I have a thing for giraffes. I found this picture at Hobby Lobby, along with the little statue, two years ago. They used to sit in this tiny little nook on a tiny little table in the town home we rented. Now, they occupy a place in one of our two little hallways.

 I also have a thing for globes, old maps, maps of make believe lands, like Middle Earth…found this at Kirkland’s in December of last year. I couldn’t get a very good pic and you can’t see the vase that sits beside/beneath it…I’m fortunate that Honey likes maps and globes, too….

 We’re almost never in the living room and we found out, after going under contract, that the fireplace was a coal burning fireplace. We bought one of those heaters that has ‘flames’ and inserted it. It really looks pretty good in the winter, and on rainy days…we still have work to do in here, though….Honey picked out the picture two years ago-it used to be over our sofa…another Hobby Lobby find.

 What prompted this particular post. Our kitchen has very limited cabinet space. Today, Honey and his brother, I’ll call him Tat (full sleeves and body tattoos) went to their Nanny’s house (she’s in a nursing home and PawPaw is in Heaven) and picked up this great piece of furniture. I’ve already begun filling it with dishes. It’s darker than it looks, which is great because our table is almost espresso in color…I’m very happy that Honey has an heirloom from his Nanny and Pawpaw….

 I thought, since I took a pic of the new hutch, I’d snap a few pics that reflected a little bit of me, the ‘flavors’ I like. This is one bookshelf in my little office. The other one is much fuller but messy because I’m in the process of adding some work stuff, so…

 What? Don’t you have a couple stuffed animals somewhere? Many of these actually travel to work with me because I use them with themes and books. Several are gifts from Honey or friends, too…I love the bug-eyed cat that Honey got me one year for St. Patrick’s Day. That rabbit in the back wearing a sweater? Nephew got it for me when he was still in elementary school (he’s 24 now). Sister got me the rabbit with the straw hat…

 These two sit beside my desk. I’ve actually slept with the rabbit (I’ve had him a looooong time) back when I lived alone and was going through a lot of stuff. The moose is a gift from a dear friend I don’t get to see anymore…

What my desk looks like right now. Well, my desk come vanity…most of the time, I take the ‘puter to my comfy chair in the opposite corner and play or write there….

This, ladies and gentlemen, ends our tour. Come back next time when we’ve had a chance to complete more of the home projects we have planned. On the list: kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, painting the half bath, painting all the trim, replacing all the switch covers, adding a rug/carpet to the dining room, and putting more stuff on the walls.

(Okay, I hear Ellie May Clampet saying, “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?” So, I’ll end with that 🙂 *waving*


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Sandra, my best friend, says I live in a half movie lobby/half library. I have five bookshelves, one that goes down the length of my apartment (which is a tiny efficiency.)I have autographed movie posters on my walls : LORD OF THE RINGS, TITANTIC, THE MUMMY RETURNS, STAR TREK I, ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE, AVATAR,GLADIATOR, SALT, SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, THE GIFT, PULP FICTION and BATMAN BEGINS.Each of those movies, Sandra has pointed out, is about love, loyalty, or friendship in one form or fashion.My posters rat me out, she snickers. Have a great weekend, Roland

  2. >Does remodeling ever end? Not in our house either. I love the piece from your Nanny's house, it is gorgeous. I have stuffed animals too, there are two sitting beside my computer and others all around the house. One giant pink rabbit has been with me way back to my Alaska days and before I met my hubby.

  3. >…I'm an avid fan of antiques, and can often be found carousing local auctions in search of that special find. Therefore in my opinion, the above heirloom is gorgeous:)

  4. >great pieces! giraffes are the cutest, they have a soft spot in my heart! i also love your coal replacement in the fire place – it looked like it was part of it from the beginning. i can't wait to see more of your renos in the future!

  5. >Remodeling and home improvement never seem to end. You are doing a wonderful job with yours. I hope that gorgeous hutch will solve your storage problems. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  6. >*Roland-how in the world do you acquire all the autographs? I'm so jealous 🙂 If I'd never given away/sold any of my books, I would need a storage building…I try to use the library, too. Sometimes, though, you just gotta have your own copy. I was thinking about the ratting out your books/movies do…is there a field of study relating to the psychology of choices relating to movies and books? It would make a great blog post/fest-thingy…*SquirrelQueen-until we save enough money for the big things, we're done. For a while…and thanks about the hutch! I love it!*Elliot-you should get together with Honey's uncle. He's a collector, too. He has some interesting hookah pipes (apparently no one else in the family knew what they were used for, duh! I outted him by accident: :)) and all kinds of furniture and anything else you could imagine. You should do a post sometime…and thanks for the compliment!*Carla-giraffes, cats, big cats, baby seals, otters, lemurs, it goes on and on…the little stove/heater isn't the greatest for heat (uses a lot of wattage and only produces okay heat for the size of room) but it looks pretty real, so we like it…*Mary-thank you so much! I believe it will go a long way in solving our storage issues, at least with kitchen/dining items. We don't have an actual basement, but our 'crawlspace' is so big we can walk around in most of it and we put a lot of things there…Happy Tuesday!

  7. >I wished my house were so neat and clean!! I envy you:)

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