>A Sad Farewell, A Happy Reunion, And A Teaser


Last Sunday, Nov. 7, in the wee hours of the morning, Honey’s grandmother passed away. She was 92 years old and had been sick for 6 years, since her husband died. She  had missed him terribly and, though everyone was sad, they were also happy that they were together again. And, she was no longer in pain.

She was an amazing woman. She and her husband each had a great sense of humor. For example, while in the downhill stage of his life, Paw-paw would drift in and out of consciousness and sometimes talk about nonsensical things.

During one of these instances, one of his grandsons, thinking he was in a confused state, touched him gently and said, “Paw-paw, do you know me?” To which he promptly replied, “Yeah (nephew’s name). Do you know ME?”

Anyway, she was a fine lady. And extremely talented. I make pretty good fried chicken, but she could beat me, hands down. She also was quite the seamstress. Candlewicking is nearly a lost art, and the bedspreads she made would easily sell for hundreds of dollars, as would her quilts. They’re more beautiful than anything you could find in a store or catalog.

Tuesday was her funeral and Boone was stunning, if a bit windy. Because of Honey’s crazy hours and my classes, we haven’t been able to get up to visit as much in the past couple years. But Honey did get to go up and visit on Saturday. I’m glad.

While going up and back down the mountain, I got a few pics with my cell phone of how they’ve cut into the sides of the mountain. They’re selling land to the rich and famous for ridiculous amounts of money and planning gated communities, heli pads and all.

 I managed, barely, to snap a photo of Green Park Inn. I’ve never stayed there; they have an interesting and scenic little golf course. However, when I was still a teenager, I did have an adventure that ended up there.

Come back for the tale of The Chase…..

and RIP, Nanny. You’re sure going to be missed.


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I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I have lost so many close to me that I have gotten allergic to funerals. I only go if my being there will help someone there.I'm glad your husband got to go visit one last time. Boone does look beautiful, Roland

  2. >I'm sorry for your loss but glad your husband got that visit. You pay her a beautiful homage by remembering her talents.

  3. >So sorry to hear of your loss, she sounds like she was a remarkable woman. A Chase? Sounds interesting, I'll be back!

  4. >I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, loosing loved ones is always hard. Big hugs to you both.

  5. >Hopefully you carry her memory forever. And never been to Boone (NC?) but I heard it's beautiful.

  6. >Sorry to hear about your loss but this is a lovely tribute to her and gives a real sense of her personality, and her husband. (hugs)

  7. >sorry for your loss, b :(btw – you may wanna change that to 'heli pads', just cuz that's what they are 😉

  8. >I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a lovely person. Boone is a really neat town, or at least my memory of it is. I was there once a long time ago.

  9. >*Roland-I'm sorry you've been there, too. Once, in an eleven month period, we lost four family members. It's tough. Like you, I go for others…*Tricia-I'm glad he got to go, too. Thanks.*SquirrelQueen-she really was remarkable.*Kathryn-mmmmm, loving the hugs, thanks so much!*Alex-Boone really is beautiful. It's part agriculture, part ski resort, part University city, and, you can get on the parkway and drive all the way to Tenn. It's gorgeous.*Jayne-thank you and thanks for the hugs.*Laughingwolf-thank you and thanks for the correction! I couldn't find the right spelling anywhere!*Carol-thank you, she was a hoot. I hope you can get back there sometime, maybe in the fall or the winter….

  10. >It's always hard to lose someone we love. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your tribute is quite special. I'm sure she was a really wonderful person.

  11. >You really painted a picture of a strong, versatile & creative woman. I hope you can write more about her.

  12. >I'm sorry about your honey's grandmother. I enjoyed learning more about her. Lovely tribute.

  13. >*Charlene-thank you, she was pretty wonderful.*Lisa-I would love to and include some pictures of her amazing handiwork, too!*Theresa-thanks. It was sad, but mostly, it was a celebration of her life. She lived it fully and with no regrets. Plus, she really really missed her husband and we were all happy that finally, they were together again.

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