See this angry gorilla? That’s how I feel right now. Ask me why. Go ahead, ASK ME!!!!!!

I just completed the 50k word count for nano and, since that doesn’t complete the story, I was still writing. I was IN THE FLOW, MAN!

I get to the point when one mc has to share some important and difficult information with the other mc and DANG IT! How did he react? HE GOT MAD! He wasn’t supposed to get mad! What the heck?!!!

Where does he get off thinking he gets to choose how he feels and reacts? I’m the one in charge here, right? RIGHT?!!

Now, the flow is jammed all up, ideas spilling out everywhere like an overflowed toilet and here I am, barefooted, standing in a load of crap without a plunger!

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but he’s messing with my flow! Now, how am I supposed to bring it all back together without making it sappy? I HATE sappy. GGGRRRRRrrrrrr! No, wait…WWWaaaaaaa!!!! *sniff* *hiccup* *sniff*

“It’s okay.” *shakey, whispery assertion* “I’ll find a way.” *blowing nose and sweeping up office carnage*

Anyway, I just needed to vent. And maybe a little sympathy. Does this happen to you? Got a hankie?


About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >First I wanna say awesome pictures up top!!!! Love the new look!Second I wanna say CONGRATS ON 50K for Nano!!!Third I wanna say, I completely understand! Don't you hate it when they mess up your plan! Sidetrack you, tell you they like their way better and that's not what you wanted. I will say that they normally know best so go with the flow and I know that you'll make it work!

  2. >This does happen to me. And considering what I know about your story I Hope that you have something up your sleeve cause this seems like it could be a real problem. Looks like ultimate evil may have a past we weren't supposed to sympathize with.

  3. >Love your new look!! Wow. I'm impressed you, way to go!! 50K and November's not even over. And your analogy of the overflowed toilet is just, well, brilliant!Happy Thanksgiving, Olivia

  4. >*Jen-the gorilla is from zedge.net and the wallpaper is from vladstudio.com and thanks!And, thanks again! Your word count has been the same for a few days, are you finished with the whole story?It does add drama, but I really need to figure something out; it's a critical point! But, I appreciate your encouragement, thanks again!*William-but you always have an idea! I need order! And nope, not about CT. Is about AF. Rest your brain, I'm gonna need it! 🙂

  5. >*Olivia-Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I've pushed really hard and you should see what my house looks like!(grinning)Glad you liked my toilet! =P

  6. >Oh yeah, I've had characters get darn uppity, strutting off in new directions and expecting me to haul after them. ;)Congrats on that awesome word count. I'm sure you'll wrangle everyone back in place soon enough.

  7. >You mold the personality at the start. And if you do a good enough job, your character will balk if you try to force a plot point through them that their nature would not do. Congrats on the 50,000. Happy Thanksgiving, RolandOh, and I love your new look!

  8. >Like your new kitty picture – very Alice in Wonderland.Sounds like your character knows what he needs to do. I've been surprised by character's actions before. Go with it. There's always editing later.YaY! 50k and counting! And don't you have a job or something? So impressive!

  9. >My characters are always doing things I don't want them to. I let them do it but then when I beging to write the aftermath, I don't let them talk to me. I tell them, "Listen, you had your little melodrama, now it's my turn to finish up what you screwed up so leave me alone or I'll kill you off." That usually helps.

  10. >Oh, I agree let them be mad. After all you just went on steam venting…:)Here's a mop and a tissue. Hope it helps 😀Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  11. >Characters just do that–can be pretty darn frustrating! Being an author is messy, hard work.Congratulations on finishing NaNo! 😀

  12. >Isn't it annoying when our characters refuse to admit that WE are in control? ha ha!Congrats on your Nano goal!

  13. >I love the picture you have up top!as for if it happens- yes this happens to me all the time. I feel for you.

  14. >hi miss words crafter! yikes! that gorilla sure is scary looking. when that mc starts saying whoa i dont wanna do it you just gotta listen. sometime they could know more then us on which way to go. but for sure it could get you feeling upset. now you just gotta get past that and talk to that mc so you could know why he want to go off a different way. betcha when you find out youre gonna oh i didnt think of that. :)…smiles from lenny

  15. >*Tricia-"darn uppity" that's funny! Yeah, I think I've managed to find a solution, and yeah, it even helps out another part of the story….*Roland-Happy Thanksgiving to you, too and thanks. He has tons of inward strength and he flexed it a bit; like some of the kids who never go to time out, I'm happy when they do-shows they've got gumption. He has gumption!*Theresa-this has forced me to reconsider how I begin the ending and it's actually turned out well and thanks!*Anne-you made me Laugh Out Loud! I'll remember that for future use, thanks!*Jules-hahahahaha, thanks for the mop and tissue. I've had them do little things but this one not only took me by surprise, it totally affected the story and it scared me. Like all of you said, though, it's turned out for the best!*Golden Eagle-you're not kidding! And thanks!*Lydia-thank you and yep, it sure is. I like order and I think they enjoy messing with me.*Summer-thanks and check out vladstudio.com*Lenny-after reading your advice (which was great, btw) I have to wonder if you've been talking to my mc….? Because, that is EXACTLY what happened.=P Happy Thanksgiving!*Theresa-I forgot. It is Alice in Wonderland! It's from valdstudio.com, check him out!

  16. >Yup. That's what happens!

  17. >*Bonnie-*gasping* =P*Carol-but I don't like it and he's still not doing what I want him to 😦 It's okay, though. I like a challenge ;}

  18. >I guess I've been fortunate in that the changes have always been things that I liked better, but yes this has happened on occasion.LeeTossing It Out

  19. >*Lee-I sort of like it in that I understand where he's coming from and respect it. I just thought that I had figured out how to go with it and now, he's told me no! Now, I've had to come up with something else, which is kinda cool and helps with the plot, but I'm worried it will monkey wrench the ending….sigh….

  20. >Love the new look. Gorgeous. Yeah, I'm hearing you, but my mind went blank when you said you'd finished your 50k words. My heart leaps for you and then drops to my thongs (flip flops.)I hope you've smacked your MC into submission.Go ahead and link my dear! Thanks for the visit.Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. >Had to come back to tell you your *&%# Word Verification *&^% word was: reinano. MwahahahaaaYes, NaNo's sending me bonkers!

  22. >*Denise-You're cracking me up! I tried to smack him but he's stubborn. Turns out, it lead to a pretty great breakthrough. Now I just have to work out the kinks!

  23. >Sounds like your characters are developing personalities of their own….it happens to artists too!I love your banner too…so darned cute!!

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