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>Yaaaawwwnnnn *scratch, stretch* Nite Nite……

Sometimes at work, we trade hours with our co-workers. I’m an early person…sometimes I trade with someone who has an evening class and needs to get there before their day officially ends. (This would be someone who comes in later and leaves later, but you knew that, right?) That was the case today, and will be again next Tuesday. No problem.

Last night, I didn’t get any sleep. Probably because of the upcoming shift change. And the jacked up pudding. Still, it ended up being a pretty great day. Especially for a Tuesday. (I don’t like Tuesdays, as a general rule. Give me two Mondays and go straight to Wednesday.)
Last night (Monday), I didn’t get to sit down until after 10pm. Today was a late day. I had errands to run after work. Hmmmm….
Not a problem. I didn’t have to cook this evening. No laundry to do. The dishes were caught up. Great! I can catch up on blogs and write my parent newsletter. Ya think?
I took the ‘puter to work. The plan was to have something to kill a few minutes with and the kids had been asking for the deep sea videos. I was all plugged up….and the computer froze. I did manage to get two videos to play, but it wouldn’t turn off. I couldn’t even manually shut it down. I just closed it, knowing the battery would die.
Got home. Plugged up the ‘puter. It didn’t connect to the wireless. It froze. Again. Finally, I did get it to shut down manually. After a while, I restarted it and it worked fine. But it was later. Caught up (mostly) on blogs. No brain for the newsletter. Ate some of the yummy ugly pudding. Tomorrow is a normal day. Going to come home and sleep. Even if I have to take something….
Goodnight friends! Happy Hump Day! 

>A Jacked Up Mess!!!!!!!


For a Monday, today wasn’t too bad. Our new class is a blast, we had a parent tour (a potential new child) that went so well that the mom is, and I quote “ecstatic”  about coming to our school and our room. Wow.

I got my first homework turned in….a few days late. Was supposed to be Friday, but, well….you know how it is.

I am incredibly sore from all the painting, climbing, bending, contorting I did while helping Nephew and CG prepare the new house they’re renting. It was really fun. They have a writing spider that’s easily four or five inches long. I’ll post a pic soon.

I tried out a recipe I got from Mary over at One Perfect Bite….the Black Bean Burrito. It was a massive hit. So far, everyone who’s tried it loved it. For me, it’s a big deal. My very first time dealing with cilantro, in any way whatsoever. I came home and cooked it for Nephew and CG (the first go around was for a dinner at work) and they took all the rest home! Honey has some for tomorrow….

So, what’s the jacked up mess? I made Honey a banana pudding. I am a WHIZ at banana puddings. They actually taste better than they look, and they look pretty darn good. (No credit to me, I got the recipe from Medea at work!) Apparently, there’s some sort of quota balance in the universe. If one makes a good meal, the dessert is gonna mess up. Some how. Some way. Yeppers. For the first time since I learned how to make a banana pudding, it came out all wrong.

I ran out of pudding. I ran out of wafers. I had to scrape pudding across the last layer just to barely get it covered. There are gaps! There are dents! There are nekkid edges!!!! Stubborn thing that I am, I said ‘bump it’ and decided to just put the cookies on top and stick it in the fridge anyway. That’s when I ran out of Nilla Wafers!!!!!!! Aaarrrrggggg!

Sorry! I didn’t mean to upset the meal/dessert balance!

It looks jacked up, but it still tastes pretty darn good. Yeah, though it hasn’t had nearly enough time to set, I got a bowl (from the wafer-less end) and ate it while typing this post. For spite. I reckon I need to go to time out for stubbornness and attitude.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get around to passing out the awards that have so generously been bestowed upon me. Now that I think about it, I better hurry before people figure out that I have a stubborn little temper!

Have a great Tuesday everyone! And thanks, Mary, for the super recipe!

>A Bit Of Fun And A Serious Reminder…..


Okay, first, I’m behind on practically everything. But I’m catching up, slowly! Several days ago, Vatche tagged me in this handwriting exercise. The second thing you should know is it’s the middle of the night and I took the pictures in (practically) the dark. I hope you can read them:

Here’s what you do:  On a plain sheet of paper jot down the following:

1. Name/Blog Name
2. Right handed, left handed, or both? 
3. Favorite letters to write (I picked my favorite word)
4. Least favorite letters to write (I picked my least favorite word)
5. Write out the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
6. Write in CAPS:


7. Favorite song lyrics
8. Tag 7 people
9. Whatever else strikes your fancy

(I copied and pasted from your blog, Vatche. Sorry-I’m sleepy)

Since it is the middle of the night and my brain doesn’t feel like working, I’m tagging EVERYBODY!!! How’s that? BTW, if you think my printing is terrible, you should try reading my cursive! 😛

A VERY SPECIAL REMINDER: Today is the last day to enter Theresa’s Platform Contest to raise money/awareness for ASPS (a type of cancer that affects children and young adults). Several people have put up gift cards with matching donations, including me. Hop on over to her blog and enter-it’s for a great cause!

