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>A Pre-Halloween Fix….With A Side Order Of Huh?


Well, Saturday sure was an adventure, for the kitties, anyway. 
It was time for Kitty Boss’s shots to be updated.
And Roo, well, Roo got fixed yesterday.
It’s all very strange, too. I think some kind of Halloween hoodoo is going on.
Kitty Boss is painfully shy. Roo is outgoing.
However, CG said that Roo had to be sedated twice-she woke up while they were processing her for the procedure.
Kitty Boss breezed through hers like a textbook entry.
Roo was in her carrier, hissing at everyone that tried to touch or pet her-
And Kitty Boss was sitting on a table, LETTING EVERYONE PET HER!
She never lets ANYONE pet her other than Honey and me!!!!!!
Roo couldn’t be picked up until 6pm, so we left them both there
hoping Kitty Boss wouldn’t do her usual day of hissing at Roo
(we think she doesn’t like the way Roo smells after visiting the vet).
Didn’t help. She’s still hissing at her.
And Roo is both comical and pitiful.
Because she had two rounds of sedative, she was quite uncoordinated.
She would stand on her hind legs…..and ever so slowly tilt backward.
She would try to walk straight, and would go somewhat sideways.
When she would try to jump up onto the bed or couch,
sometimes she’d make it. Sometimes not.
And the look on her little face made me laugh and want to cry at the same time.
She spent much of the night/morning curled up under the comforter with me. 
She’s much better this morning, the effects of the sedative finally wearing off.
Hopefully, while we’re gone, Kitty Boss will be nice to her.
Honey has to work tomorrow
so we’re doing something today for my b-day.
We’re going to the RenFest.
With BossMan and his wife.
Don’t know if Furby is going to be able to go.
His wife isn’t feeling too well.
I hope to get tons of pics-
I could schedule a couple posts with them.
NaNo starts tomorrow…
So anyway, that was our Saturday. 
The house seemed too quiet and empty without the kitties 
chasing each other up and down and in and out
and wrestling and climbing and knocking things off.
I hate the mess they’re capable of making
but I love their presence 
and watching Kitty Boss playing with Roo.
Roo is like a little force of nature.
You have to love her-she gives so much of it.
You have to laugh-she’s so darn comical.
You have to play with her-everything is a toy.
You may not stay inside your shell (Kitty Boss)-she’ll blow it away.
Yeah, she’s  pretty stinkin’ lovable.
So’s Kitty Boss. Who knows? 
Maybe because of Roo, other people will get to see it now….
Have a happy, safe, and fun Halloween!

>Reacquainting, Meeting, Explaining And Introducing….


You know how you have those strange kinds of days? Let me back up….

This has been one heck of a week. Back-to-back days of tornadoes/damaging winds/severe thunderstorms/torrential rains…..and I heard the train. The ‘train’ lasted about five minutes, then just stopped. Thankfully, it never reached the ground…..

In addition to the weather issues, I’ve had a sinus migraine that’s been kicking my butt for nearly a week. It eases off, lingers, then reminds me that it’s still around. Atmospheric pressure plays a part in the whole mess, too. Yippee.

I work in childcare. It’s a standard rule of thumb that whenever there’s a holiday, the kids are going to act up, bicker, be cranky, cry, fight, etc. I can honestly say that, for the most part, they’ve behaved exceptionally well. And today was a blast. We had a parade to show off everyone’s costumes. Then each class took a turn trick-or-treating to all the classrooms and the office.
 After lunch and nap time, we all had our parties. The kids in our class deserve gold stars-they were that great!

I was supposed to go to a ‘meet and greet’ sort of thing at B & N tonight for local nano-ers, but I didn’t make it. Headache, remember?

This evening has been spent trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs and I’m still so far behind. So, fair warning: you may see me, you may not. But I will eventually make it around, even if it’s just one time a week. Just for the month of November. Then it should be business as usual. And I’m  scheduling posts ahead of time, too.                

So anyway. Back to the strange kind of day. Evening, actually. I was visiting a blog and Mummer’s Dance came on. Love that song. Have the CD! Continuing! I looked at the list the blogger had and found some oldie favorites. Then I stumbled upon Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. I hadn’t heard that song in a long time.

I closed my eyes and listened to it again. I saw my MC from my WIP. Her life is filled with death. Horror. Difficult choices. Sorrow. Pain. And much of it at her hands and her choices. So she writes. And sings. Music is her salvation.

She was dancing and singing Send Me On My Way, tears of pain running down her face. She isn’t ashamed of her tears. She’s earned them. For the first time in a while, we were close again. We haven’t figured out one of the critical needs for our story, but the silence caused by the frustration in trying to solve this one thing, is over. Inside of me, she danced again. Her joy, her freedom, her balm is music. It’s where she’s happy. It’s where she heals. As this song played, she shared her joy and released some of her pain. It was real to me once again. 

