>That Kind Of Evening


You just got home from work. It’s been a long stressful day. You’re tired. Maybe weary. There’s dinner to be cooked. Homework to be checked. Lunches to be packed….
 It’s getting cold outside.

So slow down and imagine….
A pot of soup is heating up on the stove and cheese toast is warming in the oven. The fragrance of comfort fills the room….
 Giggles and whispers float around the table, the scritch scratch of pencils on paper add punctuation to the whispering wind….
Deepening shadows caress the reds, yellows and oranges that dance over carpets of leaves in the setting sun….
 Warm bodies of innocence nestle in cozy flannel….
 Slippered feet bounce….
to quilted havens….
  Soft kisses, protective hugs, clandestine stories….
 Smothered giggles, haunted tales, streaming moonlight…..
 Dreams of adventure….
 And now….
A warm, glowing fire adds the aroma of wood smoke, calling forth possibilities from the darkness. Flames dance, mesmerizing and hypnotic….
 The sparkle of frost bejewels the landscape….
 Subtle perfume permeates enveloping water as it loosens, invites, calms….
 Candlelight flickers, illuminating imagination born from worn familiar pages….
 Gentle rain soothes from the roof….
Night beckons
Sleep visits….
The mind and body heal.

many photos from zedge.net. others are from all over. none are mine nor do I intend to profit in any way from them.  The moonlight cloud image from: http://www.irishviews.com/moonlight.html.


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >This was awesome!!!! I loved! I think this is my favorite post so far on the blogosphere!!! I'm dying to have a nice warm bubble bath now! This was so serene and peaceful, you write so elegantly, it's hard not to find myself capitvated by every word.

  2. >*Jen-awwww, you're so sweet!!!!! I'm glad you liked it. A nice hot bubble bath, a couple candles and some music….sounds like a plan!

  3. >This was quite lovely. I agree with Jen, it has a sense of peace and elegance about it that was so real I felt like I could touch a calm pond and feel a gentle breeze touch my cheek.

  4. >Absolute perfection. I agree with Jen, this has to be one of my favorite posts ever! The images and the words work beautifully together. I felt as though I'd escaped to some idyllic world without ever leaving my chair.

  5. >Wow – you took me down to such a state of relaxation with this post that I'm going to bookmark it in my favorites for future use. So perfect! I'm going to go make a cup of tea and settle in for an evening of rewrites. I'll probably be back to look at this again several times tonight!

  6. >Oh my goodness, I wasn't all that excited about the arrival of fall until I read your post. Now I want to build a fire in the fireplace and curl up with a book and hot cocoa. Unfortunately it still rather warm outside but autumn will arrive soon.

  7. >Very relaxing, calm, and I love the descriptions!

  8. >Oh – oh! I was in love from that first picture, and now I am melting in a goo of happiness. This was lovely – your words beautifully accompanied the gorgeous pictures. I so want that house, that book, that sunset, that soup! How funny that you wanted to print out my post (the little poem), as I want to do the exact same thing with yours. 🙂

  9. >It certainly sounds like a beautiful day described by one who has a way with words. This was a lovely post. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

  10. >Mmmmm! Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Makes me think of younger days.lee Tossing It Out

  11. >So evocative of sweet memories and the comforts of home. Beautifully written!Best,Bonnie

  12. >May I please move in? That sounds magical. I loved this post.

  13. >What a mood you create, even without the pictures. May I join you to hang out on that cold night?

  14. >*Maryann-thank you. Your mention of a calm pond made me think of late spring days when it's just beginning to get warm, drifting along in a canoe, a parasol and a white, gauzy dress….and dragonflies!*VR-wow! I am touched! I hope you had a nice time there. I want to go there myself…..*Jeannie-mmmmm, a cup of hot tea sounds really great about now. The day was really warm, but the evening is getting pretty cool. I am so pleased that you liked it!*SquirrelQueen-hahaha-in the summer, when it rains, I want to have a fire! And, wouldn't you know, after scheduling this post, it got hot! Nearly 90 degrees! Ah well, soon enough!*Golden Eagle-thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

  15. >fabulous mood you create here with these images and accompanying words. so durn cozy:)

  16. >*Jayne-you're very sweet, thank you. I want that bed!!! It was a custom order from someone who crafts them in California. I don't want to imagine the cost.I, too, would love that house, the fireplace (ours is a coal burning one, so we can't use it), the bath, even the bunk beds! Thanks again for the kind words!*Mary-thank you; you're very sweet. If I could write like you can cook, I'd be set! And it has been a pretty good week. Thanks!*Lee-I think tomato soup and grilled cheese/cheese toast is such a classic. I get all nostalgic whenever I eat it. Especially on a chilly day, on the sofa, watching some adventure movie….mmmmmm. Have a great week!*Bonnie-thanks. I hadn't thought about the nostalgic element, but you're right. It makes me want to be a little girl again. For a minute or two anyway….glad you liked it.*Jenny-sure! If you don't mind the cats! *Theresa-oooooo! We could have a grown-up slumber party!!! Come on, whatchya waiting for?!!*Ed-it's nice to see you. I know how busy you are. I like cozy….thanks!

  17. >Lovely, cozy, yummy. :)Happy Humpday!Lola

  18. >Absolutely lovely. I feel all nice and snug, warm and cozy, even though I'm barefoot and wearing shorts.

  19. >Hi.Would it be possible to credit the moonlight cloud image athttp://www.irishviews.com/moonlight.html ?Thanks!

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