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>Midnight Madness


The first thing I wanted to do this morning when I got to work was go into the infant room and see Co-Teacher. Sorry, I don’t mean to confuse. Co-Teacher opens, 6:30am, along with another teacher, and spends the first two hours of her workday in the infant room. I arrive at 7:30(-ish) and try to quickly check in with her to see if any of our parents have called to say their child is going to be late or out, if any teachers are out, if we’re helping do lunch breaks, that kind of thing. This morning, I just wanted the scoop!!! Did she have a good time? What did she think of the movie? Had she been able to get a nap?

A very brief recap for those who may not have read the previous post: Co-Teacher has a very good friend who bought her a ticket for the midnight showing of Eclipse.

I think I was as excited as she was. Co-Teacher is a giver and I was happy that she was getting a treat. Well, she had only managed to get one and a half hours of semi-sleep. Zombie! They’d left at 8pm to go to Olive Garden to eat, then the mall for Eclipse t-shirts. Then, THEN!!! They arrived at the theater. Sort of…they had to park at the apartment complex about two tenths of a mile away…somehow, with fourteen theaters showing the same movie, they’d managed to sell more tickets than they had seats for. It got better from there…

Typically, I’m a defender of young people. Last night, however, a very bad impression was given, causing the stereotypical image of careless, thoughtless, and inconsiderate youth to be reinforced. Co-Teacher said all around them, people were talking, loudly-to each other, to people down the isles, on their phones…and when comments were made, they got louder and ruder…

 …and why would you pay a chunk of change for an evening ticket, only to spend the entire time texting on your phone? Or talking on your phone? Apparently, it was so bad that at one point, ushers were telling viewers people who’d rented the seats that if they didn’t stop, they were going to be escorted out. One person, Co-Teacher said, was actually standing in the aisle, arguing loudly to someone on a cellphone about some disagreement. WARNING: LANGUAGE!!! WTH!!! Are you serious? Are people that selfish and inconsiderate that they’ll bring their private arguments/spats/fights into a movie theater where lots and lots of people are trying to watch a movie they paid $9 to see? AAARRRGGG!!!!

Co-Teacher and her friends (a group of four went), along with others in their row, eventually had to turn around and tell the people behind them that they needed to quieten down because they literally couldn’t hear the movie. When the movie was over, said people actually threw their trash at one of the friends!!! OMG!!! Sorry, someone would have been bailing me out of jail. Un. Bee. Leeev. Abull!!!

Hopefully, in the next week or so, she and I, along with our usual group from work, will be able to go see the movie. Maybe by then, some of the furor will have died down and the people will be more mature and thoughtful…

Honey and I went to see something, maybe the last LOTR movie and a similar thing happened. A group behind us kept talking. Loudly. Honey and I moved. If you can believe it, it got worse. He’s much more calm than I am. After turning around and asking them to please be quiet, to no avail whatsoever, I walked out. I met the manager, complained, got a refund, and went shopping until the movie was over. That kind of inconsiderate behavior makes my blood boil.

How about you? Any bad movie experiences?


>As Tuesdays Go…This One’s Been Pretty Good




Dang. I’ve had the hardest time trying to get this post posted!!!! Now, I’m not too sure the title still fits, but I’ll leave it. Unless this attempt fails. Then, I may have to post an adult content warning to the blog…..

Once more, from the top…

Just before it was time for me to leave work, it began to rain. Not the five minute kind that just bumps up the humidity a few degrees. Nope. This one lasted long enough to actually cool things off a couple degrees. I had to race outside and get my windows up, as well as those of a co-worker. His seats are WET!!!! Sunroof…

We have two new children in our class, tiny little three year olds. They’ve adjusted so well, it’s as if they’ve been in our room all their lives. Two children from another class visited-they’ll be moving up to our room in August. They also did exceptionally well. The Alpha-females in our class, however, wanted to rip out each other’s throats one minute and be best buds the next. What can I say? We’re female, even I can’t figure us out!harry_potter_and_the_deathly_hallows_movie_poster

A friend/parent is attending the midnight showing of Eclipse. She bought Co-Teacher a ticket! Sweet! Co-Teacher is so excited and I’m so happy for her. She’s always giving….it’s her turn to get treated. Course, tomorrow, she’s gonna be a zombie. I was talking to the kids in our class and told them we need to think of a trick to play on her…we’ll see what we can come up with…

Co-Teacher’s son works in summer camp. He’s a huge Harry Potter fan. So am I. When he found out I was a fan, he got me a Bellatrix t-shirt (the ‘Wanted’ one). Ain’t he sweet? Like me, he enjoys sharing the stuff he loves…I share books, bookmarks, music…he shares t-shirts! Yesterday, he found the new trailer, before the major sites had it up and running. Skills-he’s got ‘em!!! I’ve watched the trailer at least nine times (and I’ll probably watch it dozens more) and it’s EPIC!!!