She doesn’t look like these pictures (all from But they sort of
capture her essence. She isn’t blonde. I think she may have auburn hair. She isn’t beautiful. She’s compelling. She doesn’t do skimpy. She’ll do flirty, though. Really, a warrior would have a difficult time with any kind of combat in some of the outfits, or lack thereof, that I found. And she uses duel swords.

Those she must war against are very capable. Seasoned. And they fear and hate everything she represents. Hopefully, after nano, I’ll have some clarity and we can begin serious work on her story.

In other news, I’ve had fun meeting new people through Theresa’s blog haunting party. If you haven’t already, you should go over and check it out. There are prizes to be won if you share info about the haunt. All you have to do is give a little info about your blog then visit three other blogs from her comment section. Easy!

I would also like to introduce Parker to everyone. He’s finally started a blog! Woohoo! He is my Co-Teacher’s son and he is currently attending a university near me. His intention is to major in history and become a high school teacher. He’s a rabid  an avid Stephen King fan-he’s the one who got me to read IT. He’s also crazy about Harry Potter, as well as the Lost series. 
He is not only a Teaching Fellow, but he’s part of the events staff and just spent a whole week meeting and working with Harry Potter scholars and even got to attend and work a concert. Jealous! 
He’s also doing NaNo with me and could use some support. Like most of us, he works AND goes to school. So take a couple minutes and go over and check him out. You’ll learn a bit about some of the HP experts he met this week. Um, his real name isn’t Parker. It’s William. 

>Want To Meet Some New Friends? Well, Go Haunt Them!


If you haven’t already, head on over to Theresa’s blog and join in the haunting. All you have to do to participate is: (copied and pasted from Theresa’s post)

From 10/28-11/1 come haunt my blog. (meaning Theresa’s)

Leave a comment:

1) Tell us about your blog.

2) If you’re a writer, what genre(s) do you write?

3) Are you looking for a critique partner(s)?

4) Did you advertise the Halloween Haunting? (*See below.)

Then haunt at least 3 other the blogs of at least three other commenters.

*If you advertise my HALLOWEEN HAUNTING on Twitter, Facebook, and/or your blog, you’ll be eligible to win one of THREE signed BOOKS:

 Tantalized by Cythia Leitich Smith
Green Angel by Alice Hoffman
Travel Team by Mike Lupica

It’s open to US and international residents.

So, go on over and meet some new people and, if you advertise the haunt, you’re entered to win one of the three awesome books! Happy Haunting!

>One, Two, Basement Cat’s Coming For You……


Okay, you all know how much I love me some LOLCats. Here’s a few in honor of Halloween. Enjoy!

>Pray For Us Please


Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts. We are getting some really severe weather here….and we’re in the heart of it.

>My Scariest Reads, Ever…..

> In honor of the upcoming holiday (is Halloween a holiday?), I thought I’d do a post about the scariest and/or most disturbing books I’ve ever read. Here they are in reverse order. Ready?

 Cujo. It terrified me and broke my heart. I was blown away by how real this was and it bothered me to think how easily any animal, even a beloved one, could become a nightmare from hell. It broke my heart because ordinarily, Cujo was a regular, lovable dog who wouldn’t hurt anyone. I got lost in imagining how horrible it must be to become trapped inside your own body while some virus or parasite caused you to become a monster. I imagined the horror and sorrow, the pain and rage, and the helplessness someone (Cujo) would feel and became overwhelmed. I only read this once and intend to never read it again. I couldn’t bear it.

 Way back in the early days of Sally Jesse Raphael, I happened to catch a show with Trudi Chase as the featured guest. I had no idea who she was, but the topic interested me. Multiple Personality Disorder (it’s called something different now). Intrigued, I sat down and watched the interview. I listened, enraptured, as the woman on stage talked-in different voices with different mannerisms. Her face would change and she would look significantly different. She actually frightened me. But I was fascinated. As soon as I could find it, I bought her book and read it. Disturbing. Horrifying. Stunning. Educational. If you ever wanted to read a story about MPD, whether you believe it’s real or not, this is the one to get. Critics suggest that to have as many personalities as Truddi claims exists within her is unrealistic. I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist. But I do believe the mind is an amazing organ that we still know relatively little about. I believe it is capable of going to incredible lengths in order to protect and survive. I have many of my own self defense mechanisms, so I’m not too quick to cast doubt. I want to get a new copy of this and read it again.

