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>Dirty Dozen Blogfest…A Day Late…Catergory: Classics


I was catching up on the blogs I follow and found that Monday was The Dirty Dozen Blogfest…I didn’t know until I had already posted for Monday. So, since I have so much to get done this week, I though I’d participate a little differently. I’m scheduling a few posts ahead of time! Love learning new tricks…I love movies. I REALLY love movies. I began picking out the ones that have: changed me, moved me, I watch over and over (and over), etc. Most of these, and the ones to follow, I own. The rest I either have on DVR or try to catch when they’re airing…I stopped when I had three days worth…today: movie classics!

 I saw this and was devastated! I love Yul Brenner in pretty much anything. I remember being creeped out really bad when his no-smoking commercials aired….after he died! Whoa! He could dance, sing, act, he had it all as far as ‘leading man’ material went…

 My favorite Hitchcock film. It’s funny and dark. It’s neat to see these actors way back when…and it takes place in the fall with some beautiful cinematography…

 I remember the first time I saw this…I was on the edge of my seat! It still gets me all anxious….

 This was recently on and I watched it…again. I think it stands as the all time scary movie….yikes!

 I try to watch this every year. It’s a beautiful story with fantastic actors…a true classic…it still makes me cry.

 I think everyone needs a Harvey. A sweet, tender, poignant movie with the fabulous Jimmy Stewart…

 This is the movie that turned me on to Audrey Hepburn. She’s just in a class all by herself…

 I fell in love with lions when I saw this movie. I still remember most of it…and I love the song!

 One of my favorite dark comedies, with Cary Grant!!! This movie has an unbelievable collection of actors in it…

 What more could anyone ask for? A real fairy tale, Ingrid Bergman, and Yul Brenner…*sigh*

 Another Cary Grant, this time he’s on the run and a little naughty….but he, too, is a classic.


I can remember getting my brother up at 4am to watch this movie. I saw it as a very young child and fell in love with Dick Van Dyke…I didn’t know if I wanted to marry him or if I wanted him to be my daddy (sounds like a psychiatrists dream, huh?). I still need to add this to my collection…


>My Cartoon Heroes

>Well, today was a scorcher! I think it was in the 90’s by 10:30 am…whew! Isn’t there a law somewhere? The kids were pretty great, though and we have a new child who’s completely adorable. Director was back from vacay. She and her family went to NY and Canada and came back with some great pictures and funny tales.

Some of us were talking about movies that were coming out and which ones we wanted to see. I’m most looking forward to the Airbender movie. (I also want to see the new Harry Potter)…and this got me thinking. I really have a thing not only for cartoons, but for cartoon heroes. This is Justin from The Secret of NIMH. The voice is done by Peter Strauss, which is probably why I like Justin. Strauss has such a fantastic voice and I loved him in Jericho Mile.

 This, of course, is Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats. He’s very brave and loyal. Full of imagination and adventure. I’d love to have a son like him. I think…

 Danny Phantom is a teenager who is half ghost (lab accident). He fights the ghosts that come into our world from the Ghost Zone and only his two closest friends know about his dual identity-for a long time, at least.

 I love Stitch. He’s bad. And funny. And indestructible. He’s scheduled for termination. He’s also loyal, fierce, comical, and even lonely. If you’ve never watched Lilo & Stitch, I recommend it highly.

 I love him so much, I had to include this pic. He loves fairy tales-they actually inspire him…

 *Sigh* Goku from DragonBallZ. *Sigh* He’s a Super Saiyan living on, and protecting, earth. Yeah, he’s super cool, super tough, super sweet….I used to feel bad about my little Goku crush…till I learned one of my English profs had a crush on Robin from Teen Titans. At least Goku is a grown up! (LOL MSC!) DragonBallZ is my all time favorite toon series. It’s recently been brought back on Nickelodeon under a new name: DragonBallZ Kai…?

 This is a pic of Goku when he’s in ‘super’ saiyan  form-never give up, never surrender! *Sigh…*

 Beside of DragonBallZ is my other all time fav toon-Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is Aang. He’s pretty cool, wise, compassionate, fierce, loyal, forgiving….you get the picture. He’s the hero of the story. Well, for most people. For me, the hero is…

…Zuko, the conflicted, banished, outcast Prince from the Fire Nation. His one objective in life is to capture Aang and turn him over to the Firelord in an effort to regain his honor. Uncle Iroh is the only person who cares for Zuko, teaching him and modeling a different kind of mindset, and always supportive. I wish I had an Uncle Iroh….

