>I Propose


 I would like to propose to you all. At the same time. Not THAT kind of proposal…it’s for all our writer friends, as well as friends who are artists in other avenues…

This is what I was thinking about the other night. Most of us have followers. Some people have over one hundred followers. Think about that for a second. Over. One. Hundred. Followers. Has that had time to sink in?

Okay, next step. Many of you (I’m not there yet) have unpublished manuscripts lying around, gathering dust. Parts of these have been posted on your blogs, to the wonder and delight of the rest of our community. Also, many of you create visually-through art (in various forms).  Here is my proposal: the writers/artists we follow-purchase something from them once a month. Let me clarify. Let’s say I follow Sally, Suzie, Jane and Tom. Two writers, a painter, and jewelry maker. One month, I’d find something from Sally’s storehouse. The next month, from Suzie’s, and so on. We have lots of followers who aren’t writers or artisans, so…

And in turn, our followers would be buying from us. Did that make sense? We would be buying from those we follow, and our followers would be buying from us. Of course, it would have to definitely be on an honor system. People couldn’t just wait until people bought from them and then not buy from others….everyone would be buying from different people all at the same time, so that might not be a problem…anyway!

The other thing: I was wondering what it would take to get some of the manuscripts published that we’ve read parts of. Could we sign a petition and send it, along with said MS’s, to particular agents, editors, or houses? Don’t you think it’s worth a shot? I would sign it. 
Just blogging out loud…now I have to go check on Kitty Boss-she’s high and I thought she just fell off her tree…she’ll have the munchies in a few minutes…

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >You have a good heart. Agents only listen to self-interest. If a good friend, who was also an agent, recommended a writer, that would mean something to them.But I am writing after the end of a gruelling day. Let's wait to hear what the others think.Thank you for the kind words about my dialogues. I learned mostly from reading Robert B. Parker and how he did amusing and realistic sounding conversations.Have a great weekend, Roland

  2. >*Roland-I'm gonna check out Robert B. Parker…and we at least need to find a sympathetic agent or become friends with one…wow. That sounds very calculated and opportunistic…not exactly how I meant it…ah. I'm too sleepy to think straight…hope you get some rest!

  3. >You never know how an idea will be received until you 'put it out there'…I don't know how 'self publishing' works…but if you consider the followers with their followers..etc….there is already a 'prospective' fan base. There's always the 'possibility' of someone setting up a co-operative blog with all the writers who wish to 'join'…each day someone puts a bit of writing on a blog…and if readers want to read more…post a link to the book for sale…just 'thinking out loud'…

  4. >*Charlene-hey, good idea!

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