. His ultimate goal is to become a writer and today we had a few minutes to chat about my Project and how it’s stuck in my head. I need to put his words to use…
Honey is very excited about new job. I am glad because he won’t have to be out in all kinds of weather and weather situations. And he gets to work in the field he majored in at college.
Got new highspeed internet today. To cut costs, Honey cancelled the phone carrier internet (we don’t even use the home phone we pay for…) and went with a cable version. Saves about $40. Sweet. But, I’m online spending $$$. Saw a sale at this wonderful shop and had to pick up a few items. I will post the site at the bottom of this post.
Many interesting things running around in my head right now that I don’t feel I can write about so…
Tomorrow, I’m going to Sister In Law’s house (or she’s coming to mine, not sure yet) and we’re going to spend some time together, with Squirmy of course.
Got to get items for Mother’s Day Project for my room this weekend. I hope I remember! Finally did get classroom put together, as far as artwork displayed and pictures put up. Co-Teacher took initiative and worked on end project and I remembered to bring finished stuff to put up. In that respect, it was a pretty productive week.
Kitty Boss wants attention, so I’m off till next time.. this is the site with the really cool artwork for sale. check it out!


>Warnings, Forecasts, and Good News

This is going to be a very short one…I won’t be eating any cheese bread from Little Ceaser’s (spelling error, I’m sure) any time soon…TOO MUCH GARLIC and my tummy does not feel nice at all. Honey did get the offer he wanted for his new job. Gonna put in a 2 week notice…kind of scary but been praying if not the thing, don’t let happen, so…at least tomorrow is Friday. Looking forward to weekend and going to see Squirmy. Sleepy. Shower then bed.

Till tomorrow….

>Out. Of. It.

It’s been a hard day’s night. At least, I think it has…My allergies have kicked my tail lately and so Tuesday night, before bed, I took a Zyrtec. I was sleepy all day and even when I got home after 5pm. Honey suggested I take a nap. Against my better judgment, I did just that. It’s now nearly 10pm. I haven’t eaten anything and neither has Honey. Why he hasn’t I don’t know…so again, against my better judgment, he’s on his way to Micky D’s for dinner…and it’s all I can do to stay awake. The thing is, I’m gonna take another Zyrtec tonight. I woke without much of a sinus headache (which quickly faded completely away…) and I could breathe. Did I have my stupid on all day? You bet. But, I think if I’m consistent, I will build a tolerance to whatever it is that makes me so sleepy. I just hope I don’t build a tolerance to whatever makes it work…

By the way, the song in my head this morning (I keep forgetting to do this) was…”no sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea…)

A couple days ago it was Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…?

>Hard Times And Stupid People In A Dark World


I don’t know if it’s because my allergies are messing with me or what, but it seems to be a dark kind of world today. I know several couples arguing because of money. This morning on the news, I-85 was shut down in both directions and a SWAT team was on the way-some situation that began as a domestic dispute turned into a public threat. Economics. I just read on someone’s blog that their sales were down and they needed that income for living expenses.

I learned of a situation today that affects a friend of mine at work. A very sad situation that could have been prevented in several different ways. A young girl, an underage girl, was at a party, drinking with other underage people. She decided it was time to go home, wouldn’t let anyone have her keys, and got into her car. Her funeral is tomorrow.

Okay, first, who bought the alcohol for underage drinkers? Second, one set of parents actually buys the alcohol for their underage child (according to rumor) but supposedly they don’t let anyone leave…still. Third, was there anyone sober? A designated driver? Did everyone plan to drive home later? Fourth, don’t ask for the keys. Take them. Call a taxi. Call a parent or a sober friend. Now, someone is dead and it could have been many more. What if she had hit another car?

I heard one person (not related to this situation) complain about a friend having their license revoked and having to do jail time and “it was just their first offense!” Sorry, I have no sympathy. It only takes one time to kill innocent people because of your stupidity.

Last year on the news there was a lot of outrage because of a drunk driver who killed a family. It came out that he had had several tickets and arrests because of drunk driving. Lawyers kept getting him out of jail, the charges dropped/reduced, etc. And now a family is gone.

I’m not by any means a perfect person. But come on! There has to be some accountability when it comes to things like this. Parents, what if someone did the same thing you do and bought alcohol for their underage kids and, their kid ended up killing yours? Lawyers, what if the drunk driver you just got off stopped on the way home, picked up some party juice to celebrate, got intoxicated, and hit your family’s car while they were out celebrating? If your kid is drinking and driving, take their keys!!!! Sell their car-obviously they’re not responsible enough to have it!