I followed the show from the beginning, hoping from season two that the ending would be as I thought. Guess what? It was! In case some of you haven’t seen the toon series, I’m not going to give anything away and I’m deleting the last two pics I had picked out for this post…if you get a chance, Nickelodeon is showing marathons every weekend, as well as the usual two or three each evening. The toon won all kinds of awards (so did Jimmy Neutron!) and it really is a worth while series…I hope the movie can live up to the toon!

>About…Family, Shopping, And Remembering


Yesterday was a very busy, albeit wonderful day. I went to see Squirmy and PoohBear (the name I’m giving my sister in law-it’s what Brother calls her, sort of). When I remember to ask PoohBear for permission, I’ll post pics of Squirmy. She’s really growing-you’d never know she was a preemie! She moves around so much I think she’ll be crawling before long. She has the cutest laugh and I can see a lot that reminds me of Brother when he was a baby….but…for now, the pics and their stories:
Bro and Pooh rent a house from some old family friends. Inside the porch light, a bird couple has taken up permanent residence. PoohBear said that earlier that morning, Mom and Pop Bird were having a fit-Baby Bird decided to go for a (successful) test flight!

One of PoohBear’s fav chicken-pets. She says this chick is crazy but a great mom. She wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get a good pic,…
…but she was quite comical! And her little chickies are sweet looking!

Just a piece of their giant back yard…there’s a barn and also a good sized creek through those trees-we used to go swimming and tubing there all the time when we were younger. Bro and Pooh take Squirmy there and have picnics…cool. Just watch out for all the snakes!

There are turkeys, goats, and more chickens that live with Bro and Pooh. These two pretty much go anywhere they want. PoohBear has to pick them up every evening and put them in their roosts-they prefer the yard, but there are hawks and foxes, so….and actually, I think the white one is a rooster-I can’t tell the difference just by looking at them. They all have names….I’m terrible with names….

This is Sophie-the Middle Child, PoohBear calls her. Squirmy is hers. She usually bites people. She licked me. I guess I’m one of the few she likes. She’s helping herself to PoohBear’s drink. I hope it’s water and not Sundrop! She and her sister, Mollie, are great watch dogs. Their brother, Bennett, is in Heaven, playing with lots of family…human, feline, canine, feathered….

As I drove home, I noticed this fabulous cloud. Of course, my camera doesn’t do it justice. This is the view over our neighbor’s house…

Five minutes after getting home, Nephew and CG (Cover Girl, the name for Nephew’s wife, she’s beautiful and used to model…) stopped by to let Moose, their new furbaby vistit…

…Moose can visit any time he wants. He’s the perfect house guest! He didn’t bother anything, didn’t chase Kitty Boss-he’s a Mama’s Boy. Look at him just chillin’ at her feet!

Then, of course, I’ve been doing some online shopping! Pay week! (I actually got this Thursday night, I just wanted to include it here…) A treat! A Val Pendant that I’ve wanted since I saw it posted…I wasn’t going to do any shopping but…First-Val did a buy one get one (BOGO) and I took a chance, and sure enough, I was one of the next five! Woohoo! I love this tree! (I kinda have a thing for trees…)

Second, I caught up on Facebook, and RusticGoth posted this. Oh. My. Gosh!!!! Phoenixes are my ‘life’ symbol!!!! I just knew the price would be out of my range, but it wasn’t (still, I had to use a credit card…) but Honey said he didn’t care (not asking permission, just if he minded) so, I GOT IT!!!!! Isn’t he handsome!?!

And earlier, I was on Amazon and found what I’d been looking for. Aubrie’s book, The Voices of Ire. It has great reviews and I love YA. It arrives on the 24th, so Amazon says…my postal guy stays busy here…
Now, I have lots to do…so I got to get off here…
one more thing…
My mom was my father figure and I used to get her Father’s Day cards. I think she liked those better than the Mother’s Day cards…so-Happy Father’s Day, Mom!

>About "Prologue"…I Want To Say Thank You!


Have you seen the movie, The Bachelor? Well, there’s a quote in it that’s been running around in my head a lot lately. It’s when Chris’s character is trying to propose to Renee’s character…basically, “either s*** or get off the pot.” Hmmm, what’s that got to do with Prologue? I’ll tell you. The reason I asked all of you to check it out and leave feedback was this. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything other than poems/musings. And, there’s really no one that I know, personally, who can offer real critical help/advice. Also, I have some really good stuff in my head (I think) and I’ve been putting off trying to get it out. It doesn’t help that I get so frustrated when I can’t get what’s in my head out through my fingers/keyboard, but still…Too, I wanted to see if I even had anything to offer as far as my writing goes. So, I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and your advice. I really, truly appreciate it. (Love the blogging world!) I’m going to try to get get my head straight as far as writing goes. This week will be about getting things arranged/scheduled so that I can have a specific time to write. *Gulp* Yeah, it’s time to, uh, get off the pot. So, I’m doin’ it! Whew, that’s a relief….

