When I was in high school, there was a program where seniors could participate in something called the APP program-Appalachian Partnership Program. Four teachers would be certified to teach college courses and the students could take: Calculus, Physics, English, or Western Civ I & II. I took English and both Western Civ classes. Back then, we had to pay for the courses and buy the books. And I paid my fees and bought my books all by myself. I also took French III and Spanish I my senior year. My dream was to become an interpreter and work at the United Nations. I was actually very good at languages…

However, my mom had other ideas. Someday, I’ll do a post about the dynamics in my family…but for now, it’s enough to know that my mom was going to see to it I didn’t leave for college. Ever. So, I graduated and got a job….and I moved out when I was eighteen.

Years pass and I’m married to Honey. We’d both been hoping and praying for a way for both of us to go back to school. A layoff wasn’t in our plans but it did open a door. (I don’t feel guilty about the year of unemployment I received to go to school-I’ve worked since I was fourteen and I’ve never had any help from anyone.) The only option for me was in childcare, a place I’d vowed to never return to. You know how my plans turn out… Anyway, I initially went into the Diploma program, so I could get out and get a job. Unemployment was nearly nil and it goes down the longer you’re on it.

The associates degree is a two year program. I’d completed a year, then went to work full time. I began taking one and two classes a semester. Because of a health issue, I took a semester off. Then, when we went through the whole ‘drug dealing/band playing neighbors who scared me and house hunting/jerk of a seller’ drama, I had to drop my math 114 class. I was completely undone and couldn’t deal with school, much less weird math. It’s been a year now, and today I went to get all my information updated. Tomorrow, sometime before 6pm, I’ll be in school once again. I’m two classes from my degree. How do I feel about it? Meh…I’m too burned out to care. If I could take some writing classes or psychology classes…that would be different.

I’m going to start scheduling as many posts as possible ahead of time, leaving room for myself when something is on my mind. It will help when I have Honey’s Crackberry Blackberry. I can respond and comment with it during nap time and my lunch hour. Score for technology!

In the next day or so, I’m going to do a post about the new blogger toy…the ‘I Write Like’ site. I’m assuming this is what crack is like-I played for at least thirty minutes, plugging in all sorts of posts and poems…my favorite result is currently posted. I may change it…I’m also gonna figure out how to do the angel story…and get my house in tip-top-white-glove-inspection-ready…my mother in law is coming!!!!! Pray for me.

See ya tomorrow, and Happy Thursday!
This post seems kind of rambly, but it’s late, been a long day, and I’m beat…sorry.


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I'm so proud of you in your decision to go back to school. Education is the one thing that cannot be taken from you.And many of the psychology courses I took were far from fascinating. I learned more about psychology in my own reading, studying, and research than in many of the courses I took.I know you like my ghostly visitations. My latest post details my visit from Ernest Hemingway's ghost.Have a great weekend, Roland

  2. >it's my dream to go to art school… maybe one day, i will pursue it. your drive to finish your degree inspires me. i agree with roland, i am proud of you too!btw, i have a blackberry and it's great for blogging, etc – when you do get it, let me know, i'll send your my pin ;Dhugs, c

  3. >It's harder to go back to school, so I wish you the best. I'm sorry your mother made it difficult when you were younger.

  4. >It seems that you've really fought for your education and I commend you! No matter whether you go straight through or take a more circuitous route, those last few classes are the hardest. One step at a time will do nicely!!Best,Bonnie

  5. >Good luck with the class. You've had to fight for your education. Go the extra round to get you to the center of the ring. I hope the day treats you gently. Blessings…Mary

  6. >*Roland-I just like looking underneath and trying to understand what makes people do the things they do, or don't do…maybe I'll just get in a few writing classes…thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot. I saw the Hemingway post, waaay cool!*Carla-my husband just got home! I'm gonna get his crackberry!!! You've never been to art school? Wow, you have some serious natural talent! And thanks for the encouragement!*Theresa-it was difficult at that time, and when I'm in a down mood, feeling raw, and I think about it, it brings me down. So I try to just not go there. It's hard going back after a year, but now that I'm registered, it's not so bad, thanks for the wishes-I'm gonna need them!*Bonnie-as far as I know, I'm down to the last two and I begin one this fall, so I'm almost done! Thank you for your kind words.*Mary-You're so sweet, I love the image you gave me! Thanks!*Everyone-college was always a dream, one I thought I'd never see come true. It has been fun, challenging, wearisome, and rewarding. And, knowing me, when I DO finish, I'll look at an English class or whatever kind of writing class I can find…thank you all for your sweet words, wishes, and thoughts, they mean the world to me…

  7. >fret not, just do it! a friend turned 60 in april, had a full life in the military and 911 dispatch… now back in ft.worth, and enrolling for a bachelor's in photography, online, begins 19 august, something he wanted to study since his teens

  8. >*Laughingwolf-That is AWESOME! Good for him!

  9. >Thanks for commenting on my interview over at Jen's blog!

  10. >*Tamara-no problem, great interview!

  11. >Hey, The Words Crafter! I hope you finish those two classes as soon as possible, because education is very important nowadays. Write on!

  12. >I always thought I'd go back and finish college one day…well…it didn't happen and now I don't really have the desire to do it.My middle son did go back though…and he's on the Dean's List…good for him.I LOVE the ability to schedule posts…I would have about half (or less) of the posts I currently have without that ability. Just not enough hours in a single day.Wishing you the very best luck with your college…I'm sure you'll do well:)

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