>Our Staff Christmas Dinner


 Last night was our annual staff Christmas dinner. During the time that I’ve worked at the Center, the event has been mostly held at Director’s home. One year, because of time constraints, it was held in the hallway at nap time. Last year, gifts were just dropped off by the secret pals-it snowed and we were busy calling parents because we were shutting down.

This year, our dinner was held in the church’s gymnasium. I thought it was a pretty great idea-Director wasn’t left with the clean-up and her home and family weren’t invaded by a group of loud, silly, and unruly children grown-ups.

Director and Assistant Director (with a little help from Director’s brother in law) prepared for us: Prime Rib with au jus, potatoes, Chicken Marsala with angel hair pasta, salad, and wickedly delicious desserts, which included red velvet cheesecake and Medea’s homemade coconut cake. (Wait, I dribbled on the keyboard….)

We also had tea, coffee, water and hot chocolate. Can you say YUM?!!

After the meal, we played Dirty Santa and, well,  it was SOMETHING!

Maybe I should mention that people who work with children are slightly mental to begin with.

The Dirty Santa gifts ranged from some pretty red mitten serving dishes to the ah, interesting bouquet that I brought home for a future gag gift for Honey to take to his work. Let’s just say there was much laughter and squealing and leave it at that. Co-Teacher and I contributed soup with playdoh and a box of tissues with crayons.

After we recovered from the riotous uproar of the Dirty Santa portion of the evening, we moved on to the gift giving, where all the Secret Pals were unveiled.

For me, the fun part is to keep your person guessing. I’m not the best liar in the world, but when it comes to secret keeping and misdirection, I’m pretty decent.

This year, I had Assistant Director and I had her totally fooled. Another teacher picked up my gift and took it to her. She said, “I knew it was her all along!”

Then, she took out the funny card and read it and when she saw my name she yelled. Ha! Victory!!!!!! She and Director are pretty darn savvy and they’d spent considerable time over the months trying to figure out who had their names. Both were surprised.

I only snapped a few pics because I didn’t ask anyone else if they would mind being posted here and, I really just forgot about it once things got started.

However, our wonderful, generous, kind, silly, wise, helpful, understanding, flexible, slightly mental giving, loving/lovable Director and Assistant Director said I could  post them. They’re actually behaving here!

I’m fortunate to work in such a place, with friends who are like family, and for such wonderful people.

After the gift giving portion of the evening, it was time for fun and games. About half of the staff went off to play hide and seek. (I and another teacher once hid so well that, when we finally came out, we found that the police were going to be called in another couple minutes! Another teacher once hid so well that no one knew she was missing until Director, on the next round, tried to hide in the same place and found her! Being a grown up is FUN!)

Several of us though, determined that Director and Assistant Director were not going to wash all the dishes alone and we took over. That’s where the real fun was. I can only speak for the three of us at our sink, but it all started with a worn out spongy-scrubby thingy and it pretty much went sideways from there. We laughed so hard it’s a wonder we didn’t pee our pants. Just sayin’.

I hope everyone can have as much fun at their parties as we do!


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  1. >Sounds like a fun time! I think workplaces need to let off steam and hang out with one another in a different capacity a few times a year.The teacher from my middle school are getting together a couple of Fridays from now.

  2. >I've never had a 'staff' party that 'FUN"!! However you sure gave me some Great ideas for someday/somtime! :-)So glad everyone got to have a really nice Christmas dinner and party this year! We had 3 blizzards in a row last year around Christmas… not much fun her, as you can imagine. :-PHave a Wonderful weekend & Happy December!!!!HUGS,Coreen

  3. >How fun! Thank you for sharing the merriment. You made me smile imagining you guys playing hide and seek and soak each other!Happy December to you! http://thatrebelwithablog.blogspot.com/2010/12/let-there-be-peace-on-earth.html

  4. >It sounds like a super-fun time!Have a great weekend!

  5. >Your holiday party makes my holiday staff party seem pretty boring. Maybe I"ll just crash yours next year.:)

  6. >*Theresa-I'll bet it will be a great time! And you're right; getting together outside the work environment is a lot of fun.*Coreen-three. In a row. Dang! Hopefully, this year won't be as bad and you can make up for last year!*Olivia-I wish you could have been there!*Golden Eagle-it really was and it usually is :)*Lydia-come on! The more the merrier!

  7. >Oh…I don't get out to parties much anymore…but it sounds like you had sooooo much fun! I do hope you have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!

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