>My First Day Of NaNo


Well, Monday was the first day of NaNo. The plan was to write, write, and write some more. Instead, I had some adventure!

First, I overslept, which I hate to do. Then, I got up and checked out the blogs that participated in the show your space blogfest hosted by Summer over at ….and this time, concentrate! Lots of fun getting to look in people’s houses without feeling creepy about it. And making new friends is always good.

That bit of blogging may take today’s place….depends on what kind of time I have. Anyhoo, I also got one of the packages I had been expecting, but it’s a secret, so…. The other one, the one I need right now-nope, it didn’t come and it was supposed to. The receipt said so. Hmph.

I also ran two errands, both of which could have been a disaster. Twice, TWICE, cars pulled out right smack in front of me. One ran a stop sign, the other turned left in front of me. If I had not been making a right turn myself, I would have hit the second car. Where do people get their driving licenses these days, out of Happy Meals?

About the errands. The second one was to the grocery store to pick up fixin’s for chili. The first one was a bit more exciting. William had ordered the set of Lost dvds and they came to my house. I dropped them off to him between classes and picked up something from him that he’d gotten for me. Did that make sense?

During Harry Potter Fest at the college, there were a couple bands that sang songs just about HP. I asked him to pick up a couple cd’s for me and he got them autographed. Sweet! Plus, he picked up a handful of buttons. I’m thinking about a giveaway. Initially, I wanted to do it as a kick off for the movie on the 19th. Well, duh! I’m in the middle (okay, beginning) of nano and won’t have time. I’m crazy sometimes, but I ain’t stupid. So, I’ll probably be adding a few other things and doing something for Christmas.

The rest of the afternoon was spent writing. The last time I stopped, I had a word count of over 2600 words-I can’t upload anything because the site is overwhelmed. Dang. I also managed to turn in last week’s homework, as well as this week’s. I thought about doing next week’s but it involved making a chart so I said eh, I can do it later. 

Right now, just waiting on the chili to cook and Honey to get home. In the fall, they move their schedule back an hour so technically, he’s off at 7pm instead of 8. Which means, he might get home around 8:30 instead of 9:30 or later. Woohoo.

RenFest was really fun and we got lots of pics. I’ll be doing a couple posts about that Thursday and maybe next Tuesday. I also got to meet BossMan and his wife and son. They’re really nice. And very funny.

I saw something on one person’s blog that I liked and so, of course, I’m stealing it. She’s in nano and has committed to visiting everyone’s blog at least once a week. That sounds pretty good to me. I feel bad, like I’m neglecting you all, but I gotta do what I gotta do, so I hope you’ll forgive me.

When I logged on here to schedule this post, Roo decided to help. She’s grown a bit and in this pic, it shows.

If any of you out there are Lost fanatics fans, you should check out William’s post. He got some really awesome shots of what all is inside. It’s enough to make me want to watch the whole thing…..

Good luck and happy writing!


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Good luck with NaNo. Stay alert with those idiot drivers. Have fun with NaNo. Life's too full of real craziness to self-impose any on yourself.

  2. >Sending cheers of encouragement for NaNo. Hey I love Happy meals, you mean I could have got license in the box and not stood in the three hour line at the DMV? 🙂Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. >When nano is over I think that it would be a perfect time for you to witness the epicness that is LOST. I think a one DVD at a time thing will be suitable. Didn't you say that at one time it WAS a weekly event in your house in the beginning, way back in '04?

  4. >Good luck with your writing!

  5. >Wow, you packed a lot in the day and did super on word count. Yay, you!

  6. >*Roland-thanks, I always have to watch for the idiot drivers. Sometimes I think they follow me around!*Jules-thanks. And, uh…if you do get one out of a happy meal, please let me know. I'll be rescheduling my commute! :)*King AFI-yep, we used to watch it. After it began taking forever to get new episodes, Jason was the only one keeping up. I would love to watch it one dvd at a time!*Golden Eagle-thank you very much!*Tricia-I hope I can keep it up, but it helped that I had yesterday off!

  7. >Wow, what a day and what a word count! Great job juggling all those balls in the air. And I am (was) a huge Lost fan. I miss it 😦

  8. >*Julie-the word count is yesterday and today combined. I find that if I just sit down and do it, it's not too bad. I got confused with Lost when so much time lapsed between seasons/episodes. I'm told that after nano, I'm going to be watching them!

  9. >Be careful out there, I know what you mean about the Happy Meal driver's licenses. I thought I had a busy life but after reading what you did in one day …. whew! Good luck with NaNo.

  10. >Oh I'm counting the days to Harry Potter…I just can't seem to wait for this one for some reason!! And LOST…I was such a HUGE fan…but so disappointed with the Series Finale…but..I guess there were those fans who thought it great..so it must just be me.

  11. >*SquirrelQueen-it's not always that busy, promise. And thanks for the luck wishes!*Charlene-I know!!! I want to have a big ole party, but I don't know if it's gonna happen. And my friend William is currently forcing his parents to watch the series. He said I was next (after nano, of course)!

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