>My Cartoon Heroes

>Well, today was a scorcher! I think it was in the 90’s by 10:30 am…whew! Isn’t there a law somewhere? The kids were pretty great, though and we have a new child who’s completely adorable. Director was back from vacay. She and her family went to NY and Canada and came back with some great pictures and funny tales.

Some of us were talking about movies that were coming out and which ones we wanted to see. I’m most looking forward to the Airbender movie. (I also want to see the new Harry Potter)…and this got me thinking. I really have a thing not only for cartoons, but for cartoon heroes. This is Justin from The Secret of NIMH. The voice is done by Peter Strauss, which is probably why I like Justin. Strauss has such a fantastic voice and I loved him in Jericho Mile.

 This, of course, is Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats. He’s very brave and loyal. Full of imagination and adventure. I’d love to have a son like him. I think…

 Danny Phantom is a teenager who is half ghost (lab accident). He fights the ghosts that come into our world from the Ghost Zone and only his two closest friends know about his dual identity-for a long time, at least.

 I love Stitch. He’s bad. And funny. And indestructible. He’s scheduled for termination. He’s also loyal, fierce, comical, and even lonely. If you’ve never watched Lilo & Stitch, I recommend it highly.

 I love him so much, I had to include this pic. He loves fairy tales-they actually inspire him…

 *Sigh* Goku from DragonBallZ. *Sigh* He’s a Super Saiyan living on, and protecting, earth. Yeah, he’s super cool, super tough, super sweet….I used to feel bad about my little Goku crush…till I learned one of my English profs had a crush on Robin from Teen Titans. At least Goku is a grown up! (LOL MSC!) DragonBallZ is my all time favorite toon series. It’s recently been brought back on Nickelodeon under a new name: DragonBallZ Kai…?

 This is a pic of Goku when he’s in ‘super’ saiyan  form-never give up, never surrender! *Sigh…*

 Beside of DragonBallZ is my other all time fav toon-Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is Aang. He’s pretty cool, wise, compassionate, fierce, loyal, forgiving….you get the picture. He’s the hero of the story. Well, for most people. For me, the hero is…

…Zuko, the conflicted, banished, outcast Prince from the Fire Nation. His one objective in life is to capture Aang and turn him over to the Firelord in an effort to regain his honor. Uncle Iroh is the only person who cares for Zuko, teaching him and modeling a different kind of mindset, and always supportive. I wish I had an Uncle Iroh….

I followed the show from the beginning, hoping from season two that the ending would be as I thought. Guess what? It was! In case some of you haven’t seen the toon series, I’m not going to give anything away and I’m deleting the last two pics I had picked out for this post…if you get a chance, Nickelodeon is showing marathons every weekend, as well as the usual two or three each evening. The toon won all kinds of awards (so did Jimmy Neutron!) and it really is a worth while series…I hope the movie can live up to the toon!


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >My son loved Danny Phantom and Jimmy Neutron, but he doesn't watch it so much anymore.I can't wait for the next Harry Potter movie. Why do they take so long?!

  2. >I want to see The Last Airbender as well! I just saw a new trailer on TV for it and it looks so awesome. There's a flying dragon/bird thing that reminds me of Falcor the Luck dragon in The Neverending Story.

  3. >Hmmm…that could be Roku's dragon, or Appa, or MoMo (not sure about any of this spelling…slack, huh?)

  4. >I can't wait for the next Harry Potter movie! It seems Twilight moves a lot quicker to push the films out but the HP movies take time to mold, make their viewers die of anticipation! I'm very excited!!Love all the great shows you listed… oh to be a kid!

  5. >I am shamefully uncurrent. I've printed this off so my grandsons can bring me up to speed when they visit. I am, however, a big Harry Potter fan and share your anticipation for the next release. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  6. >Sadly, the Danny Phantom series ended…I don't know about Jimmy Neutron-I have the movie and once in a while, as a treat, the kids in my class get to watch it-they usually love him. I wish I knew why the HP movies take so long…am I correct that both installments of Deathly Hallows come out this year? I'm not sure if I heard that…or dreamed it..

  7. >Oh I am so sure the next HP movie will be such a tear jerker…I can hardly wait!!

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  9. Ich mag : danny phantom und timmy turner warum die beiden sendungen
    wurden von Guy moon erstellt

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