>A Jacked Up Mess!!!!!!!


For a Monday, today wasn’t too bad. Our new class is a blast, we had a parent tour (a potential new child) that went so well that the mom is, and I quote “ecstatic”  about coming to our school and our room. Wow.

I got my first homework turned in….a few days late. Was supposed to be Friday, but, well….you know how it is.

I am incredibly sore from all the painting, climbing, bending, contorting I did while helping Nephew and CG prepare the new house they’re renting. It was really fun. They have a writing spider that’s easily four or five inches long. I’ll post a pic soon.

I tried out a recipe I got from Mary over at One Perfect Bite….the Black Bean Burrito. It was a massive hit. So far, everyone who’s tried it loved it. For me, it’s a big deal. My very first time dealing with cilantro, in any way whatsoever. I came home and cooked it for Nephew and CG (the first go around was for a dinner at work) and they took all the rest home! Honey has some for tomorrow….

So, what’s the jacked up mess? I made Honey a banana pudding. I am a WHIZ at banana puddings. They actually taste better than they look, and they look pretty darn good. (No credit to me, I got the recipe from Medea at work!) Apparently, there’s some sort of quota balance in the universe. If one makes a good meal, the dessert is gonna mess up. Some how. Some way. Yeppers. For the first time since I learned how to make a banana pudding, it came out all wrong.

I ran out of pudding. I ran out of wafers. I had to scrape pudding across the last layer just to barely get it covered. There are gaps! There are dents! There are nekkid edges!!!! Stubborn thing that I am, I said ‘bump it’ and decided to just put the cookies on top and stick it in the fridge anyway. That’s when I ran out of Nilla Wafers!!!!!!! Aaarrrrggggg!

Sorry! I didn’t mean to upset the meal/dessert balance!

It looks jacked up, but it still tastes pretty darn good. Yeah, though it hasn’t had nearly enough time to set, I got a bowl (from the wafer-less end) and ate it while typing this post. For spite. I reckon I need to go to time out for stubbornness and attitude.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get around to passing out the awards that have so generously been bestowed upon me. Now that I think about it, I better hurry before people figure out that I have a stubborn little temper!

Have a great Tuesday everyone! And thanks, Mary, for the super recipe!


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I've always not cared how a meal looked. It gets mashed and bashed in your tummy anyway. It's all about the taste.And I am sure it tasted great. And guys, being guys, I believe that is all your husband cared about — and the fact that after a hard day's work, you cared enough about him to cook him banana pudding. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. My fallen angel makes an encore in the FIGHT BLOG post — in the Hidenburg over Rio, sailing by the Christ the Redeemer Statue. Have a better tomorrow, Roland

  2. >*Roland-mashed and bashed, I like it! I used to be OCD in lots of ways (I still am, I just learned how to work around it). None of my foods could touch and I had to eat them clockwise-one thing at a time till it was gone, then the next. My grandpa used to give me a hard time, telling me it all got mixed up in the tummy anyway. The very first time I 'mixed' anything was pinto beans with onions. It was pretty good! Since then, it's been pretty much anything goes….I really like the fallen angel. She's so sad! I hope that you find her something or someone to care about, or that she goes out fighting, with honor….As for the banana pudding…there are some things I'm pretty good at and making a pretty pudding is one of them. I used to be really uptight and get seriously angry when something wouldn't turn out right. Now, I just make fun of it! Neither of us care what it looks like, as long as it tastes good 🙂 In the end, that's all that matters. And yep, he was happy to have it. I'd send you some, but by the time it got there, besides being ugly, it'd probably be soured and moldy. Then you'd have to sue me for food poisoning and I wouldn't be able to comment on your blog anymore. I'd still READ it, but no more commenting, lol! Have a great Tuesday!

  3. >Love the photo. Um…didn't know I could go to time out for attitude. Might need an adjustment 🙂

  4. >*Carol-well, as I see it, grown ups can go to time out for pretty much anything they want. The rule is, you get one minute for every year of your age. For me, that's a pretty good time out!!!!

  5. >mmmm, banana pudding. i also like the Honey in the same mention as the banana pudding. mmmm, banana pudding and honey. and wafers, even if you ran out of them. it all sounds so sweet and good:)

  6. >OH OH, banana pudding! You're right that will beat the blues! Southern people LOVE banana pudding or at least this southerner. :)I hope you are not near the coast, Earl looks to be heading your way. Thanks for cheering me up 😀Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. >Well, Becky, I hope that you don't get too upset and find the balance that you're looking for soon! Just relax and write on!

  8. >Thank you for the kind words and compliments. The link was especially appreciated. Are you sure you aren't doing to much. That sounded like a really full weekend. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Have a great evening. Blessings…Mary

  9. >I am a bit of a food mixer when I eat so looks would not have stopped me from scarfing that tasty pudding. It all goes to the same place. As long as it tastes good or proves a interesting experience, I will eat it no matter the looks. And I went to that food link. I loooove recipes and talking food. Thanks and good luck!

  10. >I'd love you banana pudding recipe. Want to share it?I cook with cilantro all the time, since I make some Mexican dish just about every week. The great thing about it is you can eat the stems too, so you don't have to pull off each leaf as neatly as with other herbs.I hope you're less sore today. Sounds like you did a lot and you're probably still recovering.

  11. >*Ed-you made me smile. Guys and food…. :)*Jules-nightmares about Hugo have me praying Earl stays out at sea!!!!!*Vatche-I decided, purely for spite *wink* to do as much damage to the pudding as possible, by eating it!!! 😛

  12. >*Mary-you are more than welcome, and thank you! Yeah, it was pretty busy and I'm still getting caught up. But it's kind of normal-feast and famine stuff. Thanks for caring!*Nicole-I've gotten better at that….and I'm glad you enjoyed Mary's link. She's a fab cook and all her recipes are healthy. *Theresa-it's funny. The kids asked me if I was tired when I groaned Monday as I sat down. They offered me their cots for a nap! I'm less sore today, though. Whew! I'll email the recipe-it's crazy easy.

  13. >lol… ALL good… EXCEPT cilantro, of ANY kind, in ANY thing… it's SOAP, pure'n simple! GRRRRRRR

  14. >*Laughingwolf-really? This was my first time ever experiencing it. Soap-hahahahaha, sorry you don't like it!

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