>A Short Story And A New Page Called Prologue….



Okay, I did it. I created a new page. So what, you might ask….well, it’s a page containing a short story I once wrote for a contest. I never heard back from the contest hosts and so I had it copyrighted……and shelved it, along with the other thing I wrote. Anyway, please give it a look-see and let me know what you think. You can be honest, I can take it. I wrote this back in 1998…as an intro for a book I had an idea for…

It’s not too long….and I really would appreciate constructive criticism….

You can find it over on the right, just under the Artful Penpals sign…

Happy Friday!

>Stuff Under Construction….


If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you probably already know this…but for those that are new: initially, I began the blog as an exercise in discipline…my goal was to write every single day. For the most part, I’ve accomplished that.

Today, I’m really pushed to get some things done…Father’s Day celebrations are tomorrow at the Center and Co-Teacher and I, as usual, are behind. Dang! No matter how thought out our plans are, how far ahead we cement our ideas, monkeys are always throwing wrenches into the works!

So, this is my post for today. Boring! Sorry 😦

However, the F/D project isn’t the only thing I’m working on. I hope to have something completely different to post either later tomorrow night, or sometime Sat. So, be looking….you’ll know it when you see it! Happy Friday everyone!

>Movie Season Is Here

>It’s summertime and that means movies! I learned how to post more than one video at a time (thanks, SquirrelQueen) and decided to play around with my new knowledge. I was going to post some favorite cartoons, but I saw a Gladiator link and I knew this was where I had to go. So, here are three of my favorite movies and one upcoming movie that I want to see…

Gladiator was my all time favorite movie. I love the story, the battles, the honor, the struggle, the way Crowe’s character knows his path and never veers from it…if you’ve never seen this movie, I highly recommend it.

Ah, the movie that unseated Gladiator…historical fiction at it’s best. I love the way the main character grows and changes, discovers and becomes. I also love learning about the real people depicted in the movie…the truth may surprise you. I also love the way characters’ dialogues make you question common perceptions…and challenges what you believe…very highly recommended!!!!

Best Star Trek anything, EVER!!! The casting was superb and the acting was flawless. Fun, adventure, surprises, sacrifice, courage…if you haven’t seen this, well, why not!?! Go get a copy now!!! You don’t have to be a Trek fan to love this movie and I have the friends to prove it (most of my friends love girly movies…’k?) And they love this as much as me! And that’s saying something…

Okay, I followed the animated show on Nickelodeon for years…the AWARD WINNING show. It’s fantastic! I’m a little concerned about the movie: the characters are younger than they were in the ‘toon; I don’t know about Zuko in the movie-he doesn’t look like he can carry off the complexity of the original character; the youth of the actors may be a deterrent-the ‘toon versions were mature beyond their years…still, I really want to see this just because I love the original show so much and it’s a great story.
Okay, I’ve played enough and I have to go cook dinner….what movies are your favorites? Which ones are you looking forward to?

>A Dark Tale…

>I’m sitting here…it’s getting dark outside, and I’m wondering what to write about tonight. I started to review the day…we had a wicked storm that knocked out the power for an hour and a half-the Center closed a little early today. While the power was out (in an effort to keep the kids from getting scared) I thought it would be fun to play with the darkness. We had been in the lunch room eating snack…so, we tip-toed through the dark hallways back to our room-where I proceeded to tell them my own modified version of A Dark Dark Tale. Mind you, these are 3, nearly 4 year olds, in a very dark room….the tale ends suddenly and when I tell it, the goal is to startle the kids and get them to scream. Boy, did it ever work! Of course, they begged me to tell it again and again…but I thought it might push it, so we sang all sorts of silly songs. We had a lot of fun in the dark and no one was afraid.  I’m thinking about what to write…thinking about scary, but funny, stories for children…and thought it might be time for a dark tale for grown-ups…a true dark tale…
 The summer of 1991 was hard. Really hard. That was the summer I drank-a lot. I had never been a drinker at all…That was the summer I sank into a depression that I couldn’t find my way out of. I was around people all the time, but I was so completely alone…

To say my mom and I had a complicated relationship is a clichéd understatement. And also a truth. I pretty much stopped eating-maybe once a day….? I stopped weighing myself when I dropped under 100 pounds. I was afraid. My sister told me everyone thought I had AIDS because I had lost so much weight…again, I was afraid. Once, that summer, I should have died of alcohol poisoning. I didn’t. I cannot tell you why, either. I do remember blacking out while standing at the one and only bar I ever went to….waking up sitting in the ladies bathroom, watching my friend wash her face so she could get sober enough to drive us to some guy’s house that she’d just met….I slept in a chair. You can guess where she slept. Anyway…the dark part.

