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Summer, over at ……and this time concentrate! is hosting a blogfest for the lazy. All you got to do is snap a picture (or pictures) of your workspace and link back to her. Easy as pie. Then, take a few minutes to check out the spaces some of our fellow bloggers have posted. I’ve always loved looking inside other people’s houses and this is an easy way to get my stalker fix!
This is a photo of my workspace from a couple months or so ago. The only difference is that now, the desk is against a different wall and I have a big cork board above it. Anymore, though, I just use it for make-up-ing. Sitting in my chair for any length of time aggravates my back something awful. (I injured my back badly several years ago and sometimes it reminds me that it can still cause me pain.)
 Which is why we got this-the daybed. I haven’t had time, or the inclination really, to pretty it up. On nights when I can’t sleep, or I’m sick, I typically slept on the sofa (the futon is the worst for hurting my back). After we finally paid off a few things we incurred from our home purchase, Honey said it was time for the daybed. I’ve filled it up with pillows because the pretty scrolled thing on the back cuts into my back when I sit for very long. And pillows are just comfy. The green throw you see has been Kitty Boss’s since we bought it a couple years ago. The other is one of mine. This is where I will be doing most of my nano writing. If I get sleepy, I can just shift things around and grab a nap!
 Kitty Boss making use of my desk chair. You can probably see all the holes Roo has put into the arms of it. She’s not like a normal cat who would just jump into the seat. Nope. She, when much smaller, had to cling to the arms and climb up. Now, she does the same thing to the back of it. *Sigh*
I tried to get a quick pic of Roo sitting beside me. She was lying down, nearly asleep, when she heard the camera come on. For her, it was a signal to play. She’s feeling much better and acting terribly normal *grin* but for some reason, Kitty Boss is still giving her the occasional hiss. I’m thinking she smells the surgical area….? And it makes her uncomfortable….? But for the most part, they’ve been playing normally.
I’m scheduling posts a few at a time and I will try my best to get around to your blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m thinking I need to use the weekends for catching up on word counts, so….
If you don’t see me, I’m still here and I haven’t forgotten you. Promise!
Good luck to fellow NaNo-ers and also to all of you out there in RH. 

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Ooh, a daybed is the perfect place to get comfy and write! I was enjoying seeing your cats until my kitten sat herself in front of my monitor. Kitties, you can't work with them; you can't live without them!I show my space today on my blog One Significant Moment at a Time. Stop over!Best of luck with NaNo!!

  2. >Good luck with your NaNo. Looks like you have a wonderfully comfy space to accomplish your goal.

  3. >Good luck on your word count…and as far as writing area's hey atleast you know whats comfy and pillows are very comfy and snuggly

  4. >Good luck with Nano. Your writing place is so cozy and the kitties are deliciously cute.

  5. >A daybed seems a great idea. Good luck with NaNo. See you in December.

  6. >Good luck with NaNo – I'm sure the kitties will be more than willing to help. :-)I've always wanted a daybed, there's just something so romantic about them.

  7. >I write in bed fairly often, too. And nothing is better than some furry companionship/co-authorship. :)Yay Nano!

  8. >The daybed seems like such a wonderful idea! It looks so comfy. :)Good luck with NaNo!

  9. >I write in bed at night, when hubby is asleep and I feel tired, but not sleepy. However, the kittens love to try and sit on the netbook keyboard, which is a big NO. 🙂

  10. >Great post for a fall day! Love the pictures of the cats! I love cats, but we only have one right now and she only likes to cuddle with my son. Sigh… Good luck with the Nano too!!Have a wonderful week!!!Hug,Coreen

  11. >That day bed looks REALLY comfy! And, of course, a great place to write.Good luck with NaNo!

  12. >Looks like a fine place to write & I see your beverage is nearby!I love the name Kitty Boss! 🙂

  13. >I don't use a daybed… just my bed. Sitting in a chair is uncomfortable… I much prefer the bed. Your cats are absolutely adorable! I love how everyone has a cat.

  14. >*Nicole-Can't work with them, can't live without them-I love it!*Ann-thank you and thank you! I hope it doesn't get too comfy-falling asleep would be a disaster this month!*Summer-thanks, I love some comfy pillows!*Lydia-awww, thanks! I love my kitties!

