>A Song For DreamSinger. And His Creations…..

>Have you ever looked back to your high school years and thought about how naive and arrogant you were? I have.

When I was a Junior, my English teacher read us an article about whether or not people (readers, editors, etc.) should disregard an author’s intent and apply their own. I passionately argued that the only interpretation, the only conclusion, the only viewpoint that mattered or was right, was the author’s. I felt people did not have the right to see it differently. It was fundamentally wrong to me.

Boy, my inexperienced opinion was only a step or two above wanting to dictate what people should think…about anything! Thankfully, I have moved way beyond such narrow-minded misconceptions and opinions!

We each bring to the table, or pages, our own perceptions, experiences, lenses and moods, coloring our interpretations with shades different from what the author originally used. That’s what makes reading a great book with characters that you grow to love and/or admire, such a personal experience.

It’s much the same with music. I’m not talking about all the different preferences we have. I’m talking about the soundtracks.

I love the soundtrack from The Book of Eli. I also love the one from The Big Chill. If I’ve read a book and feel really close to the characters, invariably, I will hear songs that remind me of them.

Saigon Kick has a song called All I Want. I think it’s perfect for Edward’s feelings for Bella. INXS’ Afterglow is perfect for the end of the first Odd Thomas book. You may have read these books and know these songs and completely disagree.

So, what’s your point, you ask.

It’s this: I have music that I listen to when I think about scenes for my MC and MS. While for my story the music may mean one thing, it could easily mean something different for someone else’s story-have a different tone, invoke different moods or feelings.

Here are two that I hear and see with my MC, but when I hear them, they also make me think of Roland’s characters. I had two others but couldn’t find a video for one of them and the other is pretty long (8 minutes) and I didn’t want to overload you.

This one is for Sam and Roland and the other male characters who’ve struggled through a hard life and seek solace and redemption, even though I think the latter isn’t needed in the way they believe….

And this one is, primarily, for the fallen angel, but also for all the ladies (and their gentlemen) with tortured souls who long so badly for their loves:

Let me know what you think of my picks, I’m curious.

Here are the lyrics to both songs. They are not mine. They belong to Dead Can Dance and I, in no way, intend to use them for any kind of profit in any way whatsoever.

Favored son
Turn in the garden
Shades of one
Sins forgotten
Favored signs to find hope
In the rounds of life
Favored rhymes to find hope
In the sands of life
Favored son
Fence in your heart
Saviored son
Sins forgotten

Enigma of the Absolute
Saloman hung down her head
Laid bare her heart
for the world to see
She craved for intimacy
Through the darkened doors
Her aspect veiled with indecision
Gazed out to sea
She craved lucidity
Cast adrift
from past relationships 
in her life
Hoisted up the ideal
This was her saving grace
Sea's of rage
That once assailed
her concern for the truth
Had past her by
And left her high and dry
In her saviors arms
In her saviors arms
In her saviors arms
Across the sea
lies the fountain of renewal
Where you will see
The whole cause of your loneliness
Can be measured in dreams
That transcend all these lies
and I wish and I pray
That there may come a day
for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms

Tomorrow, I will post what I see when I hear the music....

(on my preview, the words to the enigma of the absolute are not together...but they are on the compose screen...?)

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Dead Can Dance makes such ethereal music. I really enjoy listening to them and your picks are good ones.LeeTossing It Out

  2. >*Lee-I'm impressed! I don't know too many people who know the group, and thanks!

  3. >I would be the person you are talking about, I wasn't sure of who the group was, but I do like them! Thanks for sharing.As for high school, every time I open up my novel I realize how naive I was, only this time I know the mistakes, but my characters don't 😉

  4. >Hey Words Crafter, thanks for your kind comments on my story today.If we haven't changed since high school that would be too sad for words, but it is good that you had such strong opinions and weren't afraid to share them at the time. It shaped who you are today.I hadn't heard of Dead Can Dance but I do love ethereal music, Kate Bush style. Good pics for you..:)

  5. >Thanks for the very kind words, Words Crafter. The music is beautiful and haunting. It is 4 A.M. and I am just dragging in. 12 hours straight is a killer.Sam and Fallen thank you. Samuel Clemens winks at you, the old soundrel. Roland

  6. >You and I definitely had the wrong teachers. I just as passionately argued that each of us interpreted what we read based on our own experiences and knowledge, and that no one knew what the author intended or meant, so how could my interpretation be wrong just because it didn't match with hers. Darn near failed the class.

  7. >i went through a similar stage. i even sent a letter to the editor of the chicago tribune saying something like there's nothing wrong with attempting to get people to think the same way. ha! it's good to grow past that stage, eh?:)

  8. >I've been out of school so long…I can't remember too much about what I thought 'back then'.I guess it mostly matters what I think now…and I like having a 'mind of my own'…at least what is 'left' of it:)

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