>Hard Times And Stupid People In A Dark World


I don’t know if it’s because my allergies are messing with me or what, but it seems to be a dark kind of world today. I know several couples arguing because of money. This morning on the news, I-85 was shut down in both directions and a SWAT team was on the way-some situation that began as a domestic dispute turned into a public threat. Economics. I just read on someone’s blog that their sales were down and they needed that income for living expenses.

I learned of a situation today that affects a friend of mine at work. A very sad situation that could have been prevented in several different ways. A young girl, an underage girl, was at a party, drinking with other underage people. She decided it was time to go home, wouldn’t let anyone have her keys, and got into her car. Her funeral is tomorrow.

Okay, first, who bought the alcohol for underage drinkers? Second, one set of parents actually buys the alcohol for their underage child (according to rumor) but supposedly they don’t let anyone leave…still. Third, was there anyone sober? A designated driver? Did everyone plan to drive home later? Fourth, don’t ask for the keys. Take them. Call a taxi. Call a parent or a sober friend. Now, someone is dead and it could have been many more. What if she had hit another car?

I heard one person (not related to this situation) complain about a friend having their license revoked and having to do jail time and “it was just their first offense!” Sorry, I have no sympathy. It only takes one time to kill innocent people because of your stupidity.

Last year on the news there was a lot of outrage because of a drunk driver who killed a family. It came out that he had had several tickets and arrests because of drunk driving. Lawyers kept getting him out of jail, the charges dropped/reduced, etc. And now a family is gone.

I’m not by any means a perfect person. But come on! There has to be some accountability when it comes to things like this. Parents, what if someone did the same thing you do and bought alcohol for their underage kids and, their kid ended up killing yours? Lawyers, what if the drunk driver you just got off stopped on the way home, picked up some party juice to celebrate, got intoxicated, and hit your family’s car while they were out celebrating? If your kid is drinking and driving, take their keys!!!! Sell their car-obviously they’re not responsible enough to have it!

It’s very tragic what this family is going through right now. I have a mother, grandparents, a beloved uncle, and nieces and nephews in Heaven. I know the devastation of loosing loved ones. This one just seems like such a waste. I wonder if anyone will learn and be changed by it….


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