>Huggie Jackets And Special Teacher Drinks

I should be on Print Shop creating poem slips. I should be on Print Shop trying to print pictures. Instead, I’m playing around on the internet…avoiding, I’m good at it. Honestly though, it’s been a wicked awful day, with a few bright spots.

In getting ready for Mother’s Day, Co-Teacher and I came up with a banging idea…dress the kids up in “grown up” clothes and take pictures of them. Director donated jacket and shoes from her older son, as well as hats that are the real, gen-u-ine articles from her grandparents. Assistant brought 2 of her daughter’s disgustingly tiny dresses that looked great on the girls, as well as some white gloves. I brought a pair of black pumps and one of our kids said “sure!” when we asked if we could use her necklace. The plan is to print them in sepia and, along with a short but sweet poem, adhere them to a small wooden paddle-like thing, shellac them somehow, put a hook in the bottom and present the moms with a key holder-practical and cute. (We plan to do the same for Dads, different outfits). The pics were AWESOME. When the teacher in the Pre-K classroom says she’s jealous and impressed, you’ve practically been knighted. Sweet.

However, the wait for the kids in between costume changes really added to their already restless moods. I hope they soon adjust to the warmer weather and increased activities. If you’ve read the Vodka and Valium post, today was a day to make even Ms. Belle consider “special teacher drinks”. (We vent, creatively and often colorfully, but we’re all full of hot air…makes us feel better and laughter is better than huggie jackets!)

Maybe on Saturday, I will post some pics…have to wait till I’m sure no mommies will see the surprise we’re working on.

I might go tinker for a little bit…it’s a good excuse to look at the pics again. They really are pretty cool….


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I hope you found the right 'shellac'…I wished I'd had a free moment earlier this week to read your blog, I would have recommended Diamond Glaze.It's what many of the Scrabble Tile Pendant makers use. It dries fairly fast, doesn't mess with the ink and isn't 'sticky or tacky' once it dries..which also is fairly fast.Anyone…I LOVE the project and I am sure the mothers will all love them too!

  2. >oooooooo!!!!! thanks!!! i will remember that for next time! gonna try to post some of the pics this week

  3. >I would LOVE to see them!!

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