>Our Tuesday Night Surprise


 So, after I got home from work on Tuesday, I checked on my blog post, commented on blogs I follow and the teasers that were posted, and went to bed. I had the most wicked headache I’ve had in a few months. I was sick at my stomach….and I’ll stop there. Just tmi.

Honey called and said he was on the way home; earlier, I’d sent a text telling him I didn’t feel like cooking and asked if he’d pick something up. Okay?

He calls me. I’m assuming it’s his usual call letting me know he’s on the road. Nope. He asks if I’ve taken anything for my head. I reply that I’d just taken two Excedrin (I usually only take one). He pauses then tells me to not come outside, at all, for any reason whatsoever. Headache spike!!! Why? Our front door, at some point in the past, had a screen/storm door and there is still a cylinder there for it. He told me that, coiled around it, at our front door, is a four or five foot snake.

Okay, I’m creeped out but not afraid. I grew up in the country and I can remember being a very young child, maybe four or five years old….and my uncle asking me to hold a new snake for him while he rustled up a feed sack to put it in. Our family lived all around each other and lots of things were considered common property. The barn, my grandparent’s barn, with all the hay in the loft, also had lots of chickens that roosted there. Rats would come and eat the eggs. My uncle, who had a pet king snake for years, would catch king, black, and green snakes and set them loose in the barn for catching rats. So, I would hold them. No biggie. Just a little creepy….

I sent my nephew a text and he right away responded with the question of its color. If it was brown, he said to kill it. I’d already told Honey if it was black or green, to just scare it off. Well, in the process of scaring it off, he saw its color. Brown. OMG! A freaking poisonous copperhead was hanging from my freaking front door!!!!

Honey shot a few pics with his phone, as well as the creepiest video. He got impatient with uploading the video, but he sent me a pic so I could blog about it. Here it is….

*shuddershuddershudder* wait, not done *shudder*

here’s the video



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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >OH. MY. GOSH. That is the scariest story eVER!!!! I think I would have died! What happened? Did you get rid of it???

  2. >Brown snake = poisonous. I will not forget that!I agree with WritingNut, what happened? Is there going to be a part II?I'm glad everyone is okay. Good thing you were in bed instead of going outside for some reason. And I hope you're feeling better.

  3. >oh no…i also want to know what happened…??? i am glad everyone is okay too…how did yall get rid of the snake…we live in the country, so im always afraid im gonna run into a poisonous snake especially when i am weeding…others have seen snakes around here, and so far they have been non-posionous…did you take "excedrin migraine"for your headache??? i get migraines quite often, although it has been awhile since ive had my last one…and excedrin migraine seems to work really well if i take it right when i first feel a headache coming on….sounds like you had a migraine…and then having to deal with a poisionous snake hanging over your front door…. i do hope you are feeling much better now… 🙂

  4. >Internet Explorer is acting up on me. I've written you twice and it locked up on me.I hope your headache is better. Have a better end of week, Roland

  5. >***Everyone*** Honey did kill it and we googled copperheads. He said it looked exactly like the pictures we pulled up, so…. I'm just glad a. he saw it and took care of it and b. it wasn't over the door we use all the time. I am feeling better, thanks. I think it was the final chapter in the cough med mess. I'll do a post on it because lots of people didn't know what I found out…Yep, Excedrin Migraine, but I have to switch it up sometimes-my body gets used to stuff pretty quickly. However, Director made me really stop and think-I need new glasses!!!! Probably where some of my non-migraine headaches are coming from. Be really careful out there weeding and, I you have any, wear boots!I was going to say use Google Chrome, but it hangs up, too. Sometimes, it even posts my reply/comment three times!!! Ah well, Happy Thursday everyone!

  6. >…ahhh! I can deal with most creatures scurrying about on this planet, but show me a snake and I'll show you a 36 year old "girl-scream" from the mouth of a bearded father of three!

  7. >i hear some snakes taste like chicken? :O lolsorry… hope you got rid of it!

  8. >Just what you needed, right? Thank goodness he saw before any harm was done. I hope you are feeling better today. I hope the day treats you well. Blessings…Mary

  9. >I absolutely hate snakes. I shiver every time I hear about them or see one. I was attacked by a snake when I was just three years old, but yeah…that's a story for another day. I hope you got rid of that snake. I would've freaked out if I had seen it and ran off screaming my head off to everyone, but your husband seemed to have handled it quite nicely. So write on and feel better!

  10. >Wow, that's a big, scary looking snake! Not a great way to end the day, especially if you have a headache.

  11. >HOLY COW!!! That is really wicked. What are the odds of that? Anyway hope you feel better. Headaches are the worst. Sounds like you had a really bad one. That snake did not help matters!

  12. >Please send me your address or at least the name of the town–well, better yet, what state you are in. I want to stay away!! I don't think they have copperheads in Chicago. Do they? I shouldn't be smug. A few years ago a coyote walked right into a deli in the Loop and crawled into a cooler. It was a rather hot day as I recall. Hope your headache went away!!Best,Bonnie

  13. >Uh, OMG. Wow. OMG. Wow.Glad you didn't get bit!I just found your blog, and I must say THANKS for the Jane Austen Fight club post below, it was so sweet!

  14. >OMG…I don't 'do' snakes of any kind or any size…they 'freak me out'!I can't imagine what I would do if there was a huge poisonous snake hanging over my doorway…ooh..I shudder at the thought.Glad you are feeling better.

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