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I’m nothing if not loyal. I’m also honest, especially when it comes to books (because I recommend them). So, here’s what’s up. I’ve been reading these books by Aubrie Dionne (many of you already know her). I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed them. Nebula’s Music is about finding your own path and being accepted for who you are….a sci-fi blast of a read.

Messenger in the Mist will be available July 19. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy romance way in the future. It’s got intrigue, romance, mystery, danger…and bad guys that ask really viable questions. It builds slowly and by the time you’re coming to the end, you read faster and faster because you just have to know!

A short (19 pages) tale about a snow queen doomed to walk the earth. A young boy whose favorite tale is about the bitter snow queen who lures fortune hunters and careless travelers to their deaths. Beautiful, lush, vivid, and poignant. I could see the snow laden trees and feel the icy blast of wind….

Carnival of Illusions is a collection of short books that encompass themes of rejection, betrayal, truth, forgiveness, acceptance, and independence, among others. Chameleon’s Colors is about the lengths someone will go to in order to gain attention and acceptance. It’s also about dealing with consequences and finding a place to belong.

Seer’s Destiny is about giving people truth instead of pretty lies and how people prefer the pretty lies. It’s also about doing the right thing, even when you’re terrified of the consequences and allowing others to fulfill their own destinies.

Now, I can begin this one. I’m really looking forward to it…
What’s the point of this post, you might ask. Well, like I said, I’m loyal. If a friend is an artist or a writer, I’m going to support their efforts. I’ll look for art or jewelry or books that interest me and that I can afford, and buy them. Aubrie very kindly sent me the digital books. Voices I found on Amazon and purchased a couple weeks ago. I also honestly enjoyed every one of these stories. Winter Queen may be my favorite, though. It could be that I’m biased-winter is my co-favorite season (it shares first place with autumn) and I do LOVE snow….


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Aubrie is very talented, and I hope she gets an agent soon. You're a good blogger friend for supporting her by reading her work and writing a post.

  2. >always good to support local, then enfold the rest of the worldthx for dropping over, and the nice comment 🙂

  3. >Wow, thank you for a post all about me!!! *blushes profusely* I'm so glad I found someone that likes my books! You give me hope and I'm going to keep writing.

  4. >I'm definitely going to check out the Carnival of Illusions, sounds like something right up my alley. (Figuratively and not literally, of course.)That's cool that you're supporting your artist/writer friends by reviewing and reading their books. That's awesome!Write on and read on!

  5. >thank you for sharing these… i completely agree with you! gotta give a lot of love to our talented locals! (btw, thank you for stopping by and always making me smile). xoxo

  6. >…supporting local talent is honorable. From what I've read, most writers not named Meyer start out with local roots and if luck serves…they grow from there. Your touting her work gives her a chance. Good for you:)

  7. >I'm not a scifi or fantasy reader but I do like your reviews. And I love your header!Best,Bonnie

  8. >We should support local talent and what a great selection of it.I have a thank you on my blog for you BTW.

  9. >It's great that you support other writers. Each of those books looks really good!

  10. >Just wanted to say how much I liked your blog. I'm a new author and i'm in the process of writing my first book. It's been a journey. I am now a follower here and will be back for updates.

  11. >*Theresa-I agree, and there's a lot of you out there that I hope get agents soon-I want to read your books!*Laughingwolf-I agree and you're welcome!*Aubrie-anytime! And I hope you DO keep writing!*Vatche-I hope you like it and thanks, it's the least I can do. *Carla-thank you and right back atchya!*Elliot Grace-thanks! And you're right-it seems you have to be a big name to get anywhere!!!*Bonnie-thanks to both statements! Vladstudio.com-cool wallpapers!*Nicole-I agree completely! And thanks a bunch!!!*Julie-thanks, and they are!*Melissa-Um, wow, thanks! And good luck with your project!

  12. >Aubrie is such a sweetie…I just KNOW that she will land a good agent one day…hopefully very soon!I have such admiration for her…and I hope one day to purchase some of her work and pass it around to my Sci-Fi/ Fantasy loving children…my daughter is always looking for a new Sci-Fi author to get 'hooked on'.

  13. >*Charlene-what kind does she like? And I agree, she's sweet!

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