>The Golden Eagle’s Tag-Now, You’re It!


When was the last time you saw someone attractive?
today, my Honey.
Where’s your phone right now?
beside my ‘puter
Do you have any plans for the weekend?
staying out of the heat, blogging, reading IT, writing, some housework, some dvr catching up, some Honey time….
Has someone ever made you a promise and broken it?
Last movie/DVD watched?
rented: Alice and Sherlock dvr/tv/mine: Penelope.
Does anything hurt on your body?
my head isn’t feeling too great….
How are you?
I’m okay, really glad it’s Friday.
Are you excited for next year?
Hmmm, well, if I get to graduate in the spring, yes. Also, I’d like to be finished, or nearly finished with my WIP…
Is your room clean?
Hahahahahahahahahaha..snort…hahahhahahahaha *tear* uh, no, not really….
How many pillows do you sleep with?
just one. Kitty Boss thinks I AM the pillow….
What are you doing?
listening to Kitty Boss meow at me-I think she wants to play and I’m too beat. I have cuddled with her, petted her and fed her. Daddy can play….
I bet you miss somebody right now?
my Honey, my sister, my mom….and getting to see my family regularly.
What are you planning on doing after this?
shower, sprite, recheck the blog/comments/replies, SLEEP.
Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
sure, lots of times!
Who did you push last?
um, I don’t push….
Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
gosh, Director, Co-Teacher, Assistant, blog buddies, myself, Honey…
Do you own any band t-shirts?
Nope, but I did use to have a cool Dragonball Z one…
What does your hair look like right now?
kinda messy, up in a hairbow….
Has anyone ever told you that you were their best friend?
thankfully, yes….
Did you get hurt today?
only in a small way-one of the kids put their chair down on my toes!
When was the last time you felt upset?
This morning!!!! GRRRR!!!
What are you looking forward to?
Honey getting home, a shower, sleep, reading, actually finishing my WIP one day, seeing my new niece soon, etc. lots of things, really
Do you currently want something?
some artwork, some jewelry, some books, some shoes, a magical device to hook to my brain/imagination and connect to the ‘puter so I can bypass all the writing and just input direct…..
What was the last thing you had to drink?
some sprite.
Who was the last person you said “i love you” to?
Honey just a few seconds ago
Where are you?
in a chair in my little office at home…
Do you like to walk in the rain?
as long as I don’t have to go anywhere after, sure. It’s fun! I like playing in the puddles after, too….
Do you like looking up at the stars?
sure, but I love the moon more….nighttime is my time…
Do you think you are a nice person?
usually, unless you use/hurt/take advantage of/steal from me. I think I’m a pretty good friend. I’d be a terrible enemy to have if I ever acted on the thoughts that go through my head sometimes…or if I let the words escape my mouth that run through my head….
Do you like swimming?
I love it, but I’m kinda out of shape….
Have you ever swam in the ocean?