So, I guess this particular Tuesday wasn’t too bad. New kids on the block adjusting well. Visitors visiting well. Co-Teacher gets a free night on the town just for her. Co-Teacher’s son found new trailer to keep me going till the movie comes out….and it rained! BLISS!!!

>Where Have Your Shoes Been?


I was blown away by the response the post from yesterday received. I tried to reply to each response but, just as I clicked the submit button, I got an error notice. Grrrr. Then, I tried writing a post combining a post and a reply. It stank! Then, a wicked bad storm just passed through, knocking out the power a few times and making the internet all hinky…dang, what’s up?

I do want to thank everyone for their encouraging words. I also wanted to say that it makes me sad that any of you can relate, in any fashion. Although, it does help sometimes to know that there are others who have also survived the dark roads and that we’re not alone on our journeys. By communicating our trials and sorrows, we learn to see the Great Lie for what it is: a lie. The Great Lie can be different things to different people…all that matters is that it’s a lie you’ve been taught or have chosen to believe.

One of the life lessons I’ve learned: we are all different. We break in different places, in different ways, for different reasons. We carry baggage. Our baggage causes deformities that are usually not easily seen. Our deformities cause pain: physical, mental, emotional. Our pain causes us to react-outwardly, inwardly. We look at each other, seeing only the masks and dress up clothes. We look at each other and judge, often unfairly. We are human. We forget to look beneath. We forget that under the masks and dress up clothes are people with terrible scars, wounded from living nightmares, hobbling through each day on crippled spirits. We forget that we wear shoes. And that those shoes have traveled through places not found on any maps. We are human. But, we must try… 

Oh, yeah…a word about hope. At one point, hope was something I hated. I thought of it with disdain and loathing. Hope is expensive. For such a long time, hope was the only thing that kept me in this world. Finally, I learned the price I had to pay…read about it here…

>Baby Girl


So I was ‘talking’ to a blogger friend today, you know, about this and that. Afterward, I was thinking how strange and wonderful it is that, although we are scattered all over this planet, we share the same pain; we walk down the same dark roads…

This is a letter I wrote to myself several years ago. I used to have a picture of me as a baby and I addressed the letter to her…as far as I know, they’re the only words of encouragement that child ever got…

Hello Baby Girl,

If I could, I would like to wrap my arms around you and run, far, far away. The darkness would never find you. Cruel words and terrible deeds would never tear your soul apart. Shameful tears would never fall from your eyes. The bitter sting of rejection would never wound you so deeply. Death would never seem like the lesser of any evils.

If I could, Baby Girl, I would like to make your way easier. Take away so much that would cause you pain, damage you in ways most people can’t imagine. And I would like to prevent so many mistakes from being made, choices that only compound all of the sorrow.

The road, the life that lies ahead of you is hard, almost unbearable, and dark. But if I were given the ability to change it for you, Baby Girl, I would not. You must be strong. If you look, you will find light in the darkness, laughter in the midst of the tears and strength to endure in the pain. Cruelty will teach you compassion and sorrow will teach you wisdom. And though it may seem to take forever, good does overcome evil and finds those who wait for it.

I’m sorry, Baby Girl, for the things that await you, for you will always bear the scars of hidden wounds. But you will survive. Furthermore, you will find happiness that, before, you would never have been able to imagine. You will find courage you never dreamed you had. And, more importantly, you will be able to help pull others from the devouring darkness. Even love will find you, though you will run from it at first. And one day, you will be able to look back at your life and say, “If I could go back and change things, I wouldn’t do it. It’s been worth it all.”

Cherish hope, Baby Girl, and don’t ever give up. 

And I’ll see you around….