>A Strange Dream…..

>I am not one to remember dreams. Usually. This morning, I had this one and felt like I should write it down, that it might make a good story somewhere. I just now got the chance and I know I’ve left out a couple things. Here it is, best as I can remember….it’s raw-no tweaking….

The parking lot was the size of an airfield, which was, I suppose, appropriate. Antique looking planes came and went, off-loading emergency patients. Helicopters thumped overhead as we ran for the admittance door. We were to find the administrator’s desk.

I told him that we were going to the wrong door. Regular office hours were over and we would have to go in through the general admittance doors. He didn’t listen. Sure enough, when the door opened to his frantic knock, a nurse, wearing an old fashioned nurse’s hat, informed us that we would have to go in through general admittance, which was all the way around the other side of the large, glass enclosed waiting area.

While he stood for a moment in frustration and tried to get more information, I began looking for a quicker entrance. I walked quickly around the perimeter, convinced that there must be a door somewhere that would save us the time of walking a whole city block. The waiting area was nearly that large.

After a few moments, my search paid off. A door stood ajar in a nearly hidden corner behind some shrubbery. A service entrance, judging by the cart full of cleaning supplies and the collection of full garbage bags, both sitting in front of the door.

I pulled the door, scooting some of the bags, and peered inside. Several people noticed my unorthodox entrance and smiled. I was not the first to come this way.

My husband, catching up with me, came right behind me and went straight to the giant desk where at least a dozen people worked at computers and gave out information. A bright beam of light seemed to go through me. I looked up and noticed a large structure much like those found at basketball games that projected the action, flashed advertisements, and an anonymous speaker gave out announcements.

I looked for a place to sit and found a comfortable bench sofa near some lively older gentlemen. They greeted me warmly but in such a way as to not make me feel uncomfortable. They were remembering “the good old days” and telling tales of friends long gone and adventures they’d had.

Their conversation went in and out of my notice, only snippets registering. Like when the most vocal storyteller spoke of one of their friends as having died and, by way of introduction, indicated that he was right outside the window, waiting. That got my attention. I looked and, sure enough, there was a gentleman standing by the window, looking fit, holding a jacket looped over his harm, having a smoke. What? I paid more attention.

I must have looked frightened and confused because the storyteller assured me I had nothing to be afraid of. I sat there a long time, waiting on my husband, listening to tales that were funny and sad, laughing and nodding in quiet respect.

Finally my husband appeared before me. His face seemed strangely large, as if he was peering from the reverse end of a telescope. He asked me if I remembered the light that flashed on me as we entered the hospital. He told me that it scanned the wound and could tell the doctors exactly what everything looked like. 

As soon as he mentioned the scan, I suddenly looked down and saw a flash of a long, vertical cut over the left side of my chest. A long, deep cut, void of blood, then it was gone.

A voice came over the sports speaker, saying my name. As soon as I acknowledged the voice, it informed me that I was not out of the woods yet…my heart fluttered and began to race. I knew I needed to calm down and I began to breathe, slowly, in and out. The gentlemen told me to not worry….

>Back Among The Human…..I Think


I had typed a whole rant about inconsiderate, irresponsible, and discourteous parents sending sick kids to school. I deleted it. I’m trying to be nice.

So, Thursday, I felt pretty crappy but knew Friday I’d have to go in to work. Director was out of town unexpectedly. Assistant was on vacay. One teacher on maternity leave, another out of town enrolling her son in college. One floater was out of state enrolling in college and Parker was back in college. The remaining floater was in a classroom and a teacher had to remain with the summer campers. No one to spare. We worked it out so that I could leave Friday after breaks were done. That was the first time I can remember not letting anyone sit on my lap or not giving hugs since I came to work at the Center over five years ago. I didn’t want anyone to get whatever it was that I had.

Sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning I slept for about three hours. That was the last time I slept until Monday night. For real. I was taking (real) Sudafed, ibuprofen, Tylenol, and a daily iron pill (anemic), so that, along with the feeling really bad, probably had something to do with it. I actually felt wired.

I’m usually a 97.4-8F kind of person, so it’s hard for me to get a fever. But I did. All the way past 102.3 (Saturday). Friday night I didn’t take it because I felt too bad, but I felt much worse than the 102. Making sense? When I would walk down the hallway, the air on my skin nearly brought me to tears, so I’m thinking it was higher than 102. I’ve had five doctors and two nurse practitioners tell me that since I run a degree lower than average, I should add a degree to any temp I get. That would be a bit scary sometimes…..