  15. >*Roland-the daybed comes in handy sometimes and it's fun to sit and write on it. Thanks for the luck wishes and I'll see you once or twice a week :)*CR-romantic…well, not sure that applies here, lol. The kitties use it all the time and it's basically a work place for me. I can see where it would be romantic in the right room, though. If the kitties help, I'll buy them a lodge! (read: kids playhouse:P)*Lola-or a fur lined keyboard! They do love to 'help' mommy by sitting on the 'puter and watching what happens to the screen when different buttons are pressed!*Emy-thanks and it is pretty comfy!

  16. >I have a cat who likes my desk chair too.Thanks for sharing!

  17. >*Summer-I can totally picture it! My kitties don't really understand the word no. That or they don't care, which is probably closer to the truth. *Coreen-I understand. Kitty Boss is almost exclusively Honey's and Roo, well she's just anyone's. I don't have my OWN cat…*Katie-thanks and I hope to get lots of writing done!*Lisa-Kitty Boss-because in her quiet way, she is the boss. And thanks!*Melissa-I don't like sitting in a chair for long, either. Unless it's a big comfy one that I can curl up in. And, I thought having a cat was required by law?

  18. >*Jennifer-hahaha-for sleeping or shredding?

  19. >Your cats are soooo cute. Kitty Boss seems to own that office chair!If I sit too long, my back starts to hurt, too. I think it's time for a new chair but I hate shopping for stuff like that (even though I know it would be good for me… sigh).

  20. >All the best for your writing. Thanks for sharing your kitty and your workspaces..:)

  21. >*Jennifer-I totally understand. The only shopping I like to do are book and house shopping. Yeah, the kitties both think they own the house and we're just playthings :P*Denise-thanks and good luck for nano!

  22. >Kitty boss and roo!? Love those names! Sorry about the back pain! I suffer periodically myself, so you definitely have my sympathy. It's good you've found a way to write anyway!

  23. >*Hart-Thanks! Laughingwolf came up with Roo and Kitty Boss, well, just because she is! I'm sorry that you have back pain, too. I tend to travel all over the house with my computer to write or blog or whatever. When my back starts to bother me, I move. The daybed seems to provide a variety of places and positions I can sit or lay without too much pain.

  24. >Kitties! Your workspace look super cosy!

  25. >All the best with your NaNo! I love your workspace. I do write in bed, too, that's when I find it easier to use pen and paper rather than my laptop 🙂

  26. >I think that my favorite part is the mousepad. I need to get me one of those! Haha. I cannot do any type of productive work in an environment suitable for sleeping so a hard wooden desk chair that makes me sit up straight is what I need. My place is too messy to take pictures…

  27. >*JC-thanks. But kitties + work do not always = productivity, lol.*Len-I wrote a short story by hand. I don't think I could do a whole novel that way. In bed, though, it might actually be better. Thanks for the NaNo wishes!*King AFI-it took me a minute to figure out that you were talking about my space! I thought you were talking about the Lost photos and my brain locked up!!!!! The daybed is good for a short nap….tempting but I did good today. I hope you're working on yours right now….

  28. >I used to work on the laptop and loved sitting around the house with it! Good luck with NaNo as well!

  29. >Great space! It looks so cozy and relaxing. Love the kitty pics. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

  30. >Hi! I'm late, very very late looking at everyone's workspaces from Summer's fab blogfest!! Wow! You have a really cozy space – I love the day bed!! What a great idea!Hello to your sweet kitties, Roo and Kitty Boss! Take carex

  31. >Oh I wished I had a nice little 'comfy' work space…mine is my house…and it's a MESS! Hopefully I'll be able to do some major cleaning..since we've opted out of the craft shows…and I'll work a little cleaning time into my working time…hope..hope..hope!!

  32. >*Lisa-different places create different moods for me and it seems to work, and thanks!*Jamie-thanks, and thanks! I do love my kitties!*Old Kitty-it was a lot of fun getting to play peeper! Thanks and Kitty Boss and Roo say hello to you!*Charlene-I just told a friend that my house looks like it threw up…and I still haven't fixed it!

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