>I Dreamed Of Jeannie, Did You?


Since our weekend plans fell through, my Saturday goal is to get the house as clean as possible in anticipation of the November kickoff of NaNo. What have I accomplished so far? If avoiding counts for anything, I’m off with flying colors!

I’m a little lost in nostalgia. TV Land is having an I Dream of Jeannie marathon. Have I ever mentioned how much I loved Jeannie growing up?

Because of Jeannie, I wanted to learn how to belly dance. I still do. I used to watch reruns of the shows after school, every single day-just before Batman.

I was completely in love with Jeannie. Not in that kind of way! Barbara Eden totally captured and embodied the role of Jeannie. She seamlessly personified a kind of sultry, sexy innocence that made her character lovable to men and women alike. I loved her comical expressions and angry outbursts. It is from her that I picked up the habit of stomping my foot when I’m  angry. (A habit I still have.) I also learned from her the wide-eyed look of innocence. You know, the one where she would try to bluff her way out of some catastrophe she had created. I use it when I’m being a smart a** for a laugh. It’s pretty effective, too.

The idea of coming from the mysterious Far East, being alive for over 2,000 years, and having the power of magic….it was like fairy dust to my imagination. I wanted to be her, to have her power and her innocence. Strangely, some of my favorite scenes are the ones when she’s angrily kicking the inside of a safe, stomping around in her bottle, or crying because she’s happy or sad. Eden did it with such enthusiasm and gusto that I wanted, more than almost anything, to believe she could be real.

And to the random nay-sayers who liked to point out that she called Tony “Master”, I’d like to point out that it was, in fact, Jeannie who had the ‘power’ and ran the show. I will admit, though, that madness and mayhem were often, okay, usually the results of her schemes. But she invariably learned the pertinent lesson….and kept on trying.

I used to imagine all the things I could do if I had her power, the changes I could make-for myself, my mom, my sister and brother….but magic wasn’t real and things stayed the same. So, I was magic vicariously and I learned to harness the power of my imagination. I learned to imagine beyond the Hollywood scripts and settings. Characters, dramas, mysteries….whole worlds could exist at my whim and by my will.

No longer did I just imagine the worlds I found in books. Jeannie created such a longing inside of me to be a magical creature that my imagination exploded, and there, inside my own mind, I learned I could be anyone, anywhere, anywhen, and in any situation I desired. Now, books, movies, music, and TV combined to aid my imagination, unleashing a power strong enough to create worlds that became sanctuaries for me.

In many ways, my imagination saved my sanity. It was powerful enough to do so….because I dreamed of Jeannie.

P. S. Guess what came in the mail today?!!

My copy of Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Cassa Star!!!!!

One more reason to avoid!!!!


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Jeannie was one of my all time favorite shows. I'd love to have a Jeannie of my own. And I was in love with Jeannie in that kind of way. She was so hot!You are right–imagination can be a wonderful retreat as well as fuel to get things done.LeeTossing It Out

  2. >I was in love with Jeannie in that kind of way, too. I bought the first season collection of DVD's and promptly misplaced them. Her evil sister must have stolen them!Sorry that your weekend plans fell through. Bummer. Don't forget to check out my entry in the 13 DAYS OF HORROR series and maybe comment.http://erincolelive.blogspot.com/2010/10/death-in-my-veins-roland-yeomans.htmlThanks for the kind words about my prologue to THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH. It meant a lot.My goal this November is to get the lion's share of that YA urban fantasy completed. Whew! Well, it's a plan.Just enjoy Sunday and watch I DREAM OF JEANNIE

  3. >*Lee-lol! Yes, she is hot, even now. While looking for pics, I found many of Ms. Eden that were fairly current. Even in her eighties, she looks good. Maybe she really does have some sort of magic in her blood…..?*Roland-you know? I wonder what Freud would say about the evil sister? Or, perhaps Dr. Bellows…maybe the sister was simply a projection of her inner desires to be looser and freer and even wilder, following her instincts instead of being the 'nice' girl. Probably all guys loved her in that way. Sorry you misplaced your collection-that just sucks!Good luck with the YA. Legend or Captain….I'm not sure which I prefer…..both are great choices….

  4. >I loved the show too. But I'm a brunette and it was just another show with a periodic bad girl brunette. I dreamed of being blonde.

  5. >It was one of may favorite shows growing up too. I think the show sparked the imaginations of a whole generation of little girls, maybe a few boys too. Interesting, Jeannie had an evil twin and so did Samantha of Bewitched. Hmmm! What would Freud say?

  6. >I so remember that show and wanted to be like Jeannie is so many ways. Esp. loved her careful, fun self and the way she made me 'laugh'. Great show! Thanks for reminding me! So enjoyed this post! :-)Have a Great week!! Oh, and enjoy Alex's book!!Hugs,Coreen

  7. >That's cool that it's being repeated. Love 60s shows & how different they are from the current crop. She's such a fun character & it's cool how you pointed out that she calls him master but she's the power behind the relationship.

  8. >I didn't get to see much of this show…I had to smile about the 'belly dancing'…in the midst of a family 'crisis' recently…I had to go pick up two of my grand daughters…one evening, I asked if either of them had any 'special talents'…it turns out that my 11 year old grandbaby can Belly Dance. Not sure where she learned it..but it was quite impressive!

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