>Where I’ve Been


 Wow, can you believe I haven’t been on the computer since I left it sometime Thursday evening? It’s been that crazy.

I’ve been working on a short story-fan-fiction kind of thing. I got a good bit of it done at work Friday during nap time….yeah, I forgot it in my drawer-at work….duh!

I’m also trying to wrap my head around some new laws and regs that are coming into effect very soon regarding daycare. Co-Teacher and I, as well as Director and Assistant, are trying to get a head start on re-doing rooms-again!

 I’m all about safety and doing what’s best for the kids, but some things are just ridiculous. And it really stinks that some things get taken away because of lazy people abusing a privilege. Sorry-venting.

I’ve also been trying to keep/catch up with my homework. I’m hanging onto the fact that next semester I get to take a class that I actually want to take. A science class-geology (I like earth sciences-I really don’t like life sciences). Then I’m done!!!!!

After that, I’ll look into another English class or a writing class-just for me and not because anyone is requiring it of me.

I also have to do more work on the project for the co-op class….but some of that has to change now, too. Sigh…..

That antique hutch we got from Honey’s grandmother? It had wood mold on it. I’ve been doing research online and trying everything under the sun to get rid of it.

Finally, I asked Nephew if there was anything at his work that could do the job. (He is currently working for a company that comes in after a fire or a flood/water damage and cleans up and out and repairs, etc.) Sure enough, he mixed up a bottle full of magic for me and I went to town last weekend.

I waited the whole week to see if it was going to grow back. (That’s what has taken so long-waiting to see if it’s coming back. I don’t like having to take stuff out, rewash it, and do it all over again.) I’ve found that wood mold grows pretty quickly. Good news! No sign of it. So, I cleaned the hutch again, polished it, rewashed all the dishes and filled that sucker up. Now, I have an organized kitchen that I can actually work in. Whew!

And today-well, let me back up a sec. Roo found my sister in law, Pooh, one night. Pooh called us and, in the end, Roo came to live with us. Pooh had given her an over the counter flea treatment. Hmmmm. When we took her for her check up (her eyes are doing great!), we learned that they’re back. So, we treated both Roo and Kitty Boss, the carpet and all the rugs, and washed everything they’ve lain on.

It’s been busy. And it’s taken pretty much all my time. It may be Tuesday before I can get to everyone’s blog to catch up, but I will do it.

Till then, I hope you all have had a restful weekend and that the coming week is full of wonderful surprises.

BTW-I don’t know where all of you live, but it’s been glorious here-much needed rain, gray, shadowy, leaves on wet pavement, a gentle breeze….mmmmmm, contentment!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Wow. You have had a week haven't you. I know what you mean about the fleas, I have dogs and I hate those little buggers. They get everywhere and make everyone 2 and 4 legged miserably.Hope your coming week is a little less exciting than the last one.

  2. >You certainly have had a week, and that's for sure. This past week I've driven 2000 miles and worked sixty hours with half of that on-call. WHEW!!At the blood center for which I work, when the FDA doesn't load us down with new regs, the center itself comes up with new protocols that drive us crazy.Thanks for the great comments on my posts. I hope I didn't bruise you with that short story I burdened you with. Hang in there, Roland

  3. >wood mold, huh? sounds like you had a week. it's been roasting hot in southern california this weekend, and really for the first time this year. so i shouldn't complain, but i do anyway:)

  4. >That is one week! It's been rainy and cloudy here, too; I'm loving it, especially because the trees are beginning to change color.

  5. >You have been one busy woman. I'm exhausted – LOL.

  6. >You have been busy – I'd been wondering where you were. I'm glad you're back!It was in the 90s Saturday. 60s and sun turning to clouds on Sunday. 60s and rain on and off today. And now the leaves are beginning to change.

  7. >I'm tired just reading this, but I'm glad you're back!We're enjoying the cooler fall weather in Atlanta except for the wind, rain, thunderstorms and hail. 🙂

  8. >Busy is right! I had a home daycare for 10 years back hoome, when my 3 boys were young. I loved it and the I'm still close to most of the kids I had even now. Weird being facebook friends with now and they range from Freshman in High School to Seniors in College. Makes me feel old now. Ha..I probably wouldn't do it now adays though, because of all the regulations and constant changes. I sure commend you, I know first had what an Important job you have. Hope this week is a little slower or less busy for you!! Hugs,Coreen

  9. >grats on the successes on so many fronts, b!but yeah, seems clowns everywhere make life difficult for the rest of the world, hence your new regs! :(wanna share the wood mold treatment?

  10. >We've had some real 'fall weather' here in the Midwest…and another whole week forecast!! I LOVE this time of year.I do need to go check my ONE pot of flowers that I have outside though…we were supposed to get a Frost last night..and I need to see if they made it.

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