 I used to read lots of John Saul books. This one, though, disturbed me so much that, after finishing it, I never picked up another one of his books. I couldn’t. It bothered me so much that my mind has blocked nearly any recollection about the plot or storyline. I just remember it was about children dying. Horribly. And a sadistic, menacing….something. This is the second most disturbing thing I’ve ever read. I was haunted for weeks after and didn’t feel safe or clean or free for a long time. I dreamed about it. Shudder. 

I cannot honestly say I’ve read this book. I tried. I tried more than once. It scared the absolute crap out of me. I used to hide it under the sofa. I hid it between the cushions of the chair. As I write this, it occurs to me that I would always put it at the furtherest points away from me in the house. The darkness in it consumed me. The threat spoke to me. The unknown stuck its icy fingers of suggestion into my innermost being and twitched. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t sleep. I won’t ever try again.

So, what books have scared the crap out of you? Are you reading any scary ones in honor of the season?

>I Dreamed Of Jeannie, Did You?


Since our weekend plans fell through, my Saturday goal is to get the house as clean as possible in anticipation of the November kickoff of NaNo. What have I accomplished so far? If avoiding counts for anything, I’m off with flying colors!

I’m a little lost in nostalgia. TV Land is having an I Dream of Jeannie marathon. Have I ever mentioned how much I loved Jeannie growing up?

Because of Jeannie, I wanted to learn how to belly dance. I still do. I used to watch reruns of the shows after school, every single day-just before Batman.

I was completely in love with Jeannie. Not in that kind of way! Barbara Eden totally captured and embodied the role of Jeannie. She seamlessly personified a kind of sultry, sexy innocence that made her character lovable to men and women alike. I loved her comical expressions and angry outbursts. It is from her that I picked up the habit of stomping my foot when I’m  angry. (A habit I still have.) I also learned from her the wide-eyed look of innocence. You know, the one where she would try to bluff her way out of some catastrophe she had created. I use it when I’m being a smart a** for a laugh. It’s pretty effective, too.

The idea of coming from the mysterious Far East, being alive for over 2,000 years, and having the power of magic….it was like fairy dust to my imagination. I wanted to be her, to have her power and her innocence. Strangely, some of my favorite scenes are the ones when she’s angrily kicking the inside of a safe, stomping around in her bottle, or crying because she’s happy or sad. Eden did it with such enthusiasm and gusto that I wanted, more than almost anything, to believe she could be real.

And to the random nay-sayers who liked to point out that she called Tony “Master”, I’d like to point out that it was, in fact, Jeannie who had the ‘power’ and ran the show. I will admit, though, that madness and mayhem were often, okay, usually the results of her schemes. But she invariably learned the pertinent lesson….and kept on trying.

I used to imagine all the things I could do if I had her power, the changes I could make-for myself, my mom, my sister and brother….but magic wasn’t real and things stayed the same. So, I was magic vicariously and I learned to harness the power of my imagination. I learned to imagine beyond the Hollywood scripts and settings. Characters, dramas, mysteries….whole worlds could exist at my whim and by my will.

No longer did I just imagine the worlds I found in books. Jeannie created such a longing inside of me to be a magical creature that my imagination exploded, and there, inside my own mind, I learned I could be anyone, anywhere, anywhen, and in any situation I desired. Now, books, movies, music, and TV combined to aid my imagination, unleashing a power strong enough to create worlds that became sanctuaries for me.

In many ways, my imagination saved my sanity. It was powerful enough to do so….because I dreamed of Jeannie.

P. S. Guess what came in the mail today?!!

My copy of Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Cassa Star!!!!!

One more reason to avoid!!!!

>The Gremlins Strike Back!


Remember that lovely little post about our lovely little vacay this weekend? Well, guess what? Readers of the blog may already know this.

My plans tend to derail. The routine continuity of the derailings only convince me further of the existence of gremlins. They better watch out. Everyone is after them this time.

One of the staff at Honey’s job is delayed in returning from his vacation. He must be somewhere like the Outer Banks because it’s a tidal issue. So BossMan had to cancel his part of the trip. However, he strongly urged the others to keep the plans in place and have a good time. Didn’t I say he was sweet?

Reluctantly, they agreed. Then, and this is some funny truth, a banking error (on the bank’s part-Monopoly anyone?) occurred and caused much consternation and frustration, resulting in much more work than normally necessary, and no $50 extra! BossMan would be there alone, to deal with customers, normal banking transactions, and the error mess.

Against BossMan’s pleas, Honey and Furby cancelled the beach trip and intend to show up on Saturday, as usual, and help BossMan work through the mayhem. Yeah, they’re a pretty good group of guys. So, as of this writing, the weekend is up in the air.

