>Uh, Surprise…?!!


 Well, I took the whole day off yesterday. I feel more rested, though my sinuses are still giving me a fit (lovely NC weather!) and I read about 300 pages in IT. Parker, Co-Teacher’s son, (he picked his nick-name) said he was going to have to lock himself in a room so he could catch up-we’re reading it at the same time so we can discuss it. So today is ‘catch up day.’ Going to get some errands done, maybe look for some shoes (tax free weekend!) and get some food (fur babies need some, too). ‘Babies,’ you ask? Yep. Babies.

Got a call from Sister In Law late Friday night. A kitten walked right up to her while she was letting her two Mini-Pins, as well as a guest she’s watching, have a potty time.

Of course, the first thing she did was call me. Pretty much everyone knows I LOVE kitties….and at first, Honey said NO. I was, um, not happy with his decision. We had tried this before and the other cat, while sweet to us, was not very nice to Kitty Boss. So she had to go back. (I cried the whole way.) This time, my argument was, this is a little bitty kitty. Kitty Boss wouldn’t be afraid of her or feel so threatened. He thought about it and ended up bringing her home after he got off work. And just ask me who’s played with her and cuddled with her the most? Hmmm? Honey, of course!

Sister In Law said she looks to be about two months old. I’m not good at that-we’ll have to find out when we schedule a visit to the doc. She’s very friendly, playful, and curious. This morning, she played for a long time with us on the bed, then fell asleep right in the middle of chasing my fingers through the sheet. So cute.

These pics don’t look right-she’s a medium light gray with cream accents. Her paws are HUGE and her legs are LONG, especially in comparison with her little kitten body. (Actually, she’s kinda strange looking.) I told Honey she looks like an opossum mixed with a Fennec Fox. Her facial markings look like a skull, or a Shaman wearing ceremonial face paint. I have no idea what to name her. I thought about Shadow or Monkey (for her long monkey arms)….

As for Kitty Boss, she is doing a 180 from last time. Before, she spent two days under the futon in Honey’s office, shaking. When she would come out to potty, she would worm her way along the floor and would only eat under the futon. This time, hissing a bit, she’s eating with the kitten, following her around, walking through ‘her’ house, tail straight up….I’m impressed with her. She can hiss for a couple days-it was her house first. But she’s not allowed to hit or fight; she’d hurt the new kitty and she has to learn to accept. Their personalities are strikingly similar-we’re hoping that will help them to become great playmates. Kitty Boss, after a few days, tried to comfort the other kitty-the one that was mean to her. We believe she will adapt quickly and ‘mommy’ this little one. mjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn21cdeZ#$######################333333333333333wwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee

that’s the little one’s typing, by the way!!! Oh dear, another kitty ‘puter nerd!

Anyway, later this evening, I’m goi
\ng -‘/B]\\\\\\\\76=

dang it! I’m going to catch up on all your blogs…and clean up the mess this kid is making of my desk!!! LOL!!! XD

Uh, any name suggestions?


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Awww I'm so glad they get along and you can give her a nice home!

  2. >…"It" is my favorite King novel. Prefer it over "The Stand," which many feel is the best work he's ever done. The kitten…yeah, thanks to my daughter, we have four now. Last summer a pregnant stray wandered into our backyard…spotted my daughter on the swings and…like I said, we have four now:(

  3. >I am reminded of all of the cats that came to live at our Nashville home…back in the 'day'.We rescued one kitty from the Shelter and somehow ended up with 13 before all was said and done.Mostly they just wandered into the yard…we put out food and water (since we couldn't have pets..we didn't bring any into the house..but there was a garage/basement with a little opening for them to come in out of the weather).We had a devil of a time finding good homes for all of them when we decided to move to Wyoming.As for names….I always tried to fit it to the personality whenever possible. One of my favorite kitties ever was 'Pretty Boy'….aptly named because of his superior grooming tendencies and because he really was a pretty 'boy'.

  4. >Cute pictures!!! Isn't it funny how the one who is most against the idea is the one who enjoys it the most! Your honey sounds a lot like my honey :)Happy Sunday!

  5. >Aw! Cute cat. šŸ™‚

  6. >What a sweetie. Kind of fun that she's a little strange looking.

  7. >Being that it is a requirement that all successful writers own at least one cat (I think it is written in the Constitution) I am sure your new kitten will help your writing. Congratulations on the newest member of your family.

  8. >I enjoyed this post tremendously. I hope kitty boss continues to accept the little one. I also hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  9. >My "Oliver" can't type any better than your kitty! However, he really likes to try. Maybe I should allow him his own blog?? Great cook? I love your flattery. The truth is, I love to eat, hence I enjoy making that happen. And, I've always had an appreciative audience.Best,Bonnie

  10. >I'm a sucker for kittens too . . . we have two cats right now and if it wasn't for the fact that they have to be indoor cats (too many wild creatures where we live that would eat them) I could easily be the crazy cat lady and have a bunch more.The little one is so cute, hope the two become great friends.

  11. >Such a cute kitten! I hope the two become good friends soon. Post more pictures when you take some.

  12. >with them thar huge, long back legs, gotta call her… ROO! šŸ˜‰ lol

  13. >***You know how you have those moments? Those 'face palm' Homer Simpson 'Doh!' moments? I just had one. I was in the process of responding to all your comments, needed to double check some info and CLICKED AWAY FROM THE PAGE!!!! Needless to say, I lost all the replies šŸ˜¦ I'm just going to post a general reply (I'm very sorry!), I hope that's okay…This evening when I got home, Kitty Boss and the little one WERE ACTUALLY PLAYING! Wow! As a child, strays somehow knew how to find me and I always took them in. People who offer shelter and food to any animal has a good, warm heart. As for inspiration, she may be more comic relief than anything, but since Hemingway had a cat…who knows? I could easily become the cat lady-if I had lots of money, room, help, and my husband's cooperation…yeah, probably not going to happen anytime soon. I'm glad you all enjoyed the post, I'll get more pics up really soon. Please don't let the little one know about animal blogs, she already can't stay away from the 'puter! Interestingly enough, she sure can hop on them thar long legs….

  14. >Aw, that is so sweet (reading your comment). Even the toughest cat can't resist a little kitten. I haven't had a kitten around in several years, all of my kitties have been full grown when they came here. We have a stray hanging around the back yard right now and looks like she is almost ready to call this her new home.

  15. >*SquirrelQueen-I haven't had a kitten around in years, either. I have to remember to watch where I'm walking because she's tiny enough to get stepped on! You're sweet to let the stray have a place to live, kudos to you!

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