>Chilly Pants Kitty Roo Roller Coaster Ren Fest!!! Did Ya Get That?


It’s been a roller-coaster ride today, for sure. Our cook was back, but the teacher was not. Another teacher, a floater, was in a wreck this weekend and totaled her car. She’s okay, just sore. Glad she’s alive-the pic of her car was scary!

My new glasses needed adjusting-they were making me sick. Thankfully, Director and Assistant insisted I go to the doc as soon as they opened. Only waited a few minutes and now, they’re pretty darn close to perfect.

Still, I had a wicked headache all day. Now, only its ghost is roaming around.

My cousin had her baby. My sister in law, Pooh, is coming by one day this week and bringing Squirmy. She’s seven months old!!!!

Roo is caught up on her shots and is scheduled for spaying in a month. We’re going to get fussed at for Kitty Boss, though. She and Roo like to eat each other’s food and kitten food is LOADED with extra calories-for growth. After about a month, we figured this out-but not before Kitty Boss gained a few extra pounds. Dang! She’s been on low cal food for a while and is slowly getting back in shape.

Honey actually got home early tonight, but I’ve been blogging and haven’t finished my homework. Guess what I’ll be doing after posting this?

Got an email. RenFest is coming this weekend!!!!! Woohoo! Okay, I’m a geek. I love RenFest. We’ve only been twice. This time, I’d like to stay till the end so we can watch the finale of the jousting thing. Then there’s the music (my favorite), the shows, the costumes, the dancing (not me! the belly dancers! remember, I love belly dancing and would love to learn), the food…..and this year, something new. Authors!

Yep. One really famous guy from Arizona and several from around NC. Cool! We had planned to go sometime in November. But…who knows? Here’s a link to check it out if you’re in NC or plan to be nearby from Oct to Nov.

And….it’s actually chilly in here. The summer quilt is gone and the comfy comforter is back. As soon as it came out of the dryer and got onto the bed, Kitty Boss laid claim to it. I even wore long sleeves and a jacket today *big squinchy grin* Teehee! Tomorrow, I may have to wear pants instead of capris! Ooo, la la!

I even got to break out my fun earrings. From October to about February, I get to wear fun jewelry. (I’ve become one of those eccentric teachers….) Today the kids today loved my candy-corn earrings. They want the ghosts for tomorrow. Then the spiders and skeletons. And you can imagine the Christmas/winter ones….

I learned a few years ago that, not only are they fun, they have a purpose. They help children say bye-bye to mommies and daddies much easier. So….

Are you enjoying the change in seasons? Does fall bring you up or down? Looking forward to any special activities?


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Hey there just showing you how I keep up on my followers, ha ha. You comment, I comment. That's usually how it works!Sad that the teacher was in a car crash. Glad she's okay. Glasses can be the pits to get used to.I'll have to check out your RenFest online. sounds great. Maybe it's a bit like the Medieval Festivals we have here every year.Fall? Autumn? Well we are a month into Spring. Autumn here begins in March. I love all the seasons but there's not much difference over in Oz, just Autumn is a bit cooler than summer and a bit warmer than winter.Best, Denise..:)

  2. >I absolutely love Fall and Spring… I love Summer too, but Winter always seems to bring me down, although I do love the first snowfall of the season :)But there's just something about Spring and Fall… that fresh smell in the air that they both seem to bring.

  3. >work does keep you on your toes at times, huh? i think that the earrings are great! i had to set aside my summer blanket for a quilt too, i miss summer, but i enjoy the fall because i love the cool temperature, the crisp air, and the color of the leaves! have a lovely week! xo, carla

  4. >I am laughing remembering my teaching days with all the theme earrings and holiday sweaters–:)I think it is just part of the "uniform" 🙂 We have multiple pets with multiple needs. I get so frustrated trying to get the fat ones thin and making sure the little ones get enough–I totally understand! Hope your week goes well! Enjoy your "jacket weather"!

  5. >I'm in SoCal so we usually don't get a Fall. I am enjoying some cool days this week with a little bit of rain. I need to move somewhere northern so I can really enjoy seasons! I can hardly wait for Halloween!

  6. >Just so you know…Roo is the perfect name for a pet:)Something smallish…or a bird. Fits like a glove, or in this case…a paw:)

  7. >Congratulations on the new baby in the family…they're always so cute to look at!And…fun ear-rings…well they just sound like 'fun'…and apparently the kiddies think so too!

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