RSM 2003

>From The Soda Ocean To The Water Wagon


 Ugh, I’m in full-on caffeine withdrawal. This whole week, I’ve not had more than one and one half sodas a day. From Wednesday on, only one. The crazy thing is, I’ve had to make myself drink them! It’s as if Someone is trying to help me kick the soda habit…

I’ve been drinking lots more water (yay! and without even adding propel!) and juice and Ovaltine. I’ve also been eating lots more fruits and veggies, so I don’t feel too bad about the ravioli I had the other day (LOTS of sodium). I can’t see it anywhere, or feel it or tell a difference in the way my clothes fit, but I’m down six pounds. Woohoo. Truly, I don’t care too much about measuring pounds. I just want to be healthy.

Even with all the stress that’s been going on, I’ve done pretty well considering my past track record. Stress eating champion, that’s me! I used to have that title. Not claiming it anymore. Now, if I can just get this cough to go away, I’d be able to get into some exercise…allergies stink.

I got quite a lot done on my Saturday list (a big deal for me) and I took my sleepy making cough med (I know…I said I wasn’t going to take it anymore, but if I’m not sleeping anyway…) and I’m thinking about whether or not I need an Excedrin…the caffeine withdrawal is producing a pretty darn good headache, but not the kind I’ve had in the past. Thank God!!! Still, it’s pretty respectable, as headaches go…

I’m reading this and it sounds rambly…too many days of scheduling posts ahead of time, lack of sleep, and, of course, the baby gremlin on my head is making it difficult to think coherently…so, I’m going to sign off and catch you in the morning.

PS-I found a new blog to follow. As I was reading through it, I kept thinking about one of my poems…sometime tomorrow, I’m going over and posting it. ‘Night, all!

>Festival Of The Trees


 Kitty Boss woke me before 5 am…aaarrrggg…and after making sure she had food, water, and some attention, I began reading through new blog posts. Of course, I checked out some new blogs, too.
 I found a post relating to trees. If you’ve read much of my blog at all, you know I have a thing for trees…
 Apparently, there’s a site called Festival of the Trees and you can find it here.
 Each month, a new festival or theme is posted, all relating to trees. How happy am I?!!
 I had an excuse to go through some of my old discs and folders in search of tree pictures.
 Most of these were taken with our old digital (3.2 mp) camera…
 But they have lots of memories attached, so who cares, right?
 All of these came from: Asheboro Zoo…
 …..Riverbend Park…..
 ….our old apartment building….
….and our new back yard…in no particular order.

>Saturday’s Booked!!!


 My Saturday To Do List:
Finalize letter for Artful Penpals project
Usual household chores
Sort office
Sort classroom resources
Wash car
Read blogs
Comment on blogs
Respond to comments…
Learn how to use new coffee maker!!!
 Then, on to other important matters. I need to finish reading Aubrie’s Messenger in the Mist. So far, it’s very intriguing, and don’t you just love the cover?
 Afterward, I want to read Winter Queen. I haven’t cheated at all; I have no clue what this book is about-I love this kind of surprise….looking forward to it…
 Another Aubrie book, I got this from I did look at the reviews and on both Amazon and Barnes and Nobel, they were very favorable. It’s YA-how could it not be good?
 After reading the above, and writing their reviews, I would like to start on Northanger Abbey…I’ve wanted to read this since I saw The Jane Austen Book Club. 
Hopefully, I will also at least get down a couple scenes for my Work Not Really In Progress…

Also, please note the new picture on the right. It’s to a blogger I came across (check her out!) and she’s having a short story contest. I submitted Prologue-as is. I’m going to tinker with it…sometime!

>Summer Afternoons…


 Summer is officially here, and it’s been hot enough to prove it. I’ve been somewhat under the weather, my allergies working in league with the awful ozone quality to wreak havoc on my respiratory system. Ah, well…such is life in the South…

I’ve been reading posts about yummy summer foods and thought it was time to share a childhood summer tradition…

Grandma babysat most of us grandkids during the summer (and four of us during the school year). The basic outline of our daily schedule was this: drop off, play till breakfast (I usually picked cereal), outside until lunch, nap (even when we

were about ten years old, we took naps-we’d been playing since sun up and we were tired!), snack, and play till mom picked us up. The main point of this post is, of course, the snack.

