>The Chase


 Are any of you old enough to remember cruising? I never really got into it, until I moved out and got an apartment with a friend from middle and high school.

She was… adventurous.       The story begins….

In smalltown, a few miles up the road from my neck of the woods, MM and I were hanging out in the Hardee’s parking lot, talking to a couple of really cute city cops. It’s 2am and all is quiet. Cop 1 is telling us about scuba diving in Florida and Cop 2 is laughing, sitting at the wheel.

A big black older car goes through the drive through, and, upon receiving his order, peels out of the parking lot, squealing tires all the way to the stop light. Mind you, this Hardee’s was right next door to two housing developments. A sleepy little area where people were in bed and lights out by 11pm. Cop 1 says “Gotta go!” and Cop 2 is in hot pursuit. They wanted to remind the driver of the late hour and to slow it down. No intention of handing out a ticket. It was that kind of town. Think Andy Griffith.

Driver Dude, upon seeing the flashing blue lights, takes off. MM and I look at one another and say “Wow! Did you see that guy?!! OOOooooOOOO, he’s gonna be in trouble!!”

Some of MM’s friends had, in the meantime, pulled into the parking lot. They shouted that we should all get into one car and follow them and see who it was. Sounded like a plan. We piled six people into a Beetle and took off.

MM and I were sitting across the laps of the two guys in the back seat, hanging on for dear life, while the two guys in the front tried to navigate, steer, and function as lookouts. They did a great job of keeping up with everyone.

We went through Caldwell, Catawba, Burke and Watauga counties. Driver Dude topped speeds of 100mph, caused several minor police car wrecks, ran even more city and county law enforcement cars out of gas, and eventually headed up the mountain, where he crashed through the fence at The Green Park Inn. (The fence is gone now, replaced by a low rock wall.)

The tag on the front of his car read, ‘Drive like hell, you’ll get there.’ All the cops had a good laugh over the tag. They opened the trunk of his car and found lots of drugs-the reason he had panicked.

That was the only time I ever visited the Inn. I never got further than the parking lot. But I have to admit that my stay, albeit brief, was memorable.


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >That's some story. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. >I'm afraid to ask but will anyway: How fast were y'all going crammed in that following Beetle????Well, perhaps, it's best not to know. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fun story.

  3. >Wow. Just think if you had gone more than once! Like Tricia said, it was a great, fun story. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. >Love this story. Especially since I live in Rutherford county. :)And your cruisin' was a lot better than mine, though I do remember the time that… :)Thanks for sharing this. It will make my cleaning day go all that much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. >I never chased across counties crammed inside a VW Beetle…but I've had my share of questionable activities in my youth…think American Graffiti set in the Midwest.Drugs weren't as easily accessible in my day…but we did like our flavored vodkas!I do look back every now and again..and sometimes I smile:)

  6. >What a wonderful story. Reminded me of when I rode patrol with some officers and we went rocketing across a park after a car. What a wild ride. And I do remember cruising. We had a drive-in called Ronnie's that was so much like the drive-in on Happy Days that I got nostalgic every time I saw that show.

  7. >Ha ha, what a picture. Speeding guy, cops, teenagers all in hot pursuit. What movie was that again? Hilarious..:)

  8. >Too bad you didn't get a videotape of that! Sounds like quite an adventure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. >*Golden Eagle-hahahaha it was some night!*Tricia-well, we were sitting in the back seat, so I'm guessing about 70mph tops. The scary part was when we followed everyone to a place called the Water Works (used to be a 'parking' place, also a place to go boating/skiing in the daytime-there was an inlet to the Catawba river there) and we slid in a circle =P*Roland-it used to be much more beautiful until all the construction ate up the front yard(?) I would still like to go sometime….and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  10. >Just sayin'…that sounds more like chasing than cruising my friend!! What an adventure!

  11. >*Robyn-we're practically neighbors! Sounds like you might have an adventure to share…. :)*Charlene-it's nice to have a few things to smile about from way back when, don't you think? It makes us forget, for a while, all the other yucky things that accompany teenage years….*Maryann-I have a friend in BLET and he told me about his first ride along. He said he was thrilled and terrified at the same time. Yeah, it was pretty much like that. I miss curb service and drive in movies…now I'm in a nostalgic mood.*Denise-it would have been a great outtake! And I remember lots of screaming….*Lisa-did they have handhelds back in 84? If we did something like that now, we'd get arrested!

  12. >*Donna B-weeeeeell, at first it was cruising. Then it was lots of chasing. And it was a blast!

  13. >Wow, what a story! I love the license plate. He was pretty much asking for it with that one.I used to cruise down in Westwood (Los Angeles). My friend's dad had a huge old Cadillac convertible, and us girls piled into that. Thought we were all cool until the old beast overheated in the middle of a busy street. Oh, memories!

  14. >lol… in my day, there was only one color on the cop cars… red! ;)bumper stickers i liked: [on left] right side… [on right] suicide

  15. >*Julie-oh my gosh! That would have terrified me! I had a 1975 Mustang that would just cut out on me. Shudder!*Laughingwolf-if I'm reading this right, the right side is what we always called the bloody side ;}

  16. >You know: a beetle properly packed can carry up to 12 maybe 14 people. Almost seems a waste of space for just 6 . .Hey; I see your NaNo counter is over 3/4 done. Way cool. Not as cool as chasing cops and bad guys, but an adventure is an adventure :)Have a good weekend………dhole

  17. >*Donna-hahahaha, if we'd had that many people in it, we would surely have tipped over at least twice! It was a ride, for sure…Thanks; I'm a little stuck-ish with the pulling together of some things, but I'm optimistic..Have a great weekend yourself and happy early thanksgiving!

  18. >Great story! I enjoyed reading about this crazy adventure. Way to go with your NaNo progress!

  19. >*Jamie-thanks very much! And it was really fun, too. If I had a teenager, though, and she did this, I'd probably have to ground her =P

  20. >I did quite a bit of cruising in my time and there are still a few stories better not told. But not once did we chase the police although it sounds like fun. You asked about my camera. I have a Fuji S2000HD, it has auto and manual modes but it is not a DSLR. It's basically a step or two above a point and shoot. I have film SLR's but I haven't found a digital one that I really want yet.

  21. >Well, yes I do! Great story & it brought back so many memories of my 'crusing' days. Haha… Just don't tell my boys! lolHave a Very Happy Thanksgiving week!!1Blessings & Hugs,Coreen

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