>My Snow Fun (Loosely Translated Means Taking Pictures)


My favorite gift this Christmas was spending time with my family. Honey had the WHOLE weekend off (which is unheard of), and we managed to work out time to get together with my brother and my nephew, and their wives. And with Squirmy, of course.

Another thing I loved about this Christmas was the combination of two of my favorite things: trees and snow. I like to take pictures of snow in the evening or at night……

I love the lines trees make……
…..and the way their tiny little branches can hold so much snow……
This little birdhouse looked really cool but the flash kept illuminating the roof inside. The first time I saw it, I looked at the camera, then the house, trying to see what was blocking the entrance!
I tried to get some neat shots by standing next to the trees and looking up. The snow and the lens refused to cooperate with each other…..
I like this one….
It wasn’t terribly dark at all when I took this tree shot…..the flash just made it look that way.
We ended up with just over eight inches here….
I’m glad it stopped!
Even if it was beautiful!

About CuriousCat

I love to learn new things-anything from how to create a junk journal to the way light moves through space; why cats present their behinds to us to the effects of chemicals on our endocrine system. If it interests me, I can spend hours reading and learning about it.

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  1. >Yes and it all sparjkles like jewels! Our snow was like igloo bricks it was so solid. Love the pics :O)

  2. >Very nice photos…the tree house was my favorite; can you just imagine a family sitting in there while the elemtns continue tohappne out of doors? šŸ™‚

  3. >great pics; loved the bird house šŸ™‚

  4. >Beautiful pictures! And I love how the falling snow from your header trickle down over the images — great effect! It snowed down here in Atlanta. The first white Christmas the city has seen in 130 years. So pretty. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  5. >Those are beautiful pictures of the snow! I love the look of branches when they're coated with snow. šŸ™‚

  6. >Lovely. But, A couple of them made me want to write a scary story (lol).I wouldn't have minded a little (little) snow for christmas. But I'm glad you posted these. I can enjoy the snow, and not freeze :)……dhole

  7. >I'm glad we only received 4". 8 would have made it difficult here. I love your tree photos šŸ™‚Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. >Beautiful pics! The one with the birdhouse is my favorite. So magical!

  9. >i don't mind snow… as long as it's on tv, on film, or OUT THERE! šŸ˜‰ lol

  10. >The most magical thing about winter to me is the first snowfall. You awaken the next morning to find the whole world transformed, landmarks almost unrecogizable. Have a great end of week and 2010, Roland

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