>Prednisone-I’m Feelin’ It A Little Bit….

>Ah, the best laid plans…if they’re mine, they usually tank! I couldn’t find my shoes. I didn’t want to wear the outfit I had picked out, but it was too late to do anything about it. The dainty watch I was going to wear wouldn’t buckle. I couldn’t find my shoes. A mild headache was coming on (less caffeine does that, but I’m gonna try). It was reeeeeally hot outside. I. do. not. like. hot. And, I couldn’t find my shoes!!! It did occur to me that I’m probably feeling my 5 days worth of prednisone…

I found my shoes. Kissed Honey bye and headed to the Center. I left in plenty of time to stop by the only place that sells the battery my camera needs. Got batteries. Got to Center parking lot, inserted battery (I was trying to be prepared). Nothing happened. Inserted other battery. Nothing happened. Crap!

Drove back to store and showed the sweet little man my problem. He exchanged the batteries-without paperwork. Sweet! Flew Drove back to Center and found a parking space. Inserted battery. Winner!

As I feared, I didn’t get many good pics at all. I was too caught up in the whole thing. The kids were wonderful! One little boy in particular really touched me. He…has a difficult life and often it shows up in his behavior. But he’s so sweet! And he memorized his lines and delivered them like a stage actor! Awww! No one cried, except parents, teachers, grandparents….ok-the kids didn’t cry.

It’s always hard to let go of kids you’ve had in your classroom. I had these guys when they were 2 to 3…and there are so many memories. The child whose mother had a dreadful health scare…the child who found Mexico on the globe…the child who was comforted by playing with our earrings…the child who almost got sold on ebay (it’s a joke-her parents are a hoot!!!)…and now they’re off to Kindergarten….

Then, I went by the grocery store and got lots of healthy food. Got to do better-BP ain’t a joke! Director said she would help hold me accountable-regarding my eating/snacking habits. She has recently gone cold turkey on just about everything processed. I wish I had her determination. Maybe one day…baby steps. Anyway, I’ve wanted to try making Chicken Parmesan and I had this wacky idea…Co-Teacher helped me perfect the idea (both she and her husband are pretty great cooks)…and I have to say-I think it’s pretty good! But, um, don’t look for me to be posting pics of my dishes…I’m nowhere near that kind of skill or confidence!

This evening has been better…a successful meal probably helped. Now I’ve got to go clean up the wreckage I created in the kitchen and prepare a lunch for tomorrow…

Please say a prayer for Honey-he’s trying to get a touch of my sinus-y junk…and he’s not one of those guys who’s a total wreck when they don’t feel good. He’s just quiet…

Hope everyone’s had a restful weekend ‘cuz here comes Monday! Woohoo!

Pooh photo courtesy of Barnes & Noble


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Aww hope you both feel better soon.

  2. >Hope you feel better! I'm always losing my glasses before I have to go. And I need them to drive. I love buying healthy food at the grocery store! Good for you!

  3. >Plans rarely go as planned 🙂 At least for most of us! It sounds like you had a great time though. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. >Thanks so much, ladies, for your well wishes! I only have one more day of the preds…yay! And thanks too, for the cake info. When it gets a little cooler, I'm going to try a pound cake!

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