It’s very tragic what this family is going through right now. I have a mother, grandparents, a beloved uncle, and nieces and nephews in Heaven. I know the devastation of loosing loved ones. This one just seems like such a waste. I wonder if anyone will learn and be changed by it….

>Avoiding…Not Working So Well, Actually…


You know how you get into those “avoiding” kinds of moods-avoiding housework, avoiding Project, avoiding whatever? I’m in one of those kinds of moods. How do I avoid? I play on the internet. Games on Facebook. Flair on Facebook. Google news, Google images (how I find wallpaper). Gmail. Read blogs I follow. LOLCATS on Then, the celebrities on icanhas. Go back to Facebook and check for responses to my status, read new updates, send gifts for games I no longer play (yep, I deleted all of them-uh!). On and on. But today I wonder if a higher source is preventing my avoidance tendencies. The internet is actually slower than dial up-everything has to reload because it’s timing out. So, I guess I will suck it up and try working on the Project. I’m writing this in Word and will try to post it at some point when my blog actually loads…

>Finishing Touches

>Our Center is part of a church. Today we put an official cap on the 30 year celebration by attending the morning service at the church. The very first director was there, telling us the interesting and sometimes frustrating journey she and the church had in launching the center. Then Director spoke, very eloquently I thought. And she hates speaking publicly. In fact, she pointed out to the congregation that those of us who work in child care are frightened by adults and really dislike speaking in front of them. This she said in a funny way that garnered the intended laughs, but she was serious. And it’s true. The church as a whole recognized past and present staff and children who were current as well as those who had aged out. Many now have children of their own, in our classrooms. Neat.

Thirty years. Wow. We are truly blessed.

>Our Big Center Celebration

Wow. I am overwhelmed, blown away, humbled, and exhausted. I don’t even know where to start, so be warned: this might ramble a little bit. Today was our Center’s 30 Year Anniversary Celebration. We were all worried about the weather, but thankfully, the rain held off…it began on our way home. Wow. The “party” lasted from 12pm to 3pm, and each staff member and volunteer had assigned posts for 2 of the 3 hours. The other hour was free-eat, mingle, and as you might notice, play. Staff are all wearing black shirts and volunteers are in blue. Many people had talked about being away for vacation and we wondered if we would have a good turnout. The pictures here might make you think the turnout was small. Don’t be fooled. I only got to take pictures when there was a lull. Also, most of them were taken at the very beginning, during set up, and at the end.

We are so blessed. Director and I were talking about the teenagers (and very young adults-like 20y.o.). Many of the staff have teenagers that could have made other plans. None of them wanted to. They wanted to be at the party, even if they were needed for 2 of the 3 hours. They wanted to come hang out with a bunch of parents and kids. And, they all did a fantastic job helping with set up, break down, and manning their posts. It’s kind of an “in your face” to all the naysayers who believe that all of today’s youth are lazy, selfish, and otherwise not praiseworthy. The volunteers, mostly parents, were unbelievable. Many of them had to go to work afterward, one having to work till midnight. They cooked. They manned posts. They cleaned. And, they played. Lots of them came early and stayed the whole time, often asking what they could do for us. Humbling.

Because we were unsure about the weather, Director, Assistant, and Belle (she was in charge of the planning) decided to spread the whole thing out mainly inside. If it rained, only the inflatables and dunking booth were outside. This actually worked out better than anyone thought because no place became overcrowded at any time. It was always full, just not congested. Several stations had lines, like the clown making balloon animals and flowers, face painting, and the 2 food lines. But it was all good-everyone was polite and having fun. The games stations were in our lunchroom and from time to time it got pretty full, then it would take a break and all of us took that as an opportunity to snap some pics. One of my favs is the end of the day pic of the Nose Picking game. It’s actually pudding in there. The other side of the nose had prizes…

The inflatables. What can I say? All the teachers and a great many of the parents (moms) took turns going down the giant slide. Oh. My. Gosh!!!!!! And the dunking booth pretty much wiped out the 3 young men (one of which is a staff member) who volunteered for that particular entertainment.