I learned of the change of plans not too long before work was over but I didn’t make it home in time to stop the scheduled post from posting. By the time I was able to check, sure enough-it had posted and a few people were already commenting. Dang!

There were several things I needed to get done, plus visit all your blogs (this is important to me, especially since I might be very very limited after November 1). Figuring it would severely decrease my available time if I composed a new post (they do take a while), I chose to visit and comment and then compose something that would explain what happened.

I hope that’s okay. I really appreciated all the fun wishes. Although I was a little nervous about meeting BossMan in person, I was really looking forward to the whole thing….

On the plus side, I now have more time to get things in order for the NaNo. I’m super excited! So is Parker. We’re finding people near us and hope to attend more than one write in. It’s fun just for the experience of it all. At some point, I’ll give a little bit of info on the story.

For now, I have some more news. Summer over at    ……and this time concentrate! is having a really cool blogfest. It’s called Show Your Work Space Blogfest. All you have to do is go link up, snap some pics, and put them in a post. How easy is that? It’s to be held on November 1 in honor of NaNoWriMo.

Go on, go make your space especially purtyful and snap a picture of it. Schedule the post for November 1 (unless she puts the fest up early to ease the pressure of the NaNo-ers) and you’re done! Piece of cake….(it’s why she’s called it the fest for lazy people and it’s right up my alley!).

I’ve always loved looking inside people’s houses to see what they looked like. Now, I get to look at yours! Hey, it’s okay! I’ll show you mine! *wink*

>Time For A Little Vacay…..


Wow, in the ten years we’ve been together, we’ve only gone on some sort of vacay twice. And never for more than two or three days.

This weekend, Furby and his wife, BossMan and his wife, and Honey and I are going to Myrtle Beach. I don’t much care for the beach in the summer. Too crowded and too hot.

These people prefer it in cooler weather, like me. Who knew other strange people were out there? I’m kind of nervous-I’ve only met these people once face to face, but it was a blast and everyone was super nice. I’ve ‘known’ Furby through texting for about a year….he’s certifiable!

I may or may not be online. I’m taking the ‘puter for writing and research purposes but, knowing me, I don’t know if I’ll even get it cracked open.

We’ll be back sometime Sunday, so have a super great weekend and take care!

>It’s A Girl, Dang It!!! :(


Our shower is a girl! Let me explain….

Everyday, I go through the same ritual with our shower. I turn on the hot water, then the cold. The water pressure will cause the stopper thingy to close, so I immediately pull up the knob that turns on the shower.

I spend about a minute adjusting the water….hotter, cooler…

When it feels just right, I get in. In just a few minutes, I notice the water is hotter than I originally had it. Hmmm. I make an adjustment and it seems okay.

Hahaha. Nope! It’s too cold. I turn the cold knob a fraction-and I nearly get scalded. BadWord! BadWord! BadWord!!!

And this is how I know our shower is a girl. Honey. never. has. problems. Ever. I’ve asked. He says it’s always perfect for him. To make matters worse, the shower isn’t the first “female” that’s given me grief.

Our first computer was a girl. So was our first DVD player. My little red car was a girl. MY car. The one that never acted out on me, suddenly couldn’t do anything right after I met Honey. Well, after She met him.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Have any of your appliances, vehicles, or technological gadgetry ever shown favoritism to a gender opposite of yours? Are they now rotting away in some anonymous trash heap? Maybe sitting, wearing an unsightly layer of dust, on some Goodwill shelf….stewing in regret and plotting revenge on the next hapless stranger that takes them home? Aren’t you glad that machines can’t think…yet?


And now, I’m jumping to another track, hang on!

Since finding out I can’t use my ‘current’ WIP (term ‘current’ used loosely due to my lack of disciplined stick-to-it-ness) for the NaNo, I pulled an idea out of my brain-pan that I thought of about three years ago. I had the ending, but the rest of it was a total blank. I was getting a bit panicky….

Then, while bouncing the idea off Parker’s brain-pan, several exciting things developed. But I needed some medical advice. Lydia Kang, if you don’t already know her, is an angel. A Godsend.

I sent her an email that, to me, was all over the place and filled with ‘what if’s’. In spite of her hectic schedule, she emailed me back with loads of answers and advice. Before it was over with, I was also ‘talking’ to her friend, L. D. (I don’t know if I can use her name-I didn’t ask and I try to never assume….). They were amazing! And wonderful. And patient…..

I just wanted to give a great big shout out to Lydia and LD,  for all their professional help. And one to Parker, who must surely be aching all over from all the Idea Bouncing I put him through today.

So, Lydia, LD, and Parker, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you, I now have a pretty great plot that I can work with and, hopefully, do credit to. Thank You!!!