Anyway, by Sunday evening, it was pretty bad. My throat felt very swollen and I had expected it to feel better. When I sneezed once and felt as if I was about to blow a hole in my throat, I figured it was time to suck it up and get to a doctor. All the urgent cares were closed by then, so I went Monday morning. Strep. Woohoo.  I didn’t think you could get it if you didn’t have tonsils…I was wrong.

Two nice things about the doctor visit. My BP is down ten points, yaaaaay!!!!! And the doctor (as well as the nurse) was really nice. He actually apologized as he examined my neck. I replied he wasn’t hurting me and he clarified. He said I was so incredibly swollen that he knew it had to hurt. Awwww. 

Got some meds and feel a bit better. Fever broke Monday morning, but I may have to take doc’s advice and call him for some stronger meds. Zithromax is relatively easy for the body to become accustomed to and it’s usually what I get prescribed, so…..

In other news, we have our new class. They are completely adorable. We currently have two sets of twins, but one set’s grandmother  works at a local high school with an in house daycare. Their mom has gotten them into a classroom there, so we’re losing them. Sad, but the two we will be replacing them with are pretty cool, too.

Roo has her first vet appointment later this afternoon. Hmmmm, we’ll see how spunky she is after that. She and Kitty Boss keep us up at night running through the house, jumping on the bed, wrestling, kicking around toys….they have a blast. I guess that worked out!

Tuesday, Newton (where I work) had a massive water main break. It was so bad that this morning the Center had to close for the day. Sad, huh? NOT!!! I can finally do a blog post and do something about my scary looking house. It must have been sick, too. It looks as if it’s thrown up all over the place….

During the next few days, I’ll be catching up on everyone’s blogs and working on my class project. Yeah, finally got info on my class and went to orientation, it’s all cool.

The weather is wonderful. We have a few red leaves out front. Shadows are long in the afternoon. The smell of new pencils and the squeaks of backpacks….  Autumn, I love you!!! Hurry, hurry!!!

Missed you guys, and thank you so much for all your well wishes. They were more appreciated than you know. Really 🙂



I’m MIA for a little bit. Got the flu in a bad way. Be back soon. Have a great weekend!

>I Love Cats, So I Can Do This….


>The Irresistible Summons


Every year during the first week of March, schools, including daycares, celebrate Dr. Seuss. This is always a fun time, filled with parties, movies, books, and dressing up as characters-at least where I work.

However, this year, I had an idea and presented it to Director, along with Medea’s help. Younger children are much more familiar with Eric Carle books. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, etc. We suggested an Eric Carle week. Guess what? It’s this week!

I like to keep my own copies of children’s books to use when I need them for themes throughout the year. I already had The Cloud, From Head to Toe, Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? and Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said The Sloth. I wanted a copy of The Very Busy Spider and picked one up at Barnes & Noble last week, their last copy on the shelf. We have all sorts of fun stuff to do this week (pretty great timing since it’s our last week with this group of kids before they move up), among them-hunting for all kinds of spider webs and spiders. Strangely, we’ve only found one spider….hmph.

Anyway, the point of this whole thing is this: when I brought my brand new spider book home, I did the first thing I always do with a new hardback book. I opened it up and put my face between the pages and breathed deeply. That new book smell. Mmmmm!!!! There’s nothing like it in the world. It’s the smell of the unknown and the newly created. A whiff of adventure and mystery. It’s the fragrance of fright, laugher, silliness and tears. An aroma of sorrow and hope.

Another deep breath. Invitation. Beckoning. Summoning…..

The inks, glues, papers and bindings have an essence that embodies and hints. It calls to me from deep within its center to come; to see and partake; experience and relish….and I always answer….

Do you have any ‘new book’ rituals?

>An Ode….Of Sorts…?

>If you believe what is written in the Bible, we were created to worship. Lucifer was created with pipes and timbrels inside of him. In the book of Ezekiel, angels sing praises all the time. This is just to introduce the concept that music is within us all.….or maybe the love of music…..

Music is powerful. It transcends language, ability, cognition, and culture. People are passionate about it. Millions of dollars are spent each year buying music and accessories on which to play or listen to it.

Did you know our DNA is musical? An ancient theory, now proven. A new theory concerns Stonehenge. Scientists and archeologists now believe that the ancient stones aided in ceremonies that induced a trance-like state. Using instruments that perfectly recreated the music produced hundreds of years ago, they found that the stones reverberated, quite powerfully, drum beats. Drum beats can actually alter the rhythm of the heart and affects part of the brain, inducing a calm, trance-like state. Some help was provided by the consumption of various plants….but that doesn’t take away from the power of the music.

In theory, listening to Mozart helps children learn, especially in mathematics. For me, classical music isn’t helpful. It makes me tense. Too much makes me angry. Maybe because it’s very technical. I love cello (Ron Clearfield) and piano (Harrison Edwards) all sorts of other instrumental music (2002, Arkenstone, Winston, others)…just in a more flexible way….