One of the highlights for me was a very special surprise. Even as I begin to write this, I try not to cry. A little boy that was in my room a couple years ago, one that had a less than wonderful start in life, one who had many circumstances to overcome, came to the party. It was during my hour manning the tp toss game. I heard a little voice call my name. I turned and saw him there with his Nana and almost burst into tears. I didn’t want him to see that, so I squeezed the stuffings out of him instead. I absolutely love that child. I worry about him everyday. Is he okay? Is Nana okay? Is he doing alright in school? Does he have friends? He just beamed at me. My heart is full.

Lots of people checked out the Memory Wall-pics of children past and present. I only put a pic of one of the walls on here. One staff member, the one in the dunking booth, also arranged for a race car for the day. The kids just loved having their pics made in it. I put 2 on here. In one pic, you can find me going up the ladder on the slide. All the teachers felt it was their “duty” to check out the slide before anyone arrived. Yeah, it had unanimous approval. In fact, the fireman who brought them (he does this for b-day parties and other functions on the side) brought the slide for us to use for free (the jumper was for a small fee) because it’s new and they wanted to test it out and see if we liked it. Can you say YEAH?!!! The cake walk was fun-I now have a delish chocolate pound cake-moist, chocolatey and free!

I’m sure I will think of lots more to write about. I’m really tired, but it’s a good tired. Director mentioned that she didn’t think we could have custom ordered a more perfect day. And for such a large undertaking, with so many things going on, guess what? The entire thing went off without a single hitch. We are truly blessed.

P. S. (see, I thought of something) The shirts worn by staff and volunteers-the back has flower handprints-a mother and her 2 daughters made them. Mom used to be a child at the center. Now her oldest daughter is in my room. Cool.

>The Flow. I’m Going With It…


I’m not exactly sure where to start or what to write about, so I’m just going to let words flow and go with it.

Today was the Pet Show. I was really disappointed this morning when I saw it was raining. It seems all my plans get waylaid somehow. All the way to work, I told myself it was worth sacrificing our little event if it would mean tomorrow was pretty for the Center’s Celebration. I also tried to figure out alternative ways to still do our thing. (I really hate to be defeated.) Our lunchroom has a stage where the after-schoolers can play during inside time if they don’t want to sit at tables and work on homework. It’s carpeted. It has large cushions. Yep. We moved the whole thing to the lunchroom. I told the children that the toys there were not ours and since we didn’t ask if we could play with them, we couldn’t, well, play with them. I’m so proud of my munchkins. Not a single child touched any of the toys.

I told the children about doggies going to obedience school. Afterward, I had them all sit down and wait for “commands”. Do you know what? I think from now on I’m gonna call them animals instead of friends…see, when it’s time to clean, get in line, or whatever, Co-Teacher and I simply call out..”Friends, it’s time to…” Well, not anymore! I’m gonna say, “Animals, it’s time to…” When we were pretending to be doggies and I gave commands, you would have thought you were looking at a munchkin army doing drills! They were perfect! They stood! They sat! They rolled over! And over and over… All in perfect unison, every single child, even the stragglers! And they laughed! I could have told them to do anything! I got the power!

That was the pretend to be a doggie part. Well, also doing flips through hula hoops (those giant cushions were pretty handy). For the mouse/gerbil/hamster part, as well as the bird part, I put out cheese cubes and gummy worms. On their knees with their hands behind their backs, they had to pick up (and of course, eat) the “animal” treats. Oh, the hilarity! I don’t know who laughed more, them or me.

The fish part might come back to bite us in the tushy. Some fish “spit” and whales (okay, not really a fish but…) blow water from their spouts. We took paper cups with a small amount of water (hey, I’m not entirely stupid) and pretended to be fish. I went first. Got water and spewed it out as far as I could. The shocked, incredulous expressions on their faces only lasted a few seconds before they followed suit, but it. was. priceless. Co-Teacher and I laughed so much we had water dripping down our chins, probably more than the kids did. Oh, um-we didn’t do this inside. We went out for this one and the weather had actually cleared up nicely.

We didn’t get to the cat or lizard parts. We talked about it and decided to do another show soon, adding cats, lizards, monkeys, rabbits and who knows what else…

After snack, during review time, I asked the kids if they had fun. My ears rang from they yells and screams of “Yeah!” I was kind of touched because it was very simple stuff we did…I also asked which trick went with which animal. They got it right. Wow. Go class!

