>Bomb Threat Drills


Last night we had a staff meeting at the Center. After the usual chewing (okay, we get slack and they have to tug us back in line-we got to maintain a 5-Star attitude!) and the most fun team building games (5 minutes to: create a fun art project, come up with a themed song/finger-play, and themed book/visual), we moved on to just fun: scavenger hunt and hide and seek! Oh, we are sooooo competitive! Since I ran so much in the scavenger hunt, I opted out of the hide n seek-meds are working, but I was whipped!

Then we were told about a drill we were going to practice. Today was practice day! We already practice fire drills, tornado drills, and the crazy person seeking illegal seizure of a child drills (there’s actually a name for this one, I just don’t remember it…?).

Because of the very real world we live in, today we practiced a bomb threat drill. Like all drills, we grab clipboard, emergency forms, count kids, and hurry to appropriate exits. The tornado and bomb drills, we also have “grab n go” bags containing some items to occupy the kids with, wipes, and in younger classes, diapers, disposable bags, etc.

The kids actually did really well. I guess the monthly fire drills succeed on more than one front: they’re not afraid of the alarm, they know to move quickly and stay together, and new drills don’t freak them out. Sweet.


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  1. >Hello: I just "met" you over on a favorite blog and thought I'd stop in and say hello. When my boys were in elementary school (not so very long ago), there were none of those drills. So sorry for the "loss of innocence" of today's children. I look forward to checking out your poetry blog as well.Have a wonderful day!!Best,Bonnie

  2. >Too bad we have to worry about stuff like this! But it's good your school is preparing for it.

  3. >I read a news report a few months ago about a fire in a South American daycare…with devastating results…plus, we live in an area where hurricanes like to come and play, so I'm glad we practice. As for the bomb threat one, all I can say is, that's one drill I hope we never have to test the effectiveness of practice!

  4. >It's unfortunate that there are wackos out there but…it is reality.It's good though that the children are responding so well and doing what they are supposed to do…that's the most important thing.

  5. >I agree. We have to have them at different times and in different kinds of weather…naptime drills are not fun!

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