>It’s A Girl, Dang It!!! :(


Our shower is a girl! Let me explain….

Everyday, I go through the same ritual with our shower. I turn on the hot water, then the cold. The water pressure will cause the stopper thingy to close, so I immediately pull up the knob that turns on the shower.

I spend about a minute adjusting the water….hotter, cooler…

When it feels just right, I get in. In just a few minutes, I notice the water is hotter than I originally had it. Hmmm. I make an adjustment and it seems okay.

Hahaha. Nope! It’s too cold. I turn the cold knob a fraction-and I nearly get scalded. BadWord! BadWord! BadWord!!!

And this is how I know our shower is a girl. Honey. never. has. problems. Ever. I’ve asked. He says it’s always perfect for him. To make matters worse, the shower isn’t the first “female” that’s given me grief.

Our first computer was a girl. So was our first DVD player. My little red car was a girl. MY car. The one that never acted out on me, suddenly couldn’t do anything right after I met Honey. Well, after She met him.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Have any of your appliances, vehicles, or technological gadgetry ever shown favoritism to a gender opposite of yours? Are they now rotting away in some anonymous trash heap? Maybe sitting, wearing an unsightly layer of dust, on some Goodwill shelf….stewing in regret and plotting revenge on the next hapless stranger that takes them home? Aren’t you glad that machines can’t think…yet?


And now, I’m jumping to another track, hang on!

Since finding out I can’t use my ‘current’ WIP (term ‘current’ used loosely due to my lack of disciplined stick-to-it-ness) for the NaNo, I pulled an idea out of my brain-pan that I thought of about three years ago. I had the ending, but the rest of it was a total blank. I was getting a bit panicky….

Then, while bouncing the idea off Parker’s brain-pan, several exciting things developed. But I needed some medical advice. Lydia Kang, if you don’t already know her, is an angel. A Godsend.

I sent her an email that, to me, was all over the place and filled with ‘what if’s’. In spite of her hectic schedule, she emailed me back with loads of answers and advice. Before it was over with, I was also ‘talking’ to her friend, L. D. (I don’t know if I can use her name-I didn’t ask and I try to never assume….). They were amazing! And wonderful. And patient…..

I just wanted to give a great big shout out to Lydia and LD,  for all their professional help. And one to Parker, who must surely be aching all over from all the Idea Bouncing I put him through today.

So, Lydia, LD, and Parker, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you, I now have a pretty great plot that I can work with and, hopefully, do credit to. Thank You!!!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Ha! I can't say I've had a gender-specific object in my life, but I totally know what you mean, and I love it. So funny. Not for you, of course. But for me… šŸ™‚ Excited for NaNo! Can't wait to start seeing everyone's wordcount meters rising!

  2. >Lydia is awesome. This past summer, she answered my losing an eye questions for my WIP. I just recommended her to someone else.That's why I won't do NaNoWriMo. First, why does it have to be from scratch? Shouldn't any 50k do? Second, I usually write under 50k in about 5 weeks and then add more as I edit. Third, why do I have to be inspired in November? Make your own NaNoWriMo. I think there's even a rebel group out there that starts earlier, but I couldn't find the link for you.Regardless of what you do, good luck with your WIP!

  3. >*Summer-it is funny-we laugh about it often. Of course, Honey tells me that if I acted nicer to said objects, they'd treat me better. Sorry, I'm not sucking up to any appliances! :PStill a bit nervous about the NaNo….but it will be okay no matter what!*Theresa-hmmmm, you make some interesting points. By next year, maybe I'll be in the rebel group. I really would have liked to use my wip, especially since I've allowed myself to become stalled. The main reason I've joined up is simply to light a figurative fire under my butt! Lydia is great! Her responses helped me come up with the whole plot idea….Thanks very much for the well wishes! Gonna need 'em!

  4. >lol… can't say i can distinguish tween sexes of inanimate objects, but believe there can bebtw – for pro nano help, check out alexandra sokoloff tips, link in my sidebar… her advice is always bang on, and free! šŸ™‚

  5. >Lydia is totally amazing. I'm so glad she was able to help answer your questions. And I think it's cool that you're starting nano with a fresh plot. The SHE thing…yes. So many things don't work for me, but do work for hubby. How many times does he need to say, "Operator error?"

  6. >*Laughingwolf-thanks for the tip, I will be checking her out. Um, and the reason you can't distinguish…is probably because all the ones you have are female and they're nice to you!!! :P*Julie-I highly recommend anyone needing medical info to check her out. She's sooooo kind and patient. I was really worried before today about a plot. I couldn't think of anything at all.And, I'm so very sorry, but I'm glad to meet another victim of appliance discrimination and harassment. My husband just shakes his head, as if in deep, profound shame…:)

  7. >This sounds promising. I'll have to get onto Lydia. And that gender-preference thing. Don't you want to spit chips when you get that male-all-knowing look…see it works for me?

  8. >*Hahahahaha!!! Yes, I do. And Lydia is just fantastic; I'm sure you'll love her.

  9. >Yes…also all our pets love Husband more than me or Kid (girl, 14).I'm glad you found your nano-story. (I've been in RH, as you know, and haven't put a single thought into what I'll be writing for nano. I'll worry about that on Nov. 1st. ;)Love,Lola

  10. >Hey, Becky! I want to just thank you for the comments you've left me for my last few posts, because every time I see a comment from you it makes my day! As for technology that shows favoritism, well, here in college, I have my own mailbox that needs a key to open it. The key always happens to get stuck in the keyhole of the mailbox and never lets go for any guy, but for any women, it just happens to be easy. I was actually just telling my friend about it today. Anyway, thanks one more time and write on!

  11. >Good for you with your NaNo idea. I'm laughing about your shower. HE has a calculator in the glove compartment of his car. This calculator has a cover. Can I ever open it? NO! HE just pops it open. Now I know the reason…the calculator is a she devil.

  12. >I think mine are of the male gender, they only seem to act right if a beer can is in the room with a remote laying next to it. LOLJules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  13. >I don't know exactly what the appliances I use (not many, really) are, sex-wise; I think the computer's a girl, though. šŸ™‚

  14. >That's an innovative way to think of a shower! Never really thought about male/female for appliances, etc. but know that ships or boats are considered female by nautical types.I love that raccoon picture & comment, really made me laugh! šŸ™‚

  15. >Lydia is all kinds of awesome! šŸ™‚ And I am so happy you are doing NaNo!! As for your shower, I have the same problem. The Hubster has none. I never thought of the Girl theory. I just thought he was more easy going, and didn't need the perfect temperature like I did. He's not real aware of temp variations. But I love your Girl theory so I am now going with that for several household electrical appliances as well…

  16. >You are so sweet and it was no trouble, really! I wish you lots of luck on your NaNo project and hope your shower behaves. I'm not sure if it's a gender thing, but it's possible it needs some lithium, ha ha. Bipolar, er, bi-temperature disorder.

  17. >I can't say that I've experienced any weird appliances/ electronics/ home devices that treated me differently….but you may be 'on to something'..ha!The picture of the raccoon reminded me that my youngest sister is coming for a brief visit this next week-end…and bringing her raccoon:)

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