Grandma and Grandpa had an old timey rectangular cement picnic table situated under a black walnut tree just a few yards from the kitchen window. Every single day, with the only exceptions being days we made ice cream, we ate watermelon. There was a half acre garden behind our house and we (Mom, sister and me, Grandpa, and one of our uncles) grew just about anything you could think of in that garden, including lots of watermelon.

Grandma would get her big butcher knife, cradle a large watermelon in her arms, and holler, “Come on if you want some!” We always wanted some. We sat patiently while she carved equal servings…and we weren’t allowed to make pigs of ourselves. Somehow, not making pigs of ourselves didn’t include the traditional seed spitting contests (shamefully, I was pretty good). Nor did it stop our older cousins from tricking us (only once per victim) into eating well into the rind. 
These were quieter moments when we actually spoke in normal human tones and acted like normal human children; er, with the exception of the seed spitting. The rest of the days were spent running amok, climbing trees and getting pine sap all over every exposed inch of hair and skin, trekking through acres of woods, building tree houses and wagons from scrap wood, conducting clandestine apple wars (getting discovered meant a ‘go get me a switch’ meeting), jumping from the barn loft, etc. However, there were a few times when, on our way to the picnic table, Grandma would say, “Go get on the table.” We were never allowed to sit on the table (bottoms don’t go where your food goes.) Unless Grandma saw a snake. King snakes, green snakes and black snakes….pretty much had everyone’s blessing…they ate rats-which were abundant in hay fields. Copperheads, not so welcome. Grandma would put the knife and watermelon on the table, get the hoe standing beside the chimney, and go after the snake. Grandma was pretty good with a hoe…
Once, when we were going to the creek for a swim, Grandma said, “Kids, hold up!” We watched as a king snake swam right by us…
Know why a king snake is called a king snake? According to legend, it’s immune to all other snakes’ venom.
What’s a summertime childhood tradition you remember?

>Dirty Dozen Blogfest…All The Rest


This is the last scheduled post about movies. I hope by then I will have finished all the items on my to-do list…
With the previous post, I listed a baker’s dozen. Well, now I’m throwing the rules out the window. Movies, food, music, smells…these are the things that bring up associative memories…all through my childhood, teen years, and even as an adult, movies have been a treat, not the norm. That’s the reason many of these are here. Another is that they spoke to a place hidden inside of me, in some way…Anyhow, the last entry…
Dirty Dozen Blogfest: A Whole Bunch of Movies That I Love For Various Reasons…
I watched this with a friend…during a time when I was very very alone. It broke my heart because I knew I would never have an ‘Ever After’…then I met Honey….
 Probably the most beautifully filmed movie of all time. Cass-Ole, the name of the Arabian Stallion, was an award winning horse, and watching him run along those beautiful beaches…it’s just breathtaking…
 Based on the book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, the movie, while skimming over much of the subject matter, is still moving, sweet, and I just love it. I love Paul Williams’ song at the end…and Peter Strauss’s voice…sigh…
 A most poignant movie taking place at the beginning of WWII. The movie is miles apart from the real life Von Trapps…but it’s still pretty darn great…and Christopher Plummer-handsome, debonair….
My mom loved this movie and so did I. We would watch it together sometimes. It was more violent, more colorful, and more detailed than other Disney cartoons to date…I can still hear the music coming from the fireplace….and the fight scene with the dragon and the hero…
 A relatively recent find, I have probably watched this movie ten times. The dialogue is witty and intelligent and I loved the concept. Every single time I get to the skating rink, I cry…every time.
 After watching this movie, I began reading Jane Austen. I must say, the movies are easier to understand…but of course, the movies leave out a lot, too…I love this story, have watched it at least a dozen times…Alan Rickman can talk or read to me anytime he wants…his voice is a dream!
A fan of Matthew Macfadyen since his MI-5 days, I wanted to see this when it came out. He’s pretty brilliant in it, duh. The adaptation is pretty impressive because the books has SO MUCH in it…a great story….and I cry every time she talks to her dad at the end….and the one kiss…sigh….
 This gem I only found this year…it’s a fairy tale of a different kind. James McAvoy is great, as are Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, and Simon Woods (Sense and Sensibility). And Peter Dinklage-handsome! If you’ve never seen this movie, check it out!!!!
We were poor growing up and one of the special, free activities we did at Christmastime was drive around and look at Christmas lights. Back in the day, it seems there was more snow. Anyway, we’d come home, make REAL hot cocoa, and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. I miss my mom when I watch this… 
 I’m a huge fan of the books. I was all set to boycott the movie because much was changed-then I learned Cornelia Funke herself oversaw all the changes. I figured if they were ok with her, they’d be fine by me (loyal, that’s me!) Dustfinger is my fav character and I love the scene where he’s doing his fire thing. A unique concept, give it a look see!
 I believe Edward Norton is one of the most versatile actors of our time. He’s so bittersweet in this movie, so intense, so broken and determined. (And handsome!). Highly recommended!!!!!
 This is a movie my nephew and I watched every year. It was our tradition…he could quote it word for word (for word…). I look for it every December and now Honey and I watch it…
 All the Harry Potter movies go into the Dirty Dozen…Chris Columbus’ version was the most faithful to the books. Surely I don’t have to say too much…surely you’ve seen them…if you haven’t, do it! 
 Another Matthew Macfadyen movie, this has a cast of completely fab actors and is funny, witty, irreverent, insightful, bawdy, sweet…if you like British comedy, this movie is the epitome of the genre. 
 I still haven’t read the book (shocking, I know!) but Honey and I both fell completely in love with the movie. I had to buy the album from amazon! It’s a very clever tale, provocative, too. 
 My favorite fairy tale. While not a giant fan of the modern Disney take on fairy tales and female images, I do love this one, simply because the story is classic and timeless….
 One of the first movies Honey bought me (probably for my b-day). I’ve loved this movie since it came out. A classic, and not just because of the diner scene. 
 Read this book, love this movie. I remember watching a version of this when I was a pre-teen on PBS (it’s also where I found Dr. Who) and I loved the story. I love this movie. I have it. I’ve watched it. I’m surprised there aren’t grooves somewhere in the disc…beautiful, sweet, poignant, funny, heartbreaking-get the picture?
 There’s not too much I can say except-a superb cast, brilliant adaptation, beautifully filmed and acted…even if you don’t particularly like Shakespeare, you’ll probably like this movie…
 An amazing movie. I won’t even try to sell it. 
Another movie tradition, this time with my little brother. Every year at thanksgiving, we would pop popcorn, make toast, pour out some pretzels, and have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. He’s all grown up now, with a baby girl of his own. I wonder what traditions he and his wife will create with their child?
Do you have movie traditions?

