>Midnight Madness


The first thing I wanted to do this morning when I got to work was go into the infant room and see Co-Teacher. Sorry, I don’t mean to confuse. Co-Teacher opens, 6:30am, along with another teacher, and spends the first two hours of her workday in the infant room. I arrive at 7:30(-ish) and try to quickly check in with her to see if any of our parents have called to say their child is going to be late or out, if any teachers are out, if we’re helping do lunch breaks, that kind of thing. This morning, I just wanted the scoop!!! Did she have a good time? What did she think of the movie? Had she been able to get a nap?

A very brief recap for those who may not have read the previous post: Co-Teacher has a very good friend who bought her a ticket for the midnight showing of Eclipse.

I think I was as excited as she was. Co-Teacher is a giver and I was happy that she was getting a treat. Well, she had only managed to get one and a half hours of semi-sleep. Zombie! They’d left at 8pm to go to Olive Garden to eat, then the mall for Eclipse t-shirts. Then, THEN!!! They arrived at the theater. Sort of…they had to park at the apartment complex about two tenths of a mile away…somehow, with fourteen theaters showing the same movie, they’d managed to sell more tickets than they had seats for. It got better from there…

Typically, I’m a defender of young people. Last night, however, a very bad impression was given, causing the stereotypical image of careless, thoughtless, and inconsiderate youth to be reinforced. Co-Teacher said all around them, people were talking, loudly-to each other, to people down the isles, on their phones…and when comments were made, they got louder and ruder…

 …and why would you pay a chunk of change for an evening ticket, only to spend the entire time texting on your phone? Or talking on your phone? Apparently, it was so bad that at one point, ushers were telling viewers people who’d rented the seats that if they didn’t stop, they were going to be escorted out. One person, Co-Teacher said, was actually standing in the aisle, arguing loudly to someone on a cellphone about some disagreement. WARNING: LANGUAGE!!! WTH!!! Are you serious? Are people that selfish and inconsiderate that they’ll bring their private arguments/spats/fights into a movie theater where lots and lots of people are trying to watch a movie they paid $9 to see? AAARRRGGG!!!!

Co-Teacher and her friends (a group of four went), along with others in their row, eventually had to turn around and tell the people behind them that they needed to quieten down because they literally couldn’t hear the movie. When the movie was over, said people actually threw their trash at one of the friends!!! OMG!!! Sorry, someone would have been bailing me out of jail. Un. Bee. Leeev. Abull!!!

Hopefully, in the next week or so, she and I, along with our usual group from work, will be able to go see the movie. Maybe by then, some of the furor will have died down and the people will be more mature and thoughtful…

Honey and I went to see something, maybe the last LOTR movie and a similar thing happened. A group behind us kept talking. Loudly. Honey and I moved. If you can believe it, it got worse. He’s much more calm than I am. After turning around and asking them to please be quiet, to no avail whatsoever, I walked out. I met the manager, complained, got a refund, and went shopping until the movie was over. That kind of inconsiderate behavior makes my blood boil.

How about you? Any bad movie experiences?


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  1. >Oh yes, I've had to move into a different seat across the theater before. But this sounds awful. Remind me never to go to the first showing at midnight!

  2. >hhhmmmm… it has been awhile since ive been to a first showing at midnight…but i cant recall it ever being like that… i know we went to all of the LOTR movies for the 1st showing and it was quiet as a mouse at those….and the latest Star Wars movie too….wonder if maybe this movie is targeting more teeny-boppers and maybe they havent been to manners school or something….dunno…

  3. >oh my goodness… i really would love to see it too… glad i didn't i might end up having a fit if those people don't pipe down. loli'm watching it next week, after reading this, maybe two weeks from now… i hope you have a great time when you get the chance to see it… i 'm so excited to see edward and jacob too. 🙂

  4. >what an absolutely horrible night(s) of movie-going. i've been in theaters were people were loud, but nothing like that. i think that's why people, including myself, tend to watch dvds. still, i do enjoy a good opening night at the movies. it's always a risk taking a seat in a theater. the lack of consideration is amazing sometimes. what a scene(s).i've been to a movie where the theater didn't have the second reel, and so the movie ended in the middle. there was a near rebellion and the manager handed out double refunds. ha!

  5. >…hopped over from Roland's blog:)My wife and I thought we'd be daring and went to Twilight's opening night…and suffered through the same teenage ruckus.Eclipse will be viewed in about 3 weeks…when fellow adults are in attendance.

  6. >That's horrible! I would have asked for my money back and gone later. To be honest, I'd rather wait for a movie to come out on dvd than spend time with many talkative, texting, food gnawing people. = (Best,Bonnie

  7. >One of the delights of senior citizen status are reduced priced matinees that never have more than 25 people in attendance. So, I have no unhappy stories to report. It is, however, impossible not to notice the coarsening of behavior in our society. I sympathize with your friend, but have no solutions to offer. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  8. >*Aubrie-I've had to move before, and commenting here and there doesn't bother me…I was so sad for my friend*Sunset97-I have a friend who would say they've had no home training!*Carla-I agree-if I go see it, I'll do so in a few weeks…hope you enjoy it when you do!*Ed-I'm with you. I have to really want to see it before I'll go to the theater. I only plan to go see this because it's become a little tradition with friends. And I cannot imagine going to the movies and the theater not having the second reel!!! Chaos!*Elliot-Nice to meet you! Our little group went to see Twilight early on and we were literally pushed, the whole crowd, as one, into the theater. Unreal! Yeah, I like going to the movies with grown-ups, too.*Bonnie-You make me laugh-I like your description! I've gotten so that I usually wait for the dvd. Certain movies I want to catch at the theater…Star Trek was probably the last one…*Mary-One of the things we talk about is when and how did it all change? We weren't raised that way…we were taught to be respectful, courteous, helpful…and we had consequences for our misbehaviors and misdeeds…ah well. At least there are perks to getting 'more mature'…I'm only a few years away from qualifying for AARP…wondering if they have discounted tickets…? Have a good evening everyone! And thanks for stopping by!

  9. >Wow I'm so glad I didn't go to the midnight showing! I'm going tomorrow night during the day so I should be safe!!That is so horrible!

  10. >*Jen-I agree! Another reason I prefer dvd's and matinées. However, remember that a lot of little girls might be attending….sheesh!

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