>Zoo 2004

The year 2004 was a very difficult year for Honey and me. We were permanently laid off from our jobs. I had worked at this place for about 14 1/2 years, so it was especially difficult for me. The people I worked with were in many ways my family….though I was only close to a few of them, they were still a part of my life when…

I married and divorced….my mother passed away, as did my uncle, a neighbor that was like an aunt, and my grandmother….

My sister had my niece…the miracle child that almost wasn’t….my nephew began looking to me more and more for love, acceptance, and stability….

A very close friend went through situations where she actually feared for her life and the lives of her children…

Always battling depression, one summer I hit the pit that lies beneath rock bottom….I drank that whole summer (and I’m not a drinker), lost so much weight that after dipping below 100 pounds I stopped stepping on the scales-I was too scared…..that’s the summer I killed myself…another story….

I found God, not religion, GOD….I began to write….I began to

I learned to look up and re-discovered clouds….as a child I always loved clouds, the way they moved, were layered, went from brilliant white to purple/black….

I bought a car…all by myself….I found a kind of peace with my
mom and we learned to laugh again….I sat with her in the hospital the night before she died….and it was peaceful….

I got to know myself…..discovered my sense of humor, my compassion, my capacity for fear…

My brother and I became closer….we both worked off shift jobs (second shift usually) and he would often come by my apartment and we would either go out and get something to cook (yeah, I learned my baby bro could cook!) or we’d just hang out and watch movies…I learned that he liked hanging out with me rather than going home in part because his friends were there-partying….I eventually moved back home so I could be the “bad guy” and run all but the real friends off…and the real friends were fun, too…..

My brother met and married his wife….I moved to another city….isolated from my family….bought a mobile home….lost my mobile home…made new friends…..experienced the second darkest depression of my life…..but I didn’t give up this time….I learned to fight….

I met this guy at work and we became friends….then we became really close friends…..we eventually got married….I was terrified to meet his parents…I am 13 years older…yikes!!!! But they were cool….

After work (third shift, we got off at 8am) on September 11, 2001, I’m at my apartment talking to Honey on the phone (we weren’t married yet) and my new sister in law calls,
telling me to turn on the news… while we are all 3 talking on the phone, we watch as the second plane hits the second tower….I remember not being able to breathe, or to believe it was real…I experienced the word “awe” in a dark and real way that day….I was very thankful to never have seen (even to this day) footage of the people jumping out of the buildings….

Honey and I made friends at First Apartment Complex….had some really great times….and some hard ones….his grandfather, a sweet and very witty man, passed away….

Honey’s parents moved to a big city just over an hour away….his brother went through some very hard times…my brother and sister in law….had a miscarriage, then, a couple years later, had a baby, for about an hour….I cried with Brother on the phone for 45 minutes….we went to see them at Big Deal Hospital the next day…we laughed and sister in laws mom thanked us so much for coming and making them (Bro n SisLaw) laugh and forget for a while….Little Nephew’s funeral nearly undid me….I’ve never seen my brother so helpless….Honey met most of my family that day…I
try to stay away….long story……

In 2004…….

Honey and I began talking about going back to school to get out of factory….we, sister and her husband and niece, and brother and sister in law all decide to take a trip to TN…Gatlinburg….we booked the cabin….that same week, we got news of layoff….decided to take the trip anyway…..it was fun…..

Honey’s car broke….like, really badly….timing belt broke and totaled engine….a mechanic was referred and we took him the car and all the money we had saved…..about six months later we called the Better Business Bureau on him, as well as local TV station….dang…..my car was old and small and needed a tune-up but we couldn’t spare it because it was our only car….we were at
a drive through one evening and the water pump went out on it… now we had 2 cars in the shop and little money….

Because of the nature of our layoff, we both qualified to go to school….we took the opportunity….

Honey graduated (I know I’m spelling this wrong…) Suma Cum Laude in his class…..

The summer of 04, after being without a car that would be able to make any kind of trip (going to see his parents wasn’t possible in my car…) the mechanic, in an effort to appease our anger and frustration, lent us his truck and we went to the Asheboro Zoo. At
the time of its construction, it was the largest of its kind in the world…we didn’t have a great camera at the time, but we had fun. We relaxed, got away from our troubles for a while, saw really cool animals… I had been there several times….it was Honey’s first time….We arrived as soon as the gates opened….a good idea because they’ve just fed the animals and they’re really up close and personal….I’ve only included a few of the pics we got….I’ve made scrapbook pages with lots of them……since 04, we’ve been back with Brother and Wife….and that time we got to see the
Australia exhibit….sweet…..

That’s the same year (04) that I decided to do something different for Christmas….on practically a zero budget… Honey and I made 18 scrapbooks for our families (yeah and we started in September) …OMG they were the best thing ever…his dad cried….my family actually was quiet….awesome…..

The year finally ended…. it was about a year later that we got Honey’s car back, the engine practically backward and in constant need of fixing….I got a job in my new field of study (and since I was working, it’s taking me longer to graduate….and I’ve taken a whole year off….)….Honey got a really good job, and now a better one, where he can use his training and do what he loves….we bought a house…..Brother and Sister In Law have a new baby girl….nephew is married to a great girl…..sadly, sister has moved away….in more ways than one…..but….I still have the hope I learned about…..so anyway…..


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >It's really aggravating when you try to write around pics and keep them in line, and then they just move, and you try to fix it and they move some more…..sorry….

  2. >I think the pics looked just great the way they turned out…OMG…you tugged at my heartstrings and took me back to similar experiences in my own past. I sooo know about the car woes…my little $500 car went down last year..my youngest son's car sits in the driveway waiting for him to come up with enough money to get it fixed AGAIN…so we are all dependent upon my other son's car..and it really needs a 'rest' and some work done on it to keep it going.

  3. >Oh, I'm sorry, I had to chuckle…it must be all over about the car situations! We had a $500 and boy, did we ever get our money out of it! Only once did I ever buy a car brand new (a Diahatsu-very inexpensive) and even if I somehow get disgustingly rich, I won't ever do that again-too much depreciation. I hope everyone can get mobile again!

  4. >ooohhh!!! Here's a great example of how my brain is about ten word ahead of my mouth/fingers…I left out… "the place"…about the car situations….and "car" we had a $500 car…dang! I'm starting to type like I talk…help!!!

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