Do you go to school?
I’m BACK in school and almost finished with my Associates degree in early childhood education….
Do you want to go to college?
I want to finish college
What do you want to be?
A published, successful writer who touches people, makes them wonder and think and pause and catch their breath…and wonder how they ever lived without my books….not much, huh?
Do you want kids?
I’m kinda past the age where that’s a good idea-I have a new niece and twelve 3 year olds to feed that hunger….
Do you like going to the beach?
yes, but not in the summer. I prefer fall, it’s cooler, less crowded, and anywhere I want to go is pretty much open…
Who is the last person you went to the mall with?
the mall…..? I sort of remember the mall….my Honey….?
Have you ever had any x-rays?
Oh yeah, a few: teeth, chest, foot, other foot, chest….
Who do you hate right now?
typically, I don’t hate ‘who’s; what’s are a different story…
Who is the last person you yelled at?
I had to yell to get my class’s attention today…
Who was the last to cook you food?
Mr. L who cooks at the daycare….
Are you in a complicated relationship?
No. My Honey isn’t complicated….lol
What did you do 2 nights ago?
blogged….bathed, slept….
Who was the last person you were on the phone with?
My Honey a few seconds ago…
Does a hug make you feel better?
I don’ t know if they make me feel better, but they are nice. At work, the kids give hugs for no reason, and they’re magical. Honey makes me feel safe, and co-workers make me feel loved….duh, I guess that’s ‘better’
How long ago did you hug someone?
today, just a few hours ago, unless Kitty Boss counts and Honey will be home in a few minutes, and he’ll get a hug….
Anything good happening tomorrow?
yep, sleep.
Have you kissed more than ten people this year?
Sure, all under the age of 5, plus my Honey and Kitty Boss
Do you have unlimited texting?
I think so….
Will you keep your last name when you get married?
You have to get a piercing, so what do you get?
My ears are pierced, I’d like to get a belly button one….
Have you ever felt like someone of the opposite sex truly cared about you?
yep. A favorite uncle, my Honey, my brother, my nephew….some friends….
Who was the last friend you got into a big argument with?
Ooooo, I don’t like to do big arguments, I’d have to say Honey, who’s my best friend…or my Daddy (God)….
Your phone is ringing. It’s the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?
“Hey Honey!”
Will you be in a relationship in the next couple months?
I sincerely hope so, for the rest of our lives!
Did you have any unread text messages when you woke up today?
Do you want to see somebody right now?
Do you think two people can last forever?
When was the last time you had a late night phone call?
Um, in the last few months, some of my family and friends will call later….
If you could move somewhere else, would you?
Move? I don’t know. There are lots of places I’d like to visit like Ireland, Scotland, England…
Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?
My husband got me because he made me laugh…
Has anyone ever sang to you?
the kids in my class sing all the time to me and Co-Teacher
When was the last time you bit someone?
I don’t bite!
Do you think you can love someone without trusting them?
Yes, but not fully….
Is there someone who you can spend every minute with and be happy?
yep, Honey. We used to work together, side by side….
Last person to make you smile?
Honey, he was being a smarty pants on the phone and was really funny
Have you ever wasted too much time on a certain boy?
uh…does an ex husband count?
How was last night?
it’s been a stressful week, last night was tiredness, followed by sleeplessness….
If you’re being extremely quiet, what does it mean?

I could be reading, blogging, writing, thinking, sad, listening to music on my ‘phones, not feeling good….
Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
I HAVE hit rock bottom….
Do you have trust issues?
that would be a YES
Was this a good weekend?
gonna be
Were you happy when you woke up today?
I was tired when I woke up today….but happy that it was Friday…

I’m gonna do it the same way she did it-if you read through, consider yourself tagged!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Wow. I learned so much more about you. Sorry about the toe. Glad that you survived the week. Now, I have to survive the weekend. But Bonnie looks to be losing strength — but you never count out a female!Thanks very much for the link to my serial ghost murder mystery. In a few days, I may present GYPSY'S TALE : YOU CALL THIS SAFE? She faces off against the towering Sphinx of Thebes to save Elu. I'm debating doing it — it's already written.Have a great time tomorrow. I may see SALT. Roland

  2. >…like reading a memoir with haste:)My only question, what's with…"who did you push last?" By your answer I'm guessing that you were as confused at that one as I was. Perhaps they meant, "push," as in inspiring a loved one to succeed. Are they expecting someone to answer with, "pushed my mother-in-law down the basement steps a few months ago…and I've still got the ankle bracelet to prove it!" Strange question. Like really, who besides Steven Segall actually pushes anyone these days?Have a great weekend:)

  3. >I liked reading your answers. 🙂

  4. >neat stuff, thx 🙂

  5. >Wow, that was a lot of questions to answer! I enjoyed reading your responses. 🙂

  6. >It was fun to learn more about you. I'm picturing you sitting at your computer, phone at your side, with your hair scrunched up. Hope you're having a good weekend!

  7. >Loved 'learning' more about you and decided to 'copy and paste' the questions and write a little 'memoir' of my own!!It will be my post tomorrow:)

  8. >*Roland-I've learned that Saturdays are for recovery! As for the link, well, that just means that anytime in the future, when I'm in the mood for a fantastic tale, I just have to click that little button! Please do post Gypsy's Tale! I'll link it too it you put up a button (I love cats) and I'm praying that Bonnie just falls completely apart. Take care of you! And of Gypsy…or…has she really gone into Elu's mirrorworld…?*Elliot-*grinning* mayhaps it's a trick question to see if we really have done something shady…either way, I ain't telling! Hope your weekend is better than your week and that you can enjoy it!*The Golden Eagle-thanks and right back at ya!*Aubrie-I'm kind of used to it because of the 'getting to know your friends' questionnaires that go around in emails….*Becky-I felt like I was telling a lot…*Laughingwolf-I checked out the pager page, how neat! Now, invent me a pocket computer without a phone, and I'll buy it… :P*Theresa-um, I thought you lived in Mass.? Are you outside my window? That's exactly how I looked, and I hope you're having a good weekend, too!

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