>My Rocker’s Rockin’ – Got Some Mellow-Making Liquid Taps?


I have no idea what I was thinking. Apparently, the time after NaNo is not going to be saner, calmer, freer, or any other kind of ‘er’ I can think of. I feel like I’m running in circles. In fact, I feel like this little guy!
Maybe if I sat in a corner and just laughed about all the things I need to get done by RIGHT NOW, people would be afraid to approach me with anything other than cheesecake and chocolate. However, with all the laughing I would have to do, I’d run the risk of huggie jackets and mellow-making liquid taps.

 I haven’t ever had a Red Bull, but I’m into a bit more caffeine the past two days. We had another wicked round of bizarre weather and I’m behind on everything….
 I need to type a parent letter, find the tote containing all our Christmas/winter things for our classroom, figure out what I did with our December notebook (full of songs, activities, science projects, etc.), shop for my secret pal at work (our staff dinner/party/meeting is this Friday), and about a hundred other things. I’m gonna be looking a lot like this kitty for a while….
Maybe next week will be the break/rest I was looking forward to. But, I’m not holding my breath. I’ll be around to everyone’s blogs at some point this week. I’m also trying to get some things together for Christmas on here, but, depending on mail, it may have to be an after Christmas thing, perhaps in January when things are slower and, for some people, boring. We’ll see….
Till then, have a great week!

My rocker’s rockin’ but I’m a’ hangin’
Oh, I did manage to get Talli’s book; I’m looking forward to reading it, even if it takes me till January!!!!

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >I hear you! I feel the same!

  2. >Oh my goosh… those pictures and 'words' are too funny!! I have been so busy and stressed the last few weeks and so needed to visit and laough out load tonight!! Thank you!!! However, I also hope you get a 'break' or 'rest' very soon!! :-)Hugs,Coreen

  3. >these images are hysterical!i look like that kitty, maybe more than one:), all too often.

  4. >I feel completely fried myself from that intensive edit of my novel. Whew!I feel like the anti-Red Bull Cat! Hope your days become easier and more full of energy! Roland

  5. >No sooner is Nano over than it's nearly Christmas! It takes me by surprise every year.

  6. >These pictures just cracked me up!Love the header, too. Did you design that?Thanks for starting my Thursday out right!

  7. >Love the cats! Something about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that drives us all CRAZY. :)Hang in there and remember to breath 😀Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. >Fun pics! Love those LOL cats. Hang in there. You'll get through just fine.

  9. >Oh yay! Thank you for getting my book! 🙂 I hope you like it.

  10. >after completing nano, you KNOW you'll NEVER be the same again 😛 loland talli: GRATS!

  11. >I love the pictures! LOL.Hang on, you can do it!

  12. >*Melissa-I'm beginning if insanity is the new norm!*Coreen-I'm glad you had a laugh-lolcats always give me one!*Ed-me, too. It's why I use them so often on here-I can relate to them all too well…*Roland-after I edit my story, someone's going to have to create a creature to depict me =P*Fairyhedgehog-I know, right? And one would think that by now, we'd see it coming and be prepared. Ha! Joke's on us! :)*Jenny-I'm glad your Thursday started with a laugh. The header is from Vladstudio.com.*Jules-I adore this time of year but it seems to fly by faster and faster. Does panting count?*Carol-thanks and I'm an addict when it comes to the lolcats!*Talli-I'm sure I'll love it. I read the first page and it was funny and interesting. All the reviews look great!*Laughingwolf-yikes!!!! That sounds ominous!!! And I'm already kinda warped….*Golden Eagle-glad you enjoyed the pics!

  13. >I'm sooo behind on everything…again. I'm beginning to get nervous because my Calendars still haven't arrived and they are what is putting me so behind.I feel like the kitties in the pics….a little 'off my rocker'..ha!

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