>Okay, Okay. I’ll Tell The Truth


Well, it’s time for me to fess up and let you know the answers to the seven questions from the Creative Writer Blogger Award.

1. I really have traveled as far as El Paso. We (mom and I) went to pick up my sister. Her then husband was stationed there and she was pregnant and very sick and he couldn’t get leave time. I learned that I couldn’t easily live where it’s flat and without lots of trees. I also learned I DON’T LIKE LONG ROAD TRIPS!

2. I really can write like this. If I can talk Honey into it, I’ll video the process.

3. *eek* Yep. I’m a cradle robber. Or a cougar. Which sounds better? Or less creepy?

4. Where we (Honey and my sister and I) used to work, before the layoff, safety was a big deal. Contests were always happening and when they offered $250 for some kind of safety skit, I got two of my friends together and came up with an idea. We’d make a movie! I wrote a skit, picked out the music, and directed. One of the two, Janie, edited and put in the music. We dressed as Emmett Kelly type clowns and one of the maintenance men made us cars from cardboard boxes. It was lots of fun and really pretty cool. That’s me in the middle. And below, I’m sticking out my tongue at my brother who’s taking the picture.

5. At the Center, we are privileged to go to Conference every September. (Not this year-it moved to a too-far-away city. But it will be back next year!) Director and Assistant come up with all sorts of team building exercises. Imagine-at a large, swanky hotel, twenty some people running through, up, down, in, and out-on a scavenger hunt. We have had to find items all over the hotel, inside and out. Business cards signed by the owners. White rocks. A flyer from a specific class. A menu from a particular eatery. A receipt with a stranger’s name on it. Any bizarre thing they could come up with. The winners would get an extra day off with pay. And let me tell you, WE. ARE. COMPETITIVE!

I was on a team once with a VERY pregnant co-worker and I laughed so hard I couldn’t walk, much less run. She held her large round tummy and took off like a sprinter. One of the items we once needed was a black sock. It was summer! If anyone had socks at all, they were white! The only people we could find with black socks were the gentlemen behind the check in desk!!! The guy we hit up had already given a sock to an opposing team. He generously gave us his other one 🙂 We didn’t win but we didn’t care. We were happy to not get thrown out of the place 😛  Oh, we did return the nice guy’s socks!

This was also the time when we went out an exit that set off an alarm. We ran faster than security, but it was quiet dizzying to go down twenty four flights of stairs at top speed…round and round and round…whew!

6. I have bitten a thermometer in half before. My mom almost had a cow, but I was fine. I was very sick and shivering and I guess my chattering teeth just chattered too hard!

7. I do NOT have a hand written letter, addressed to me, from Stephen King. It’s from Dean Koontz.


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I was wrong. How cool about the long, signed letter even if it was a different author.Not cradle robber or cougar. How about, he's your soul mates and souls don't have ages, or is that too long?I'd love to see this writing method!

  2. >Wow, that letter is still really cool! Good thing you're okay from biting that thermometer!

  3. >Wow, great lies. Or truths I should say. And hey, Stephen, Dean, who cares, it's from one of 'them'.

  4. >That's an interesting way of writing!

  5. >How cool is that letter!?! I'm with you, I could never live somewhere flat. I can barely live in Los Angeles, where we do have mountains (though I don't think they count as true mountains if you can reach the top on a hike in less than an hour so we have HILLS). I long for the true mountains of the Pacific Northwest with real pine trees! I love your safety picture! You should put the skits on YouTube! 🙂

  6. >Absolutely, Soulmates do not have ages!!! Love this post & so wish I could go on one of these events with you and your group! How much fun I would have with you!!!! Maybe we'll meet up at a Blogging conference some day! That would be Awesome!!! ~ Coreen

  7. >i love the expression 'have a cow.' i've been giggling to myself over it for the last few weeks, actually, thinking it's due for a comeback.cougar sounds better:)

  8. >*Theresa-awwww, I like the soul mates! Maybe sometime this week I'll get a video of the writing process. I saw a thing on tv a few years ago about people who could do stuff like this. It's because something in their brain didn't connect as it was developing!!!!!*Aubrie-I can remember just leaning over and letting the pieces drop out of my mouth. It's one of the very few times I ever saw my mom panic!*Anne-thanks, either way! And I agree, the letter is pretty cool, no matter who it's from! *Golden Eagle-I've used it as an ice-breaker many times. When I used to do it all the time, I could write two different words. Don't know that I'd be able to do that now…

  9. >*Jennie-I have no idea where the video is now. I've moved a few times since then and I fear it's lost forever. The Pacific Northwest-I was telling Honey the other day that I'd like to visit there for a while…I adore rain and cool weather.*Coreen-we have an absolute blast! We do attend classes throughout the day (need the credit hours) but they're useful classes. New ideas and products, plus tons of vendors. But the best part is the team building and togetherness. Our director likes us to be as family-like as possible. We sure act like one, warts and all!A blogging conference-that would be awesome!*Ed-I think of that expression as being very country. I work with a very sweet, but very comical lady who says, "Oh my lands!" with such a country accent that I crack up every time I hear her say it. Cougar, huh…well, actually, he chased me, so what would that be? I'd really like to see you giggling to yourself, btw.

  10. >Ooo – hand-written letter from author! That is so special, something to treasure. Love the sound of those scavenger hunts – you do sound a competitive lot! Tons of fun. 🙂

  11. >Just think…all of these wonderful little 'events' of your life…gave you something very interesting to blog about and…most important…gave you some of the best memories ever!

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