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Honey works six days a week and usually doesn’t get home till after 9pm. Ugh! He loves his job and gets to do what he loves-mess with computers. (He does more, that’s just his favorite part.)

Anyway, his boss set up a day for him so he can leave early, usually around 2pm. Every week! Woohoo.

But this past week, things were really busy and the BossMan forgot. Know how he fixed it? Gave Honey Saturday off. Yep, the whole day.

We didn’t make any elaborate plans, so we just drove around, running some errands. It was gray and (softly) raining.

Remember his solution for my computer woes? He’s giving me his and he’s going to tinker with mine. He doesn’t use a computer too much at home, anyway. I’ve tried to do some writing, but the desk chair makes my back hurt. Which, on top of the achiness I’ve picked up from helping Nephew and CG, is creating a bit of real pain.

So, he decided we were going to get something I’ve wanted for a while-a daybed. It gives me somewhere else to write as well as a place to go when I’m up and down all night or sick. (I don’t like to wake him and the sofa is not comfortable at all.) Wow!

So, right now, my little office looks like it exploded. I’m putting it back together, though. Slowly.

In other news, Kitty Boss has not cuddled with me much since Roo came along. She’s a Daddy’s girl and her attitude(?) never changed toward him. However, the past couple days, she’s been curling up with me, talking to me, sitting in my lap, and letting me give her purr-inducing scratches and rubs. Hmmmm, maybe she’s forgiven me? Or perhaps, like her mommy, she prefers fall weather? I don’t know, but right now, she’s purring  and curled up next to me on my new daybed.

Honey worked all evening taking my desk apart (and in a bit, I’m going to put it back together) and setting up the db. He waited patiently while I picked out bedding, pillows, and a new throw. He really doesn’t like shopping, but he’s a good sport. Then, he went over to Nephew’s to fix his computer issues and help set up some electronic stuff. So today, he’s out golfing with his buddies.

When I get my little space all put back together, I’ll post some pics. Right now, I’m gonna take a little nap with  Kitty Boss. My achy back is actually giving me a headache. That’s a good enough excuse, don’t you think?

And, yeah, I really want one of those donuts! Maybe two…..

Anyway, I hope everyone has managed to find time to play, relax, and enjoy this weekend.


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >i'm glad he's home early so you can spend more time together… my hubby and i's schedule is pretty hectic too… we have conflcting days off and it's such a treat just to have one day when we are all off together! have a great weekend and can't wait to see your space when it's done… as for the donuts, have three! xoxo

  2. >I like the idea of writing on a daybed. So does your cat! It's probably a nice, snuggly spot.How nice you got to spend more time together with "Honey". I hope you get your space the way you want it and feel better soon. Have a great week!

  3. >A day bed, lucky! I had a great weekend.

  4. >This was a nice break from critiquing.And I'm totally jealous you have "writing space". I share everything, and not usually happy about it.Hope you had a good nap. A nap with a cat is my favorite break :)……..dhole

  5. >my back hurts, too, from computer use. i need a great chair and set up. someday… drat, i say someday so often i guess it really means not really going to happen.hope you had a great weekend:)

  6. >grats on the new stuff!rest that back as much as you can…for me, friday 13th came today… monday… awaiting results of my pup's bloodwork taken today

  7. >A new daybed for the office sounds great, some of those computer chairs can really be a pain in the ….back.

  8. >Oh…it all sounds so soothing and downright 'heavenly'…

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