>Beware: Dust Bunnies May Be Lurking About….


Well, the new tattoo is looking and doing pretty great. Right now, it’s at the very-itchy-and-I-want-to-scratch stage. I learned that there are several things about tattoos that have to be taken into consideration when they’re new….

No watches. No scrubbing. No rubbing. No tight cuffs. No lotion, pollutants, re-bandaging, smoke…

Pretty much, I have to treat it like an open wound, which has made life interesting.

I have to be careful with the kids in my class so that when I’m playing with them or wrestling with them (okay, yes, we wrestle a TINY bit), the tatt doesn’t get accidentally scratched, squished, pinched, rubbed, etc. They all think it’s pretty cool. More often than not, they sport their own tattoos and love to show them off. Also, many of their parents have them-moms as well as dads. They want to know when they can touch it. I tell them in a week or so….which means to them something like in a few minutes, lol!

At home, I can’t wear gloves (powdery stuff inside) or soak it-so no dish washing for me, thanks, Honey! And my info sheet said no dust, no pet dander, and lots of other no-no’s. So, I’ve done very little housework.

My plan for this evening is to do the homework I should have already turned in and then get to work on the house. If I don’t, the dust bunnies are likely to take my kitties hostage and produce a list of demands!

I’ll be catching up on your posts tomorrow (hopefully). Till then, have a safe and enjoyable week! And be kind (or lethal) to your dust bunnies. They may be related to gremlins…..


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Oh, I hope you love your tatt! Hmm, dust bunnies, don't remind me..:)

  2. >I love the beginning part of a tattoo and all the itchies too. It's fun to be so aware of your new ink.

  3. >I had no idea Tattoos were so delicate in the beginning… and probably for a long time. Very interesting. Congrats and glad you like it!! :-)~ Coreen

  4. >*Denise-thanks, I do! And, I understand…not another word ;P*Lydia-I absolutely love it, but the itchiness-I could do without, lol. Reminds me too much of mosquito bites!*Coreen-me either. The guys at the studio were very professional and sweet and kind….and I know several people who highly recommend their work (is why I went there). Maybe the intense care is one of the reasons theirs turn out so well….? I'm a newb at this…and thank you!

  5. >My dust bunnies have grown into Dirt Devils. Gypsy is not intimidated. She just yawns and closes her eyes, dreaming she is Queen of the Jungle.Take good care of the tat. Thanks for always dropping by and commenting on my blog, Roland

  6. >So when can we see the pictures. I am so glad you like it.

  7. >This was interesting. I had no idea tattoos were so tender right after. I'm going to go see if you shared pics of what you were getting. Good morning!

  8. >Dust bunnies is a cuter name than what I use – cat fur tumble weeds.I didn't like the itchy tattoo stage. I got mine in the summer so no swimming! But they're on my shoulders so they're easy to hide when I want.Take another picture when it's all healed.

  9. >Love the cartoon. Take care of that tattoo and have a great weekend.

  10. >…a teacher with tats. Why couldn't I have been that lucky? I was stuck taking notes from the likes of crooked dentures and the stench of Old Spice. Good times.

  11. >Oh my goodness…the 'dust bunnies' analogy made me laugh! Thanks so much…I needed a laugh!!

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