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Remember when I mentioned that I’m likely to click the Next Blog thing? Well, because of that there are several blogs I follow (and I’ve met some really cool people, too!). Anyway, I just read a profile that reminded me so much of my marriage that I thought I would just tell you a little story. A true story.

Honey and I met at our work. I always thought he was cute, young but cute. And he read, which impressed me. He had a girlfriend and I was busy trying to put my life together-it had been a difficult few years, another story for another time. Anyway, we met around 98? We became friends. He told me his girlfriend troubles, I listened and gave advice. Wait…I have to back up and give you a prologue.

I was alone for about 7 years. I was a mess-4 deaths in my family in 11 months, a new baby niece that almost wasn’t, my nephew needing me more and more, his Granny J… was diagnosed with lupus and leukemia, I was in the process of losing a home, on and on. Every third Sunday, I taught Children’s Church with a friend. It was our turn, so I asked another friend to let me know if Pastor gave a call for the sick to come for prayer-I wasn’t feeling well at all. So, we went off to our rooms, had CC, Friend came and got me, I went for prayer. Standing in a line, waiting for Pastor to come pray for me, I was surprised when a stranger came and stood before me. He stopped praying. Oh snap. I opened my eyes (I had been praying too) and looked at him. He asked me if I was married. No. Do I have children. No. He said, and I quote, “Well, I see a man and I see children.” I was so devastated that I fell to my knees and laughed. I was so broken up inside that I knew, KNEW that there wasn’t anyone out there for me. The stranger turned, microphone in hand, before the whole church, and said, “You go ahead and laugh!”

K, back to the story. The other one. Work was production and you could bid for better jobs and different machines. I was selected to try a new machine. So was Honey. We became better friends. He had broken up with the girlfriend. Really, for about a year, we talked, hung out, went to the movies, all as friends. He made me laugh. He made tiny paper sailboats for me. He worked the crossword with me during break. I honestly didn’t see it coming. Because see, when that strange pastor prayed for me and said all that stuff, I told God that if I was going to marry again, he wouldn’t be younger or skinny. He had to be older, bigger, have a job, his own place, a car, etc. I had a whole list. Imagine my surprise when it hit me. Dang. He (meaning God) snuck Honey in on me. By making me laugh, he got through all my defenses. I had been on several dates, turned down several more. But this one….well, just dang. So anyway, we began dating, etc. Long story short:

Honey always talked of our marriage as a matter of fact. As far as he was concerned, it was a done deal. But, he wouldn’t commit to a date. He said he didn’t know when he would want to actually do it. And, work was getting bad at that time (eventually, we were permanently laid off) and we didn’t have money for a wedding. We talked about going to the J. O. P. His family found out and began making elaborate plans, telling us we wouldn’t have to pay for hardly anything. My tiny family joined in. Honey and I talked about it, how sweet everyone was, and became depressed. Have a pretty wedding and go home, who wants to do that? We couldn’t afford a honeymoon. And we still didn’t have a date. Finally, since he was the one saying we were going to be married, I put my foot down and told him he needed to make up his mind. This on a Friday morning in December. We worked third shift, midnight to 8am. So, he said let’s go home, take a shower, and go to the courthouse. We did.

We had to also go pick up my niece-we’d promised to pick her up since school was closing early for Christmas break. My sister worked first shift at the same place and she was to pick her up after work at our place. By this time, yeah, we lived together. Only for about 2 weeks, though. So, we took Niece to the courthouse with us. My sister showed up. She had taken a half day. She brought us roses and balloons. Turns out we needed them both. Not the roses and balloons, my sister and niece. My second grader Niece had just learned to write her name in cursive, and had to sign our marriage certificate! So did my sister! (She could already write cursive…) Afterward, we went out to eat………at Taco Bell. Then Sister went back to work and Honey, Niece and I went home. We had combined 2 households and had 2 sofas. Honey fell asleep on one and I and Niece on the other. Remember, we had been up since about 9pm the night before and it was 5pm when Sister picked up Niece. After they left, we just went back to sleep. That was our wedding night!

I shared this story a couple years ago with someone at the Center. Honey and I had been planning a trip to TN, just for the weekend. I got a huge surprise when everyone threw us a “Honeymoon” shower the day before we were to leave! It was the sweetest thing! I really work with great people. Know what’s really funny, and about par for the course? I had had an allergic reaction to some amoxicillin I had been taking for a sinus infection (surprised?) and had to take prednisone, which makes people EVIL, the whole time we were away. I had a rash all over me and I itched itched ITCHED!!! I was miserable but we managed to have a really great time anyway.

Yeah, that’s about how it goes around me. Strange, bizarre, weird-they usually find their way around to us and make themselves at home.

Just wanted to share….

P.S. Guess what? Honey always spoke of our lives in a married sense. He has yet to ask me to marry him!!!!!! And, in case you haven’t figured it out, he’s younger and slimmer. I guess I got told, huh? 😛

I’m guessing the children that were seen are the children I work with. Another irony since I once told God I would NEVER work in childcare again. I got to learn to keep my mouth shut! Dang.


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  1. >Oh what a sweet story. Took me back in time too! Thanks for sharing and inspiring such wonderful memories.

  2. >Why thank you! And, you're welcome!

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