>Dirty Dozen Blogfest…Day Two: Action Movies


Because of the busy week I’m having, I scheduled posts through Thursday…all relating to the movie picks…so, for Wednesday:
Dirty Dozen Blogfest-Day Two: Action Movies
I’ve cheated and listed a baker’s dozen…

I loved The Crow. It’s haunting. Disturbing. Brilliant. And bittersweet. The song, ‘It Can’t Rain All The Time’…you should give it a listen…

I wrote about this one before-best Star Trek anything, EVER!!! The casting was perfect. Check it out!

 The first Pirates movie was great. All over the place great. They could have done without the rest…in my opinion….

….also in my opinion, Prince Caspian was a pretty good movie. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it…

Ah, LOTR. Read the books in middle and high school. Legolas and Gimli were my favorite characters in the books…and though Jackson changed quite a lot that made me angry, I still love love love the movies…

 Wrote about this one, too. My all time favorite movie. It’s well done, historical, and provocative….

 A good time, kick buttocks, rip roaring Will Smith flick that will probably last forever…and I love Pullman’s speech just before the counter attack…

 Yeah, it’s got some issues and people spoof it all the time, but Lambert was great in it and the concept was new….I watch it every time I catch it on. Well, I used to. Now, I have it on DVR…

 Russell Crowe. In a skirt. With a sword. Awesome movie that I just can’t do justice to with mere words…

 Love this movie and the concept. Evans plays a nice (really) guy who plays at life until he gets caught up in a life and death struggle…

 All the Bourne movies are just plain superb. I wish I could be like Jason Bourne…lethal, kind, intelligent….

 I went to the movies eight times to see this when it came out…Mel Gibson at his most handsome…and I couldn’t look at Anthony Hopkins in anything for a long time because I still hated him. Beautiful movie….

This movie still scares the crap out of me. Like Psycho, it is a true classic. Watch it by yourself…I dare you…