>My Little Treasure Box

If you’re a reader of my blog, you may remember a couple things. First, that my plans, however simple they may be, usually tank. In keeping with that particular tradition, here’s the outcome of our movie plans: The Book of Eli was out, even at Red Box. Still, we did get to watch Alice, which was really pretty cool, if a lot strange. Since we did get to see this one, and a few nights ago we watched Sherlock Holmes (a must see, too) I was okay about missing Eli.

The second thing: I have allergies and right now, a cough to go with them. Around 3am this morning, I woke up coughing like crazy, then again at 6:30. I had to take the sleepy making cough med. Threw our Zoo plans out the window. All our family is out with other plans (they, as well as Honey, have strange days/hours, so getting together is like coordinating a presidential visit), so I’m hoping Honey will go play with the guys from work. I’m gonna be fighting sleep all day and not be much company…

I do have several things I want to finish up today and tomorrow. One of them being the final organization of my little office. In sorting various items, I came across this little chest. Do you have one, or something similar? It came in a graduation packet, a genuine Lane Cedar Chest. I keep little mementos in it. I opened it up and got lost in nostalgia for a bit….

Inside, I found the following:

  • Nephew’s band-aid from a ridiculous paternity suit when his parents momentarily lost their minds during their divorce
  • thank you notes from Niece after she first learned to print
  • note from Brother, yelling at me ‘cuz I didn’t come to the door when he stopped by (I must have been gone with a friend)
  • various women’s conference tags 
  • printed out verse from Joshua 1:9
  • floral envelope from flowers Sister sent me (don’t know where the card is)
  • Carowinds ticket from my runaway/getaway trip with my friend Carol (we had so much fun)
  • a funny note from Honey when we were dating and working beside each other
  • doodles to color from Honey (he knew how to reach my inner child-I LOVE to color in doodles)
  • various movie tickets with Nephew and Honey, including: Aladdin, Air Force One, Jungle to Jungle, Tall Tale and many, many more…
  • keys
  • tiny heart pendants I won for something…?
  • a Canadian penny
  • original scribbles for poems, including Black and Blue
  • ticket stubs from a Ray Boltz and Aaron Jeoffery concert I went to with friends
  • an elementary school visitors sticker-I went for my Niece on grandparent’s day-all her grandparents are deceased
  • an obituary from the New York Times for JRR Tolkien-I found it in a used book I’d gotten
  • birthday balloons for Honey
  • Russell Stover candy ribbons
  • vellum flower wrapping from the first flowers Honey got me
  • beads Nephew got me with tickets earned at school-they can use them to “buy” things-he often thought of me
  • a gift card holder from Brother In Law for WalMart for Christmas
  • a pin from work (the factory that shut down) for being a Mentor to new employees
  • various coins, doodads, push pins, etc.
One day, I’ll pull out the scrapbook that I use to hold cards I (we) get for various occasions…
Do you squirrel away little things like this? Do you take them out sometimes and just wander around in nostalgia for a while? Want to share?

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I hope you have a good day even though your plans have changed. Allergies can be so annoying! I just visited my brother and his four cats, and I'm so allergic to cats. I'm still sniffing two days later!

  2. >what a great find, what treasures! i have birthday and friend cards scattered in my stuff and paperwork. i come across them periodically and it's a treat to travel back in time:)

  3. >So you have your own little time capsule, huh? I have a similar cedar chest from my mother, containing coins from all over the world, plus other arcane items. I also have her huge cedar chest containing some of the only things to have escaped my house burning to the ground.I, too, liked SHERLOCK HOLMES. I watched THE CRAZIES recently, and despite it being a horror film, I still enjoyed it.You asked on my blog : what if you couldn't introduce all the major characters in the first 3 chapters? Think of ALICE and SHERLOCK HOLMES and CASABLANCA : in the first 20 minutes all the major players were introduced or alluded to.There are alway exceptions, of course. Marlene Dietrich would laugh that sometimes being the exception is fun. But we're talking agents here. And they're pretty bound to their rules.But THE PASSAGE still got published with a movie deal thrown in — so everything is possible.

  4. >I have a hard time throwing things out.I loved the new Alice movie. I didn't care for the Sherlock Holmes movie. Since it had Robert Downey Jr., I wanted to like it.

  5. >*Aubrie-bless your heart! I imagine my life would be very different if I had an allergy to cats. I hope you clear up soon!*Ed-isn't it great to be reminded of friends and family and happy times? Often, just when we're feeling down, those memories can pick up and brighten an otherwise dark day…*Roland-I can't imagine losing everything that way. I lost lots of my things in a divorce-I was naive and believed my ex when he said I couldn't come and get the rest (most) of my things. Another time, I lost everything that had been saved through graduation in a fire in my mom's storage building. You're a remarkable person. And thanks for the advice. I need to chew for a while…*Theresa-I liked the Sherlock movie, but I thought it moved slowly in places and I felt it could have been clearer in others. But, it had Robert Downey Jr. in it, so….and we hope to get Eli tonight!July 4, 2010 6:20 PM

  6. >Still haven't seen the new Alice…not sure why. I did see Sherlock Holmes and loved it!My parents kept all their 'important' papers in a little chest that looked just like that one.I got one in the Lane Cedar Chest I got for graduation…but, alas, both are long gone…during one of the many 'moves' of my lifetime.Went to a Ray Boltz concert with my husband…probably 10 years ago now…LOVED it!!

  7. >*Charlene-It was at least that long ago that I went to the concert and I understand about losing stuff in moving. My whole record collection is gone, as well as pictures, a photo album, and lots more. Moving stinks!

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