>Turnabout…It’s Fair Play….


Co-Teacher’s son is an avid reader. He’s also a rabid Stephen King fan! It’s interesting and fun to discuss books with him. He also loves the Harry Potter series, as well as The Series of Unfortunate Events. But, according to him, King rules.  If you know me at all, you’ll know that I can’t leave that alone x~D   I have to argue, pick, compare, and get a rise out of him. His passion makes it way too easy…

It also makes him loyal, which is something I respect. I have read several of King’s books. Off the top of my head: Carrie, Cujo, Thinner, Needful Things, Misery, The Green Mile, Christine, The Eyes of the Dragon, and Night Shift.

I have recently gotten a friend to read Harry Potter, and he’s hooked. So it’s fair that I take Son’s advice and read It. Director said it scared the crap out of her as a teenager…

We’ll see….

What King books have your read? Is he your favorite author? If not, who is? And, have you ever read a book that scared the crap out of you or creeped you out so bad you had the willies for days?

***for me, it was John Saul’s Suffer the Children…I quit reading him after that…I was haunted and messed up for days!


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >King isn't my favorite author but I did like his early books like Salem's Lot, The Stand, Cujo and Christine. He lost me with Tommyknockers. I also have always been a fan of Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes. King's It was good, and lots of creepy all around. I can't think of a book that gave me the willies (maybe Red Dragon).

  2. >*SquirrelQueen-everyone is on me to read The Stand. I guess it's now on my TBR list. I haven't read Bradbury since high school but I've heard good things about those two selections…I've seen the movie Red Dragon…don't know if I could handle the book…*shiver*

  3. >I've never read Stephen King. I see his name all over the place and a lot of people like his books, so I probably should. 😛

  4. >I love King and a couple of my favorites are the earlier ones like Firestarter and Salem's Lot.

  5. >I have read The Shining and Pet Sematary and I used to read John Saul too. The last book that I read that really SCARED me was, oddly enough, The Devil's Punchbowl by Greg Iles—not the ghost and goblin kind of scary. This book contains characters with true evil and I really had a very physical response as I was reading! My son keeps telling me I would love the Harry Potter books…maybe.

  6. >I read his very early books, but I have such an active imagination I found the reads unpleasant. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  7. >The first three books I read of King's I liked a lot. The best is "The Stand" followed by "Salem's Lot" and "The Shining". I have all the Harry Potter books in first editions but just can't force myself to read them–maybe if I get socked in by a blizzard some winter. My favorite author is William Faulkner. I have read a few John Saul's years ago and liked them.Best,Bonnie

  8. >i read all kinds of books, some author blogs are linked in my sidebar, king, and more… a fave growing up was robert a. heinlein, among many othersmost horrid horrors appear on the daily news!

  9. >I have only read one King book…"The Stand"..and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I didn't read the others.My husband was a big King fan…and he had a 'habit' of 'reviewing' whatever book he was reading at the time, whether I wanted him to or not. I told him if he told me about 'The Stand', I wouldn't read that one either…and I'd never know if King was a good writer or not. Reluctantly, he agreed…I read 'The Stand'…enjoyed it…and listened to the 'reviews' of all of the other ones (including the 'western' series he had written a few years ago.)I LOVE J.K. Rowling…and agreed to read the HP Books…so my husband and I could 'discuss' them…so glad I did!!

  10. >*The Golden Eagle-I'll probably catch it for saying this, but he's not my fav author. I have enjoyed several of his books, but he's so dark…I was amazed that Shawshank and Green Mile were his. I prefer books that leave me feeling hopeful, not dreadful…*Sarahjayne Smythe-I was going to say that I'd never read those two, but I remember actually reading Firestarter after the movie came out and how much better it was, and more understandable. I haven't read anything new since Dreamcatcher-which I just couldn't stomach…*Susan-READ THEM!!!! I'm gonna have to find a copy of The Devil's Punchbowl…it's ringing a bell. I'll order a used copy and save it for Halloween (a weird thing I have-certain stories go with certain seasons…)*Mary-my imagination is the reason I don't read John Saul! King-I think you need a certain kind of appetite to really really love him. Horror isn't really my genre, anyway…*Bonnie-my junior year English teacher loved Hemingway so we did a whole semester on him. Therefore, I missed all the Faulkner books…you have first edition Potter books? Wow! get some used ones and dig in, they're really adventurous reads…*Laughingwolf-you are right there, my friend. Horror is the reason I don't watch the news! Everyone, especially published writers, go back to Heinlein, Lovecraft, etc. I haven't ever read them. DANG-my TBR list is so long I have to stand on a chair to reach the bottom!!!*Charlene-The Stand is the one my co-teacher's son and my director tell me is a must read. My director also cheats by reading the endings before she reads the whole book! ARRGGG!!! She is really good, though, at not giving away anything if she knows I'm reading it. I'm very glad that you and your husband got to discuss the Potter books. I would imagine that adds to not only their appeal, but to the nostalgia…I have movies like that. Sleeping Beauty was my mom's fav movie. It's also one of mine and when I do watch it, I think of her sitting beside me, eating popcorn popped in a pan, and drinking sundrop…

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