>ROOooooOOOO!!!!!!! GGGRRRrRrrrrr!!!!!


This is Baby Roo. She was so tiny when Honey brought her home. For those new to the blog, she wandered up to my sister in law, Pooh, one Friday night when she was out pottying her dogs.

From the beginning, she was a teeny tiny ball of energy and love. One of her favorite things to do is cuddle. When I come home from work, she comes running up to me, meowing and eager to be petted. Her whole body will arch up to meet my obliging hand.

She’s grown a bit since then….

Faster than we can believe, she’s growing into her long legs and giant paws. Her curiosity and abilities are growing, too.

No place is safe from her desire to explore. Cabinets. Sinks. The television or dresser tops. The dining room table….

And, pretty much anything, in her mind, is appropriate for sharpening her claws. My bare legs, the leather(ish) furniture, the walls…..

Bless her, she’s also creative. Everything becomes a toy in her active imagination. Curtains, desktop items, my phone (she still sends texts to the last person with whom I was texting), the toilet paper…..

We’ve been so spoiled by Kitty Boss that we are nearly at a loss with Roo. She’s fearless. At least, I prefer that explanation to being clueless, though sometimes I have to wonder. A gentle swat does nothing to deter her. Water is only slightly better. A very strong “no!” has worked a bit better lately than it used to.

I’m completely against declawing a cat (part of their foot is amputated). Also, what if they got outside? How would they defend themselves? I have to admit, though, that sometimes Roo causes me to understand why people would consider it.

Honey has even entertained the thought of finding another home for her. She wreaks that much havoc. However, it’s only a thought. Firstly because Kitty Boss loves her and Roo is good for her. Secondly, she’s so very cuddly and loving. Thirdly, she’s so darn stinking cute! Thus, we deal with the merry wreckage she constantly leaves in her wake and remain consistent in our firm “no’s” and reassuring love.

I have to say, however, that last night, when I went to potty and had no tissue, I reconsidered, briefly, declawing her. A momentary fantasy flashed through my mind as I glared at the shredded pile of tissue on the floor beside me…..Momentary. I promise. 

We believe that her behavior is, in part, because of what she is. CG (niece in law), who works at the vet clinic we take the fur-babies to, firmly believes she is part Siamese. Here is a clip that will substantiate our beliefs and conclusions. She acts JUST like this:


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >What cute pictures. It's funny how different cats can be. I hope Roo calms down soon.

  2. >They are cute pictures. As she ages, she will mellow somewhat. A squirt gun might help to nudge her away from things from a distance. A laser light is also good for distraction. But an active cat is quite a handful, and that's for certain. Roland

  3. >I love a cat with spunk! I'm with you on the declawing–yikes! My sister had the same problem and used a spray bottle of water that worked fairly well. By the time you discover a pets quirks, you're usually so smitten with them that you just deal. Good luck! The photos are so cute.Best,Bonnie

  4. >*Theresa-I think of Roo and Kitty Boss in birth order terms. KB is the older sister who follows rules and is polite and Roo is the younger sister who breaks the rules and just makes herself at home with anyone. I, too, hope she calms down a bit. And soon!*Roland-Roo's playfulness is one of the things that's good for KB. Because of our hours sometimes, we're too beat to play very much and Roo takes over for us in that department. Also, because of her fearlessness, KB has become less skittish in many areas. And she, Roo, LOOSES HER MIND when playing with the laser light! I'll try to get a video and post it….thanks for the tip, too.*Bonnie-I'd like to channel some of that spunk, but you're right-it adds a lot to her personality. Yeah, we're well beyond smitten, lucky for her, lol! And thanks!

  5. >I laughed at the picture of her in the Mtn Dew pack. πŸ™‚ I hope she calms down and makes things easier for you!

  6. >I love the pictures!!! What a story you just told, I love the way you write, your voice is so fun!!!My two cats are nothing alike. My siamese adores sleeping in sinks, on top of cabinets, under blankets, he also loves to hear himself talk. My calico loves to sleep on the edge of the bed, on her kitty towers and she meows when she wants to be adored. Lynx (siamese) loves to lay completely open, on his back, Ellie (calico) likes to sleep like a little bunny, all tucked under!The Mtn Dew pack was so cute… my cat loves boxes!

  7. >These are such cute pictures! I hope she calms down soon, even though I DO love those Siamese cats πŸ™‚

  8. >This is such a cute post. Hey, got your message about NaNo. Click on the badge on my sidebar and buddy up with me, then I can do it back. Otherwise, what is your NaNo name?Good on you for joining up. Welcome to a world of beautiful pain..:)

  9. >I LOVE Roo! Oh, she's cute! And she sounds perfect! I wish our cat was more cuddly–she is social and talkative, but getting her to sit on you is a rarity. LOVE the pic in the pop case! I hear (though haven't been persistent enough to be successful) a spray bottle should stop them clawing things they shouldn't. A little water… Mostly we just approach it by never owning anything that can't take some pet damage…

  10. >*Golden Eagle-thanks! I'm thinking about uploading that one to icanhas and seeing what people come up with as captions, lol!*Jen-awwww, you're sweet! Isn't it neat how they have such unique personalities? Boxes are perfect toys-for children and cats. We can never break one down until the kitties have tired of playing in it…*WritingNut-thank you, I do, too! As soon as CG saw her and stated that she's part Siamese, I've thought of the song from Lady and the Tramp. It's Roo to a T!*Denise-thanks! A world of beautiful pain…..gulp! At least I'm not alone!*Hart-thanks, she's a keeper. We're just so spoiled by Kitty's good behavior….my husband got the last pic one morning just before leaving for work. He sent it to me and everyone that saw it laughed out loud. Cats have such personalities! I've got to go get a spray bottle….

  11. >So cute! I wish I could have a cat. Bad allergies. I love Roo's name. So does that make you Kanga?

  12. >*Lydia-I'm sorry you can't have them. Allergies suck. Laughingwolf came up with the name-her long legs. I suppose I am Kanga. Kitty Boss is part mommy, part big sister-it would be too confusing for them both if she were to be Kanga….

  13. >Cute cute Kitty…even if a bit mischievous..hopefully she'll grow out of it soon!

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