>The Flow. I’m Going With It…


I’m not exactly sure where to start or what to write about, so I’m just going to let words flow and go with it.

Today was the Pet Show. I was really disappointed this morning when I saw it was raining. It seems all my plans get waylaid somehow. All the way to work, I told myself it was worth sacrificing our little event if it would mean tomorrow was pretty for the Center’s Celebration. I also tried to figure out alternative ways to still do our thing. (I really hate to be defeated.) Our lunchroom has a stage where the after-schoolers can play during inside time if they don’t want to sit at tables and work on homework. It’s carpeted. It has large cushions. Yep. We moved the whole thing to the lunchroom. I told the children that the toys there were not ours and since we didn’t ask if we could play with them, we couldn’t, well, play with them. I’m so proud of my munchkins. Not a single child touched any of the toys.

I told the children about doggies going to obedience school. Afterward, I had them all sit down and wait for “commands”. Do you know what? I think from now on I’m gonna call them animals instead of friends…see, when it’s time to clean, get in line, or whatever, Co-Teacher and I simply call out..”Friends, it’s time to…” Well, not anymore! I’m gonna say, “Animals, it’s time to…” When we were pretending to be doggies and I gave commands, you would have thought you were looking at a munchkin army doing drills! They were perfect! They stood! They sat! They rolled over! And over and over… All in perfect unison, every single child, even the stragglers! And they laughed! I could have told them to do anything! I got the power!

That was the pretend to be a doggie part. Well, also doing flips through hula hoops (those giant cushions were pretty handy). For the mouse/gerbil/hamster part, as well as the bird part, I put out cheese cubes and gummy worms. On their knees with their hands behind their backs, they had to pick up (and of course, eat) the “animal” treats. Oh, the hilarity! I don’t know who laughed more, them or me.

The fish part might come back to bite us in the tushy. Some fish “spit” and whales (okay, not really a fish but…) blow water from their spouts. We took paper cups with a small amount of water (hey, I’m not entirely stupid) and pretended to be fish. I went first. Got water and spewed it out as far as I could. The shocked, incredulous expressions on their faces only lasted a few seconds before they followed suit, but it. was. priceless. Co-Teacher and I laughed so much we had water dripping down our chins, probably more than the kids did. Oh, um-we didn’t do this inside. We went out for this one and the weather had actually cleared up nicely.

We didn’t get to the cat or lizard parts. We talked about it and decided to do another show soon, adding cats, lizards, monkeys, rabbits and who knows what else…

After snack, during review time, I asked the kids if they had fun. My ears rang from they yells and screams of “Yeah!” I was kind of touched because it was very simple stuff we did…I also asked which trick went with which animal. They got it right. Wow. Go class!

One parent made the mistake of asking her son if he had a good time at the pet show. She asked softly but the kids still heard her. She was overwhelmed, and somewhat startled by the intensity of the response she got from the class.

Yep. We got to do that again.

photos courtesy of: Dog Obedience Training and LeftyRodriguez


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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