>Kitty Boss-My Protector


Yesterday when I got home, I didn’t feel too great. I took my laptop and stretched out on the bed and did a little facebooking, blog commenting, lolcat viewing, etc. Kitty Boss came and snuggled up with me, something unusual for her (she’s a Daddy’s girl) but she’s been doing it a lot lately. Later, I felt a little better and I talked with Honey for a while, watched some funny vids he’d dvr’d, and played on the ‘puter some more. It was late when I remembered I needed to print off some stuff for a friend. Since Honey was going to bed, I took my ‘puter back to my office, found the info and printed it (yay wireless printers!). While I was doing that, Kitty Boss starting doing her doggie impression. She’d found something and was doing that little chirpy/meow thing.
 She’d found a spider! I had been adding information to a stack of notebooks that Co-Teacher and I keep old lesson plans and art/craft/science ideas in. I’d placed the stack in front of one of my bookcases-I had more pages to add. She was chasing the spider back and forth behind them. I was tickled at her behavior and the way she was chirping/meowing (it’s really cute). Even after I’d disposed of the spider, Kitty Boss was looking for it, standing guard, waiting for it to come out of its hiding place…still chirping and meowing.
I don’t know if it was a wolf spider (middle pic) or a hobo spider (above) but either way, it’s dead. I don’t show any mercy to a spider in my house. Outside, I’ll leave them alone. My little Kitty Boss was looking out for her mommy. I know, you probably think I’m projecting. But I used to have a cat named Boo who would bring me something every time she went hunting, a gift, if you will. After she’d eaten(?) her share, she would bring me-mice, rats, rabbits, frogs, snakes, birds…  It is possible that I’m actually right and Kitty Boss is making sure critters either stay out or get caught….don’t you think?

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >boss is definitely looking out for you! i love pets that way. too bad we're too allergic to own one. i'll just live through you for that šŸ˜‰

  2. >Kitty Boss sounds like a sweetie. I'm glad she's looking out for mama. And, yes, they do that. Of course, in my Bugsy's case, he just loves playing with anything that moves. And, he always brings his kills to the door and would bring them IN if I let him.I used to never kill stuff. Now I feel like a giant stomping these darn carpenter ants. Ugh. I very much dislike these *shudder* things. I kill spiders in the house, too.~Olivia

  3. >Does Kitty Boss by chance do moles ? šŸ™‚ I have one that is ruining my front yard and I need a stalker!!!!

  4. >Thanks for dropping by my space and your sweet comments…! Lovely post …just enjoyd drooling here…!

  5. >Aw, sweet cat! šŸ™‚

  6. >I want to drop by and say hi!! I was very much into your story until I saw the picture of the spider… unfortunately I have such a fear of spiders (and just recently had a run in with one) that the pictures just makes me think they are crawling all over me so I'm sure that your kitty was very protective but I'll never read the post because of those gross spiders!!! Eek!!!

  7. >My husband won't let us kill spiders. They kill other bugs, so without them, we'd have more bugs (so he says). So we capture spiders and set them free outside. What I do for love…

  8. >Hemingway loved cats. In September of 2008,his estate won a court case, giving a new lease on life to the descendents of his beloved, Snowball, to roam free on his Key West estate.So, see? You walk in the footsteps of the great.

  9. >I loved your recounting of the day. I, too, once had a cat who was a huntress – a regular Diana – and she would occasionally bring home trophies to share with me. There were mornings when I find a mouse on my pillow. Did you know I can wake the dead? If you doubt it, put a mouse or bird on my pillow. It's not pretty but you've been warned. I hope the day is treating you well. Blessings…Mary

  10. >Not sure, but spiders creep me out so bad. Honey just got a nasty bite on his back. It was really bad. Good kitty:)

  11. >*Carla-I've never had a problem with allergies to cats except one litter of kittens when I was little. My mom and I both flipped out because I've ALWAYS had a cat…*Olivie-Bugsy would have had a blast with Boo. I make my husband kill the bugs…*shudder* don't like ants, either!*Susan-she would try to play with it until it had an heart attack!*Jay-you're welcome, thanks for stopping by!*The Golden Eagle-thanks, I just love her!*Jen-lol!!! Sorry, but if it makes you feel better, you should see my reaction to a Camel Cricket *omg, shudder!!!**Theresa-that's why I leave the outside ones alone. There's a centipede that's good for catching all kinds of bugs…they creep me completely out and it's recommended that you let them live in your house…(I literally paused to shudder!)*Roland-I didn't know that anyone had tried to interfere with them. I always thought that they were there to stay. I'm glad for them! And thanks for that last bit!*Mary-I cracked UP when I read this! I would have loved to see that happen!!! Thanks for the laugh!*Farmgirl Paints-I would see a doctor…I saw too many yucky pics when I was looking for the kind of spider that Kitty Boss found. I hope it's better quick!

  12. >prob with spiders/ants, some can leave nasty bite marks…

  13. >*Laughingwolf-one reason I consider them fair game. I leave the outside spiders unless they're in a place that's too easy to get me bitten. Otherwise, I love that they catch mosquitoes!

  14. >Good kitty!!!I can't stand spiders, but even worse than spiders….. SCORPIONS!!!!!!

  15. >*Jenny-I. Cannot. Imagine. Scorpions. Spiders don't scare me. A scorpion would bring out my inner girliest girl, with the highest pitched screams ever heard by human or animal ears, and would shatter all the windows in nearby homes and buildings. *sh-shu-shudder-er*

  16. >Kitty Boss is such a magnificent cat. You are so lucky…Landlord won't let me have pets…ah well…one day I'll strike it rich, buy my own house and have all the pets I want.

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