>RenFest II


 Well, my Saturday didn’t turn out as I had planned. Not that it ever does, mind you. I did manage to get most of my errands done. Roo, however, taught me that she thinks I’m a push-over. Not for anything could I get her in the carrier. In fact, we could have made it to American’s Funniest Videos had anyone been there to film us. Needless to say, the appointment was moved to Monday morning. Her daddy will be getting her squirmy little self into the carrier and taking her. I’ll pick her up in the afternoon.

 It’s just a check-up after her spaying two weeks ago. And, I want them to check her tummy. She’s developed some, uh, hmm, how do I say this, some atrocious aromas? She had been treated for tape worms, of all things, about a month ago. I want to make sure she’s not having trouble with anything else. I cannot imagine what kind of life she had before finding Pooh that late Friday evening.

I’m trying to get to everyone’s blog, but blogger is really giving me a fit, even on comments with just one line. So, it’s been slow going and after 5 hours, I’m taking a break. I’ll visit the rest of you tomorrow. Right now, I’m scheduling some posts.

RenFest packs up after next weekend, so I thought I’d do my last post today. Without further ado….

 This is Dead Bob. We’ve never taken in this show before and BossMan suggested it. It’s advertised as not being appropriate for small children. Apparently, people don’t read the info sections. There were tons of children. Happily, the humor flew right over their heads and it really was funny. I’m glad I obeyed the ‘rules’ and didn’t get picked! Yikes!
 This lady was hanging around the dragon guy. Honey and I were both snapping pics, but he really did get better ones than me-he has a better camera. 
 While waiting to see the tournament, we saw these guys. I completely adore Thing One and Thing Two. Something tells me that these versions can get into as much mischief as the animated ones….
 The King and Queen open the tournament….
 I decided to post only one pic from the tournament. Honey got a pretty good close-up near the very end. Dead Elvis looks as if he’s looking right at my husband. Shiver! He was very comical, and tricksey, too. I was also a bit impressed with the special effects they had. 
 I always want to check out this guy. He has birds of prey and they’re well trained. Usually. This time, he had a few rookies and they made the show very entertaining. This is a great horned owl. He did really well.
 I can’t remember why he had the python, but he selected volunteers from the audience to hold this one.
 This little girl hadn’t liked the snake too much, so she got to hold this beautiful little barn owl. My uncle once found an injured one and nursed it back to health in his basement. Then, it flew away!
 My favorite kind of birds – falcons. Two years ago (the last time we went) he had a peregrine falcon, the fastest creature on earth, capable of speeds of 273 mph+. This guy wasn’t a peregrine, but he was pretty cool. He was only one or two weeks into the show (training) and he flew to one of the other stages and stayed a few minutes. Then, he remembered his training and really showed off for us. He was completely stunning.
 After the show, we get to meet the guy and get close to the beautiful creature on his arm. He also had a vulture who’d learned that the people watching him usually had food. He kept flying away, finding turkey legs and other delectables. Needless to say, we got to see him up close and personal. I think he also enjoyed making us laugh and his trainer squirm. He was a very good sport, though.
 Between us, we have tons of pictures, but I wanted to keep this simple. On the way out, we met this guy. Pretty cool. I hope next year, we can get a whole group and go. 


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >It looks like Ren-Fest was fantastic. Dead Elvis looks just like my landlord!Blogger has been stalking me, too, lately.Good luck with Roo. Gyspy hates the carrier, too. So much so that I almost had to leave her behind when evacuating for Hurricane Rita. Luckily, my one more try got her in.

  2. >Ren-Fest looks absolutely amazing!!! This is insanely cool. I love all the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. >What a cool festival! I remember a man bringing birds of prey to the school I used to teach at. Loved the falcon, but my favourite bird was the little barn owl.

  4. >Those pictures are brilliant. I've never been to anything quite like this, although we do have country fairs that sometimes have a medieval or other theme. The audience doesn't dress up though, more's the pity.

  5. >You should be present when I have to cram my cats in their carriers!Cool photos!

  6. >It really does look amazing! Those are wonderful pictures!Good luck with Roo 🙂

  7. >Thing One and Two? Didn't know Dr. Seuss was a Ren man.

  8. >It looks like this was soooo much fun! Thanks for sharing so many cool photos! Gives me the chance to feel part of it!

  9. >Ha, when we were the there the vulture was crowd-surfing too! Funny little guy. 🙂

  10. >Oh Wow; next time the Renaissance Fair comes around I think I'll attend. This looked like a lot of fun. The pictures are awesome…….dhole

  11. >Ren fairs are really making a comeback, so popular in many areas of the country. I've never been to one, but feel like I have now from these pics. Thanks for sharing, it looked like it was a fun & interesting event. I wouldn't hold that snake, no way.

  12. >Looks like a fun festival. Great pictures too!

  13. >*Roland-if Dead Elvis looked like my landlord, I'd have to find another place to live! I'm really glad you were finally able to get her into the carrier. *Melissa-it really was so much fun. I'd like to be able to go a couple times in a row to have more time to take it all in.*J.C.-I wonder if it was the same guy? He mentioned that he travels around. The little barn owl was adorable!*Fairyhedgehog-a country fair with a theme? How cool! You should be the trend setter and dress up!*L. Diane-thanks, and uh, only if you promise not to get mad when I'm on the floor laughing =P*WritingNut-thanks and tomorrow, Honey is the one who's going to deal with her :)*Alex-I think they got confused and went into the wrong holodeck. Then again, it was halloween!*Charlene-hopefully, the RenFest will gain enough popularity that it will make it to your neck of the woods soon!*Summer-I would love to bring him home with me. But, he'd probably try to eat my kitties!*Donna-you should visit one and totally dress up for it. I'm gonna be brave next year and do it!*Karen-yep, you should visit one. My uncle used to have me hold snakes when I was little. He put them in the barn to keep the rats away from the chicken eggs. No biggie.*Mary-thanks, it was a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you!

  14. >Ren Fest looks like great fun. I don't know of anything as big here in Australia.

  15. >dead bob and the dragon guy. now that's a party:)i dig falcons, too. birds of prey are captivating.

  16. >I love the Ren Fest I went this last Saturday and enjoyed all the fun. I saw the dead bob show, the german rapstars, the mud show, oh so much fun, I always have a blast!!!I also found a new shop that I love… pastas, soups, sauces the works!

  17. >…I've come across several Ren-Fests around the area. In yesteryear, this was commonplace, but had dwindled as people have directed their interests in modern day fanfare for entertainment. Lovin the comeback & your pics! El

  18. >Never heard of a Ren-Fest and doesn't it looke great! Your pics are wonderful and make the day more real. Love the dress-ups.Hope the computer is behaving itself..:)

  19. >That looks like so much fun! I especially liked the photos of Things 1 and 2, and the walking tree. So cool!

  20. >*Lynda-isn't that strange? I would think that, being much more European, you guys would have all sorts of these things!*Ed-I can'e even wrap my brain around the mayhem that would result in Dead Bob and Dragon Guy getting together! *Jen-I didn't see the mud show or the German rapstars! That's why I'd love to go a couple times in a row!*Elliot-I've heard of some really big ones. As for ours, the turnout when we were there was fantastic.*Denise-it's behaving, thanks. I want to dress up next year….*Julie-they looked like they were having a blast!

  21. >Oh my goosh! How much Fun that must have been! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them! I love it when you all share your pictures and events. Makes me feel like I went somewhere! :-)Have a Wonderful week!!Hugs,Coreen

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