>Over The River And Through The Woods Just To Get To The Brush!!!


Saturday I was looking around on Google and suddenly, I encountered a familiar, sickening sight. There’s this virus that will appear like a legit scan, informing the user that their computer is at risk for malicious virus/malware/etc., and click Run to scan. Hopefully, everyone knows not to click Run. Even so, when you click the red “X” to exit, or even Cancel, the virus runs anyway. It’s happened to me twice before. Honey had to reformat my ‘puter both times. This time, I managed to stay ahead of it (if you manage to get it stopped, don’t do anything on that browser-any action whatsoever will cause the virus to run…go to a different browser) and went to Explorer (I usually use Firefox but I also have Explorer and Google Chrome) and downloaded a free version of AVG. Whatever it was is gone now, thankfully. When this free trial is up I’m probably going to have to buy it for real.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like defeat. Director and I were talking and she’s the same way. She says that for us, defeat = failure. I can see that. Add that to the fact that I have a pretty high tolerance, a large tank, and, unless you make me mad or you’re messing with my family or the kids in my care, I’m pretty timid and shy. Oh, by tolerance, I mean pain (physical, emotional) and by tank I mean I put up with a lot, don’t say anything until at some point something causes it all to overflow. All this to say that when that happens, I get really down and sometimes it takes a long time to get back up.

When we moved to our last apartment, I was initially happy-we had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, upstairs/downstairs, an eat in kitchen (which meant I could finally have a table!)….and then I “met” our neighbors. On one side was a sweet lady whose work closed down and she had to move after we were there only a couple months. Her successors were a bunch of partying, drug dealing, keeping their baby up and outside till after 3am (crying) bunch of people who had no respect for their neighbors or their neighbors’ property. Once, some of their friends were trying to break into our cars and Honey called the landlord. The next morning we woke to find our front door had been egged. Nice.

Then, on the other side was the drummer. He had a complete drum set in his kitchen and didn’t mind at all to play for us-day, night, weekday, weekend-loudly, 2am, 3am, 4am, didn’t matter. Twice, I called the police. He would behave for a couple weeks, then get right back at it, often having the whole band, complete with giant amps, guitars, etc. Even better was the performances they reserved just for me. See, Honey at that time worked some really hard hours, coming home as late as 1am a few times. While alone, I was treated to: screaming, yelling, growling, bouncing off the walls (really), as well as the drumming and loud music.

For a year and a half, I lived in futile anger, fear, anxiety, and helplessness. We argued about buying a house vs. renting another apartment. Finally, we began the house hunt. It was a horrible experience because the seller was a jerk but we had a fantastic agent and we made it through.

Then there’s all the family drama that I’ll save for another time. And work drama-on top of the already normal stressors of the job (as rewarding as it can be, it is exhausting, emotionally draining, stressful, and usually thankless). And, when you have so much and feel so overwhelmed to the point you just shut down, that’s me. That’s where I am. About 2 1/2 weeks before we finally closed on our house, I pulled into the parking lot at my work, and started crying. I couldn’t stop. I sat there and cried about half an hour, texting Director, trying all my usual tricks, none of which worked. She finally convinced me to go home. That’s the state I’ve been in since about October. And I can’t be here anymore. Director has helped me to understand some of it and I’ve modified her advice. She said pick 5 things and do them and don’t worry about the rest. Cross those 5 things off, get some success. I’ve picked 2. I actually mostly did them, too. I say mostly because I had to do part of a 3rd thing, so I guess it equals out….? I already have 2 things picked out for tomorrow. It’s really hard because I have so much more that needs doing but, I have to start somewhere. Besides, lately I’ve been about discipline. This blog has been a huge step in that direction. This “2” thing is another. We’ll see….dang. I didn’t know all that was going to come out….

What I wanted to write about was my brush. I’m pretty much a skeptic. If a product claims something, I will read the back, compare it to similar items, ask for opinions, etc. I needed a new brush. I have long hair and though I try to keep them (the brushes) cleaned out, they eventually look like the hide off some indeterminate creature. That’s when it’s time to toss them and get a new one. I was looking at the selection before me and, always open to new ideas, came across one that claimed to cut drying time. My hair isn’t only long, it’s thick. I hate to dry it so I usually leave it in a towel or let it air dry for as long as possible. So, I picked it up, read all about it, tested its weight in my hand, and scanned more products. I found a sister brush. Offered by the same company, this one was made of ceramic and not only decreased drying time (but not as much as the other one), it claimed to tame frizz. Because I air dry my hair, I often have a frizz problem, even when I dry it a little bit. It was only $6 so I thought it might be worth a try. Know what? It really does cut out the frizz. I don’t know about the drying time, but the frizz is definitely a thing of the past. If this is something you have to deal with, check it out. It’s by Goody. Just sayin’…


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I have lost TWO computers in the past six months because of viruses. I don't know WHY people do this…it absolutely makes no sense to me at all.Obviously it makes me so angry just thinking about it:(

  2. >can't you format them? does your son know how?

  3. >My kids know a lot…they are really very very smart..maybe even smarter than me…but..computers..I think I might be a bit more 'savvy' in that department.I actually put a different virus and spyware protection in place and it has worked so much better. Since my provider is TWC, Roadrunner has free protection through CA…and it has done a way better job than the McAffee was doing for me.One of the things I do…immediately…upon going to one of those sites that pop up the 'your computer is infected' fake warning…is to immediately get out of the page and do a virus scan. (So far..so good:)

  4. >hahahha that's funny! I just had that happen to me again! And, it wouldn't let me do a scan. I had to go to accessories, system tools, and restore-then I picked a date (26th) to restore from and thankfully, it worked….whew!!!

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