One parent made the mistake of asking her son if he had a good time at the pet show. She asked softly but the kids still heard her. She was overwhelmed, and somewhat startled by the intensity of the response she got from the class.

Yep. We got to do that again.

photos courtesy of: Dog Obedience Training and LeftyRodriguez

>Cute-ness, ADHD-ness, and Monkey-ness

Aaarrrrgggg!!!! It’s nearly 11:30 pm and I need to get to bed. But Honey brought me a salad from Ruby Tuesday’s and I hadn’t had dinner, so…yeah. I ate it. Now I need to stay up for at least a little while. So, I thought I would come and scribble something…

I took the ADHD test on WebMD. Uh oh. Result: “…it is a strong possibility you have adult ADHD. We recommend you contact your doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis…” Well, I did have all but about three of the issues/symptoms they asked me about. Ah well. I’ll just talk to Director and glean from her wisdom and experience. Don’t want to take meds.

I officially quit *wince* all my Facebook games. Posted a notice and everything. Whew. It was hard! Know what’s funny? Sister In Law started back up! She posted new pics of Squirmy. She’s really growing and she’s really cute. I know, I know-people always think their so and so is cute (and sometimes they’re not so much but ‘cuz they’re babies, and they actually made it into this world, they ARE adorable, cute or not so cute) but Squirmy really is cute. I know you’re shaking your head and smiling. I know what you’re thinking, too. Go ahead. One day I might get to post pics on here. Then you’ll see!

Picked up supplies for Pet Show, including batteries for my camera. Stinks that I can only find them at one particular drug store. And my camera is only about a year old! Let’s have a new rule: all cameras should have rechargeable batteries! There. It’s taken care of. You’re welcome.

Not quite as clenched as I was before. Finally! Maybe quitting the games gave me a subconscious sense of accomplishment…?

Wow. Almost forgot that I need to take some animals to work in case someone forgets theirs. What? So I have some stuffed animals…don’t you? In fact, I want to get a Sock Monkey. What do you think of that? I used to have one when I was little and my sister had a “younger” brown one. I love the car commercial with the animals out dancing and living it up. Sock Monkeys Rock! If I take all three rabbits, do you think I’ll come home with six? Hahahahaha! Oh all right. I’ll be good. In fact, I’ll just finish up and sign off. Gotta wash my face and get ready for tomorrow.


>Looking Back To See Ahead

>I haven’t talked very much about it, but my mom, before she went to Heaven in 1994, spent the whole month of Nov. 1993 in the hospital. While she was there, she actually had a great doctor. He pointed out to me that she suffered from severe chronic depression. At the time, I accepted his words pretty much at face value. I knew it was true, but it wasn’t until several months later that I really poured over the truth he had given me. It explained so very much of our lives. I could look back and point out specific incidents, behaviors, moods, and evidences. It made some really murky memories and feelings crystal clear.

So what, you might ask. Well, first I have to say this. Director is pretty cool. She can tell stories in such a way that you feel you experienced whatever it is she’s talking about right along with her. She’s funny, witty, insightful, and has a pretty unique perspective on life and all the quirks and warts it entails. So quite often, if you drop by the office in the afternoons, you will find usually more than one off the clock employee sitting in a chair or lounging on the sofa-listening to a story.

Last week, I was lounging around and we began talking about symptoms of ADHD. Director has always laughingly referred to her quirkiness (think that might be my word for the day?) as being a result of her own ADHD. I always thought she was being funny. She told me last week she really is ADHD. Hmmm, I thought. Really? Yes, she insisted. I replied that I had once taken a WebMD test and scored pretty high for having it myself, but I dismissed it as being just a thing to frighten people into going to the doctor and getting on meds. We began talking about symptoms, challenges, feelings, and so forth. Dang. I think I might really have a bit of it myself.

I’m prone to mild anxiety attacks but I won’t take the Xanax the doctor recommended (don’t like anything stronger than Excedrin or DayQuil). So, I just deal. Today I had a free day off and spent it with an anxiety attack that has lasted a long time. Even now, I feel clenched, tight, and anxious. And angry. Out of nowhere, I feel angry at everyone and everything. There is so much to do and it makes me feel so overwhelmed that my response is to do nothing. Then I stress about it. And so the circle goes. Hmmm. It would explain a lot. Looking back I can see lots of little indicators-guess I should lounge around in the office again and learn some coping tricks…