>Come Meet The Cast Of My NaNo Story!


If you look on my link, at the time of this writing, I am almost finished with the NaNo limit of 50k words. However, the story will continue until it is finished, whatever that word count will end up being. To give myself a break, I listened to some music (from The Crow) and found:  a beautiful ending (which I hope I can write justice to!), how the bad guy comes onto the scene, and a holiday celebration that precedes the mayhem (set to a Bette Midler song). Not too bad for just chillin’.
I have collected magazines to get a feel for the Foster’s home. That’s been lots of fun. Makes me want to do some reno here. Alas, lack of funds puts that little daydream to bed!
I also decided to cast my characters. And here they are:
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you Dr. Greg Foster!
Well, I have to have Edward Norton, don’t I? I mean, it was his character from The Illusionist that created the story in the first place. And he’s able to balance sensitivity with strength and gentleness with fierce determination. He’s also quite capable of rage, which is good. He also manages to do the inwardly driven, outwardly calm thing quite well. An underlying quality of Dr. Greg’s.
And, introducing his lovely wife, the artist extraodinaire, Amy Foster!

 I had originally not wanted to go with a blonde, just for general purposes, but Piper Perabo has been in my head since the beginning. I adore her in Covert Affairs and she’s so versatile. She has the best laugh in the world, an expressive face (read: a whole range of emotions at her disposal), and isn’t afraid to be silly, which is a requirement, sort of, for Amy. Basically, she’s just perfect for the part!
And, in the role of the sturdy, solid, don’t-you dare-make-the-mistake-of-underestimating-him-or-assuming- he’s-just-some-dumb-hick-southern-rube-sheriff, Delroy Lindo!
I think the first thing I may have seen him in was Gone In 60 Seconds. I loved him from the start. He had presence. He had grace. You just knew that if you were running from the law, you better hope the law wasn’t Delroy Lindo, cause your number would be up! His character is Dr. Greg’s BFF and has basically, unofficially adopted the whole Foster family. Sheriff Jack is the man you want to stay on the right side of. If he’s your friend, it’s for life. If he’s your enemy, well, better luck next time!
This little charmer is Shyann McClure from Premonition and she will be playing Sophie Foster, Greg’s daughter from his first marriage. 

Originally, Sophie didn’t even exist. She was born one day while bouncing ideas off of William. We decided that it would up the ante if the Foster’s had a child. But, knowing that Amy couldn’t have any, a whole other back-story had to be written. In my brain, not the story. So, Greg’s first wife was killed in a car wreck; Sophie survived. She’s funny, insightful, trusting, loyal, and in her way, as fierce as her dad and stepmother. By the time the story takes place, she’s around 12 years old. I got to tweak the timeline a bit. I keep having to change things. But, Sophie has grown to be a major character, as has Jack. 
I still haven’t cast the antagonist, another doctor, Jack’s wife, the coroner, some investigators, etc. But at least most of the major cast is out of the way.
So, who’s in your story? Care to share?

all photos from imdb.com or google.com


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  1. >Good choices! And The Crow soundtrack rocks.Byron is back for the sequel, and I'm introducing two new characters. No idea who'd play them in a movie, though.

  2. >It's great to meet your characters. I haven't matched my characters to movie stars or models. One is close to a friend I used to have in high school but that's about it.

  3. >Great cast of characters. Ed Norton is so versatile, so is Piper.

  4. >Great cast and CONGRATS on making 50k!!! You are an inspiration. And now that I'm inspired, NaNo demands another 13k.

  5. >Sounds like you are having so much fun with Nano!

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