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This is the last scheduled post about movies. I hope by then I will have finished all the items on my to-do list…
With the previous post, I listed a baker’s dozen. Well, now I’m throwing the rules out the window. Movies, food, music, smells…these are the things that bring up associative memories…all through my childhood, teen years, and even as an adult, movies have been a treat, not the norm. That’s the reason many of these are here. Another is that they spoke to a place hidden inside of me, in some way…Anyhow, the last entry…
Dirty Dozen Blogfest: A Whole Bunch of Movies That I Love For Various Reasons…
I watched this with a friend…during a time when I was very very alone. It broke my heart because I knew I would never have an ‘Ever After’…then I met Honey….
 Probably the most beautifully filmed movie of all time. Cass-Ole, the name of the Arabian Stallion, was an award winning horse, and watching him run along those beautiful beaches…it’s just breathtaking…
 Based on the book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, the movie, while skimming over much of the subject matter, is still moving, sweet, and I just love it. I love Paul Williams’ song at the end…and Peter Strauss’s voice…sigh…
 A most poignant movie taking place at the beginning of WWII. The movie is miles apart from the real life Von Trapps…but it’s still pretty darn great…and Christopher Plummer-handsome, debonair….
My mom loved this movie and so did I. We would watch it together sometimes. It was more violent, more colorful, and more detailed than other Disney cartoons to date…I can still hear the music coming from the fireplace….and the fight scene with the dragon and the hero…
 A relatively recent find, I have probably watched this movie ten times. The dialogue is witty and intelligent and I loved the concept. Every single time I get to the skating rink, I cry…every time.
 After watching this movie, I began reading Jane Austen. I must say, the movies are easier to understand…but of course, the movies leave out a lot, too…I love this story, have watched it at least a dozen times…Alan Rickman can talk or read to me anytime he wants…his voice is a dream!
A fan of Matthew Macfadyen since his MI-5 days, I wanted to see this when it came out. He’s pretty brilliant in it, duh. The adaptation is pretty impressive because the books has SO MUCH in it…a great story….and I cry every time she talks to her dad at the end….and the one kiss…sigh….
 This gem I only found this year…it’s a fairy tale of a different kind. James McAvoy is great, as are Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, and Simon Woods (Sense and Sensibility). And Peter Dinklage-handsome! If you’ve never seen this movie, check it out!!!!
We were poor growing up and one of the special, free activities we did at Christmastime was drive around and look at Christmas lights. Back in the day, it seems there was more snow. Anyway, we’d come home, make REAL hot cocoa, and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. I miss my mom when I watch this… 
 I’m a huge fan of the books. I was all set to boycott the movie because much was changed-then I learned Cornelia Funke herself oversaw all the changes. I figured if they were ok with her, they’d be fine by me (loyal, that’s me!) Dustfinger is my fav character and I love the scene where he’s doing his fire thing. A unique concept, give it a look see!
 I believe Edward Norton is one of the most versatile actors of our time. He’s so bittersweet in this movie, so intense, so broken and determined. (And handsome!). Highly recommended!!!!!
 This is a movie my nephew and I watched every year. It was our tradition…he could quote it word for word (for word…). I look for it every December and now Honey and I watch it…
 All the Harry Potter movies go into the Dirty Dozen…Chris Columbus’ version was the most faithful to the books. Surely I don’t have to say too much…surely you’ve seen them…if you haven’t, do it! 
 Another Matthew Macfadyen movie, this has a cast of completely fab actors and is funny, witty, irreverent, insightful, bawdy, sweet…if you like British comedy, this movie is the epitome of the genre. 
 I still haven’t read the book (shocking, I know!) but Honey and I both fell completely in love with the movie. I had to buy the album from amazon! It’s a very clever tale, provocative, too. 
 My favorite fairy tale. While not a giant fan of the modern Disney take on fairy tales and female images, I do love this one, simply because the story is classic and timeless….
 One of the first movies Honey bought me (probably for my b-day). I’ve loved this movie since it came out. A classic, and not just because of the diner scene. 
 Read this book, love this movie. I remember watching a version of this when I was a pre-teen on PBS (it’s also where I found Dr. Who) and I loved the story. I love this movie. I have it. I’ve watched it. I’m surprised there aren’t grooves somewhere in the disc…beautiful, sweet, poignant, funny, heartbreaking-get the picture?
 There’s not too much I can say except-a superb cast, brilliant adaptation, beautifully filmed and acted…even if you don’t particularly like Shakespeare, you’ll probably like this movie…
 An amazing movie. I won’t even try to sell it. 
Another movie tradition, this time with my little brother. Every year at thanksgiving, we would pop popcorn, make toast, pour out some pretzels, and have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. He’s all grown up now, with a baby girl of his own. I wonder what traditions he and his wife will create with their child?
Do you have movie traditions?

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  1. >Ours are so predictable that I hate to mention them .'It's a Wonderful Life' on Thanksgiving when we also do 'King Kong.' The 'Christmas Story" at Christmas.

  2. >I watched Ever After so many times, my video tape is all grainy! And I grew up watching the Secret of Nimh. Sleeping Beauty is my all time favorite Disney movie (we danced to "I know you I know you from once upon a dream" at my wedding) Ahhhh love your choices!

  3. >A great list, although there are a lot of films here I have clearly missed out upon, and must rectify! Movie traditions for me include watching Love Actually at Christmas (as well as Mickey's Christmas Carol!), and a spooky film at Halloween (although not too spooky – I'm not that brave!)

  4. >A Christmas Story is my husband's all time fav movie! I've never watched Love Actually, but I do love Mickey's Christmas Carol. Not too into horror, suspenseful is great…Mmmm…Ever After…found Loreena McKennitt through that movie (The Mummer's Dance-song from trailer)…

  5. >Oh my…I haven't really seen very many movies on this list. I guess…when I think about it…I haven't seen many movies at all once I started having kids.

  6. >It's kind of hard to do much of anything once you have kids! If people get fed, bathed, and dressed in relatively clean clothes, they're doing pretty good. Now, you can play catch up!

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