Music can change moods, bring smiles and tears. It can uplift or feed anger. It can inspire…..our MS, perhaps?

I’ve always wondered which I love more, words or music. Right now, and for the past few weeks, the answer is music. I can put a book away for a while before I begin to feel ‘hungry’ for a new adventure (or an old one). But every morning, I listen to music on the way to work. I have to. What I listen to changes, according to my mood or what the day ahead holds, or if it’s raining….

I listen to Handel’s Messiah (just two songs). Or Starship’s Laying It On The Line. I like Billy Squire’s Lonely Is The Night and  Eddie Money’s She Takes My Breath Away. I wear out the tracks I have from Dead Can Dance. Oman, Glorafin, Rakim, Enigma of the Absolute, American Dreaming-Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard have the most amazing voices…..He Reigns by Newsboys and Modern Day Moses by Kendall Payne can become anthems in my mind. Peter Gabriel’s live Secret World discs, U2’s live Bad or Where the Streets Have No Name… and so many many more…..

Sometimes I rearrange words or make my own and sing them with the artists. Juke Joint Jezebel and Whisper to a Scream. Do Ya and Take a Picture. 

Sometimes it’s just music without words….pictures painted on the walls of my psyche that create for me worlds where I am anyone, anything, anywhere and in anytime. Music is magic to me. It moves inside me and becomes…..I hold on and let go. I find myself and get completely lost. Time ceases to exist and I am consumed.

When it is time to come back from someplace Other, I am sad, but full. I have eaten a different kind of manna and I have, for the moment, been healed and sustained. I go about life with the knowledge that I have, for a moment, visited a secret world and taken part in something larger than the physical mind can comprehend. I miss it….and though I know I will go there again soon, I also know that maybe next time I will need a different  key. A new song, or an old one that I haven’t listened to in a while….


Here are a few songs that I love…I had to restrain myself because I wanted to put several more on here….I hope you take a few minutes and listen….

Because OMG Dave Evans (aka Edge) ROCKS!!!

And because I have loved this song forever and he brings such a variety of culture to his music….(went with the short studio version)

A little something angry and haunting…..

….and a little something different (love me some 2002!)

and something fun for the road….

>Updates and Flavors Of The Week

>Well, as you can see, my ‘puter is connecting to the internet. We’ll see how long that lasts. I wonder if it has something to do with the updates that it just downloaded earlier in the week…who knows?

Anyway, the Open House was pretty successful. It’s funny to see trends continue. Last year, the Older Two’s class (the children we are getting) only had one or two families show up. This time, four came to see us. Last year, in our class, all the parents came and they showed up again in their new Four’s Class. Interesting…

Finally finished IT. I really loved it, too. I’ve had the best time getting to know Parker and being able to talk about writing, history, authors and books this summer. Friday was his last day working in Summer Camp-he goes back to college on Monday.

Everyone one, myself included, is exhausted and feeling decidedly under the weather. I’ve tried to get as much done as possible, but I’ve had company two nights this week, so I am as behind as ever…..but it was Nephew, so it was fun company. And he doesn’t mind if the dishes aren’t washed.

The kitties are great friends, as of about Wednesday, wow! Kitty Boss only spent a few hours sulking before coming out to see this little whirlwind running around the house. By the end of the first day, they were both tentatively playing peek a boo. By Wednesday, I was worried the house wouldn’t be standing when I got home from work. They have a blast with each other. Yep, Roo (thanks Laughingwolf) is pretty darn good for Kitty Boss.

It’s been a long, hot, stressful summer. (Okay, now I’m in the mood to see Jason Robards, Judith Ivey, Don Johnson, and Cybil Shepherd-I’ve never seen the original one.) It’s taken a toll, too. Even though it means back to school for me, I’m looking forward to fall. Big time.

I have tons to catch up on and to prepare for next week….but I’m going to catch up on all your blogs this weekend (being without internet SUCKS!). Director wants to read a book together-I think she saw how much fun Parker and I had, and we’ve picked The Stand. Looking forward to that….

Do you ever feel like you’re looking through a mood darkly? Yeah, I know, I sort of stole that and tweaked it a little. I love tweaking. I’ve been in a place lately and it’s reflected in the music I’m listening to-over and over. So, since I’m going to have to start scheduling some posts ahead of time, I decided that maybe on Saturdays I’d do a playlist (very very brief playlist) of what I’ve been listening to during the week. This music is also reflective of my MC……

This week has been all about Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard. Lisa is the amazing voice you hear at the end of Gladiator, by the way. I like all sorts of music, sometimes because of a voice, sometimes because of a particular piece in the song, and sometimes because it just speaks to me….