For lots of reasons not in this post, I wanted to die. All my life. As a child of 10, I can clearly remember thinking that it would be better to be dead than live the life that was mine. In the summer of 1991, I was so tired…so very, very tired of it all, that I finally stopped trying to convince myself that it might get better…and made a decision.

I took a shower, put on nice clothes, fixed my hair, did my make-up…I wanted to look as nice as possible when the coroner came. I’m not allowed to tell you what I did, only that I did it. I killed myself.

At one point, after I did what I did, I “came to”…but in a weird way. It was like I was standing up inside my soul…? I “looked” at myself…was aware of myself-from inside myself. I noticed my tongue was swollen, my chest felt like it had an anvil on it-I was hardly breathing-I was hardly able to. I was icy cold. I couldn’t feel my legs at all. I couldn’t move; I was dying. And, I was happy about it. Finally! No more pain!

Then I heard a voice. “You’re dying.” For some reason, I wasn’t startled by the voice. I did another survey of myself, “Yep.” I could sense frustration from the source of the voice. “No, you don’t understand. When you close your eyes,”  (my inside of me, looking at me, eyes-my soul? my consciousness?), and I sensed a finger and thumb demonstrating a closing gesture, very slowly, and when they touched, closed, the voice continued, “when you close your eyes, you’ll be dead.” I did the survey again, “Okay.” More frustration. “There are things you’ve left undone.” Hmmm. I ran over my list in my head…my mom wouldn’t be too upset-my sister was the only child she really cared about (a truth). My brother would be upset but he was a teenager and had really good friends, and I had lived away from home for years, he would be okay. My nephew-he was young enough at that age, he would forget me in a couple years and he would be fine, too. My sister, well, she had everyone and everything, so-she would be fine. I couldn’t think of anything I had left undone. I asked the voice, “What things?” No answer. “What have I left undone?” No answer. Up until this point, I had experienced no fear at all. I became afraid. At the moment I experienced fear, the voice spoke, “And, there will be GOOD.” Okay….that scared the hell out of me. Good? I’d never had good. The good I’d had had been either taken away, twisted, or came with a backhand, literal and figurative. What good? The way the voice said it, it sounded like, real. Intense. Honest. GOOD. I was so afraid. Afraid to live. Afraid to die. Afraid of “undone” and afraid of “GOOD.” Once more, I made a decision. I decided to see if tomorrow would be better. One more time…

Somehow, I was able to sit up. Somehow, I was able to walk from the sofa to the kitchen. I looked at the light on the coffee maker. I walked back to the sofa. I sat. I got up and walked back to the kitchen, looked at the light on the coffee maker and returned to the sofa. I couldn’t do anymore. I lay back down and closed my eyes…

I woke the next morning. I felt, physically, as if nothing had ever happened. I later spoke to a nurse about what I did. She was amazed, and a little afraid. She told me I shouldn’t, for any logical reason, be alive. I knew that.

That was in 1991. I was living as far away from God as one can live and still exist. It wasn’t until 1995 that I went looking for His voice…I decided I wanted to hear more about GOOD…..

>Time Traveling Tourist


So, I got home from work and started dinner, petted Kitty Boss a few minutes, and began checking up on the blogs I follow. As I read a particular post, the writer mentioned a friend that everyone should check out. I did…and found what I wanted to blog about tonight.

I would never, ever want to go back in time and change anything. Not one thing. I may not become the person I am. I may not meet and marry my husband. I may not have the same family members…get what I’m saying?
What I would do….is be a tourist. I would visit all the chapels, cathedrals and opera houses. I would go to the market places and dances. Mostly, I would visit the Tournaments and Faires…
Have you ever read Inkheart? Have you watched the movie? Well, if I can get this to work, here is a video clip of my favorite Inkheart character…..playing with fire!

It tells me that embedding is disabled by request…? So, it takes you to YouTube if you click it. The reason I posted this one is so I could post the one that follows. (By that, I mean the following post-these two go together; I just couldn’t put them together-long, aggravating story…) Be sure to check it out!!!!

>Fire Dusk – Ghislain’s Skills – Van Helsing


Hopefully this one will work….anyway, if it doesn’t here, check it out on YouTube! This is the treasure I found on the writer’s friend’s blog. I would travel all the way to France to see this group in action. Er, that is, if someone gave me the money…They have a website: Go there and check it out! I wonder if they would consider coming to the Renaissance Faires and doing night shows…I would definitely pay the extra cost….let me know what you think of this group (I only included one video because it wouldn’t let me put more than one into the post. If anyone knows how to put more than one into a post, please let me know…). 
And thanks, R Yeomans! I simply had to share!!!